Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering tape hair extensions, where we unravel the secrets to flawless application and maintenance. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, navigating the world of tape-ins can be daunting, but fear not! In this comprehensive blog series, we’ll address 4 common tape hair extension mistakes and provide expert solutions to elevate your hair game to new heights. Say goodbye to hair extension woes and hello to hair perfection!

 Before we immerse ourselves in the intricacies of the 4 common tape-in hair extension mistakes, it’s essential to gain a comprehensive understanding of what tape-in hair extensions are.

I. What are Tape Hair Extensions?

 Tape-in hair extensions represent a popular and versatile method of hair augmentation, offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their natural locks with added length, volume, and even color variation. These extensions consist of thin wefts of hair attached to adhesive strips, seamlessly blending with one’s own hair for a natural and undetectable appearance. This method is popular because it offers a relatively quick application process and can last for several weeks with proper care. Additionally, tape-in extensions are known for their comfortable feel and natural look, making them a favorite choice for many people looking to add length or volume to their hair.

II. 4 Common Tape-In Hair Extensions Mistakes

 Now you understand what they are, let’s move to the next part and learn more about the 4 most common mistakes and how to fix them:

Common Tape in Hair Extensions Mistakes #1 - Improper Installation

 One of the most common mistakes is improper installation leads to the tape slipping out during or after application. This can include not placing the extensions close enough to the scalp or applying too much or too little hair in each tape-in section. This is a common obstacle many people come across when applying or wearing tapes, this happens mostly after the first wash. It can be caused by different factors and thankfully lots of ways to prevent it.

Cause #1: Hair Was Not Properly Prepared Before The Application

 Any unwanted build-up can create a barrier between the hair and the tabs causing them to slip, therefore, before applying any hair extensions make sure your hair is completely clean and free from any product residue. You can do this by washing the hair before application with a clarifying shampoo. Make sure your hair is 100% dry and smooth before attaching the tapes. Applying tapes to hair that is frizzy at the roots can cause matting which in turn can lead to the tapes falling out.


Remember to never apply tapes to hair that has been dyed in the last 48 hours cuz the hair could also still be slightly weakened from the process so it may not be able to hold the weight of the tapes straight after coloring.

Cause #2: Washing Extensions Incorrectly With Unsuitable Products

The hair products that contain oil, sulfates, and alcohol will degrade the stickiness of the adhesive and can cause the tapes to slip. Make sure you are only using extensions-friendly products when washing. Never use conditioner or oil on or near the roots of your hair. The conditioner will loosen the tabs and cause them to fall out. You can find out the best hair care products for hair extensions in our dedicated blog: The Best Shampoo And Conditioner For Hair Extensions.


Cause #3: Tapes Applied Incorrectly

 The application of the tapes is very important, if they are not applied with enough pressure or at the wrong angle they do not stick for very long and fall out. We advise having applied professionally to avoid fallout, damage to hair, and disappointment. Make sure the amount of hair in between the tapes is sufficient to hold the weight. We always recommend mimicking the weight and size of the weft you are applying as a general rule.

→ For more information on avoiding slippage read our guide on Why Are My Tape-In Hair Extensions Slipping Out?

Mistakes #2: Extensions Not Blending With Own Hair

 Typically, it’s not until you have applied all of your hair extensions that you can tell whether they blend with your hair and look natural or not. We can all agree that there’s nothing worse than when you can clearly see the separation between your own hair and the hair extensions and unfortunately, this isn’t always obvious until the application is finished. The good news is that it is easily solved, causes no damage, and very rarely needs a removal service to fix it.

Cause #1: Incorrect Colors Used

 Incorrect colors used seem to be the easiest reason to make your hair not blend. You can add the correct colour in to the hair to blend the extensions giving a multi-tonal effect. Always have your hair color matched before ordering your hair extensions, either by a hair expert through your supplier or by a hairstylist in a salon. You also can purchase a color ring to color match the hair yourself before ordering.

Cause #2: Incorrect Placement Of Hair Extensions

 Incorrect placement of hair extensions will make your final look not natural. Make sure you evenly distribute the hair extensions on the head, simply add more hair in the correct places or where more volume is needed to finish the look. Avoid placing too many extensions all in one place, especially avoid the nape area for this as you will be left with a gap in the middle/crown area with no hair extensions and the hair here will not blend with the long length.

Common Tape Hair Extensions Mistakes #3: Remove Hair Extensions

 Another common problem with tape hair extensions happens at the removal stage, this is when the hair extensions are very difficult to remove which can be uncomfortable for the customer and stressful for the stylist removing them.

 If the hair has been left in for longer than 8 weeks it can be tricky to remove and may also have started to matt. In this case, you first need to remove the extensions before tackling the matting. Use a strong tape hair remover solution and the end of a pintail comb to gently prise the tapes apart. Try to spray the solution inside of the tape sandwich to loosen the adhesive, letting the solution sink in for 30 seconds before peeling the tapes apart.

Common Tape Hair Extensions Mistakes #4: Neglecting Your Natural Hair

 Sometimes, people focus so much on caring for the extensions that they neglect their natural hair underneath. It’s essential to maintain a healthy hair care routine for your natural hair, including regular washing, conditioning, and moisturizing, to prevent damage and hair breakage.

III. Conclusion

 In conclusion, mastering tape hair extensions involves understanding and addressing common mistakes that can occur during installation and maintenance. Remember to invest in high-quality extensions, follow professional advice, and prioritize regular maintenance to ensure long-lasting and seamless wear. With the right knowledge and techniques, tape hair extensions can be a transformative and rewarding addition to your beauty routine, offering versatility, confidence, and effortless style.

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