In the world of beauty and self-expression, human hair wigs have become more than just a convenient accessory – they are a canvas for personal style, allowing us to effortlessly transform our look with a simple change of hairstyle. Over time, exposure to the elements, styling products, and daily wear can leave your once-silky wig feeling less than lustrous. But fear not! In this guide, we’ll unveil the secrets to breathing new life into your human hair wig, restoring its softness, sheen, and overall vitality. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless locks as we embark on the journey of reviving your wigs to their former glory. Let’s dive into the art of wig care and discover the rejuvenating techniques that will have you falling in love with your favorite hairpiece all over again.

I. Reviving Human Hair Wigs: What Are Human Hair Wigs?

 Human hair wigs are wigs made from real human hair. These wigs are crafted to closely mimic the appearance and texture of natural human hair, providing a realistic and natural-looking alternative to synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are highly sought after because they can be styled, colored, and treated just like natural hair. If you are curious about the differences between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs, you can click HERE to find out!

 Now you understand what is a human hair wig. Before we dive into how to revive a human hair wig, we’re going to explain why human hair wigs become dry in the first place.

II. Why Do Human Hair Wigs Become Dry?

 With natural hair, your scalp produces a natural oil called sebum which helps to keep natural hair moisturised. Natural oils are what human hair wigs unavoidably lack, which causes them to become dry over time, even with the best human hair wig care. However, there are additional factors that contribute to human hair wigs becoming dry and stiff and can lead to the need to restore a wig. These factors are:

  • Hard water, Chlorine, Seawater, and Prolonged sun exposure are some of the factors that make your wig become dry and stiff. If you reduce your human hair wig’s exposure to these elements, you’ll be able to keep it moisturized, full of body, and wearable for a longer time.
  • Another point to note is that wearing your human hair wig to bed can cause it to dry out and become damaged more quickly. It’s important to keep your human hair wig free of tangles when possible to maintain its condition, so we advise against sleeping in your wig. If you have cotton pillowcases and bedding, they will dry out your human hair wig and cause unnecessary friction. Read now: The Ultimate Guide To Detangle A Wig

III. Reviving Human Hair Wig: How to Revive in 5 Steps

 If your human hair wig is starting to feel brittle and stiff, then there’s no need to worry. Simply follow our five steps on how to revive a human hair wig below, to get your wig feeling soft and fabulous again.


Reviving Human Hair Wig #1: Pre-Wash Your Wig with a Natural Oil

The Jon Renau Argan Smooth Treatment Mist

 Our “How To Revive a Human Hair Wig” guide is all about injecting some much-needed moisture. So, it makes sense that the first step to restore a wig is to coat your wig with a conditioning treatment. We recommend gently applying a natural oil, like Moroccan oil or coconut oil, all over your human hair wig. The Jon Renau Argan Smooth Treatment Mist will work excellently here to restore moisture and leave your wig feeling and smelling incredible. You’ll want to leave your product of choice to moisturize your wig for about 30 minutes under a shower cap.

Step #2: Shampoo Your Wig


 The next step in how to restore a wig is to wash your wig, making sure to rinse out all of the pre-wash oil. When washing, don’t forget to keep the water running in the same direction as the hair to prevent tangling. Then, carefully lather your wig with a moisturizing human hair wig shampoo, such as the Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo from Jon Renau.

Reviving Human Hair Wig #3: Moisturise Your Wig

 After rinsing out all of your moisturizing shampoos, you’ll need to apply some moisturizing conditioner. Cover your wig thoroughly with a human hair wig conditioner, bringing it from the front of the wig right to the tips.

 Let the moisturizing conditioner sit and work its magic for three to 5 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it out. Tangles will likely have formed during this step, so remove them with care. To do this, gently run a comb or your finger through your wig until the knots are removed.

Step #4: Deep Condition Your Wig

 Next up in this guide is applying a deep conditioner to your wig. Again, you’ll want to ensure that your conditioner of choice coats the entire wig, and remember to add extra product to the ends. Our top deep conditioning picks include the Ellen Wille Hairpower Human Hair Intensive Recovery Mask and the Absolute Repair Human Hair from Gisela Mayer. For the best results, place a shower cap over your wig once you’ve applied the deep conditioner. Shower caps help to trap heat, which improves the conditioning process. You’ll want to leave your human hair wig like this for about 15 minutes to allow the deep conditioner to revitalize your wig properly.

Reviving Human Hair Wig #5: Dry Your Wig

 Once you’ve rinsed out all of your product, you need to dry your human hair wig. It’s important to take care when drying your wig to avoid damaging it and to avoid creating tangles.


 Gently squeeze your wig to wring out excess water before laying your wig onto a dry towel. Then, cover the wig with the other half of your towel, and gently press out excess water. Finally, place your wig on a wig stand for it to air dry, which is the safest way to dry your wig. However, if you do want to style your restored human hair wig, then you can blow-dry it using low heat and a comb. Just remember to apply a heat protectant spray first!

IV. Conclusion

 In conclusion, bringing life back to your human hair wig is a rewarding and simple process with the right care and attention. By following the tips and techniques discussed in this guide, you can effectively revive the softness and luster of your wig, ensuring it looks and feels as good as new. Remember to be gentle in your approach, use quality products, and consistently maintain your wig to prolong its lifespan. With a little effort and dedication, you can enjoy the beauty and versatility of your human hair wig for a long time. So, go ahead, pamper your wig, and let it shine with renewed vibrancy!

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    Fantastic tips! My wig was getting dry and tangled, but following these steps made a world of difference. Now it’s as soft as ever. Thank you for sharing these revitalizing tricks!

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