Hair extensions are designed to help accentuate your look to give you an overall beautiful look. You don’t want to put extensions that are not blending in thus looking artificial. You certainly want that natural look and feel. But most of the time, there are cases of ladies who end up finding that their money spent on an expensive extension was futile as the extensions did not blend in perfectly. So what can you do if you find that your hair extensions don’t blend in with your natural hair? In this article, we take you through the steps and measures that you can take to help correct things.

I. Why Are My Hair Extensions Not Blend in?

 Firstly, you need to understand why your hair extensions aren’t blending well. There are multiple reasons why your extensions may not be blending. One of the most important factors we let our customers know is that everyone has a different hair type and cut. There are some ladies who will purchase clip-in hair extensions and easily attach them to their natural hair and have them look great on them in an instant. There are those who will have to do more to customize the hair extensions that they have bought to make them fit their hair perfectly well.

hair extensions not blending
Hair Extensions Not Blending

 Why else may your extensions not be blending? We’ll list a few common reasons:

  • The incorrect weight was purchased for your hair type.
  • The incorrect weight was purchased for your hair length.
  • You have a unique haircut like a lob or blunt cut.

II. What Can I Do To Make Hair Extensions Blend In Better?

 As the old age saying goes – there’s always a unique solution to every problem so is it the same with hair extensions. There are specific tips and tricks that you can use depending on your very own scenario to help make your extensions to blend in naturally with your natural hair.  Here are some helpful tricks for you to follow when dealing with different hair types:

1. If You Have Short Hair:

 If you have shorter hair, you will need to put in lots of work to help ensure that your extensions blend in as they should. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to get the desired results for short hair:

What Can I Do To Make Hair Extensions Blend In Better
  • Choose a heavy-weight set: if you got short hair it makes sense for you to choose a heavy extension set. You may wonder why a heavy set? Well, because you will need the extra wefts and hair in the set for you to achieve a natural transition in which your real hair ends and the extensions begin. Choosing an extension that’s too light in weight, result may be an unnatural look when you finally clip them in.
  • You can trim or layer your extensions: This might sound a little bit disturbing for you to cut your expensive extensions but it is important for you if you want to achieve that natural look and flow. Just let an experienced hairstylist do the job for you or else you might just end up damaging the extensions. And don’t forget that the extensions are best trimmed when you have them installed on your hair. Also, just ensure that you count the wefts so that you know exactly where each weft goes.
  • You will need to pick the right color of hair extensions: This one may look obvious but it goes to you if you are the kind of lady who likes to put on the ombre extension. If you have varied different shades in your hair, it is best to choose a color that matches the ends of your natural hair. If for instance, you have a darker root color, you will have the majority of the wefts applied at the crown of your head.
  • Curl the hair extensions into your hair: this is yet another trick that works for many ladies out there. What you will do is take small sections of your extensions and then mix them with a section from your own hair and then curl them together. Well, this helps to greatly blur that line that differentiates your hair from the extension.

2. If You Have Thick Hair

 There are ladies with thick hair who also complain of experiencing issues blending their extensions with their natural hair. Well, it is common to hear ladies who have thick and voluminous hair complain that their extensions are blending in well. For these ladies, they can go about this issue by doing the following things:

  • Wash the extensions: washing the extension may just be the best thing to do. Washing the extension will help to make the extension get fluffed up and expand. This ultimately makes the hair extension set look and feel thicker and this helps to contribute to the extension blending in well.
  • You will need to clip in the wefts a little higher on your head: By clipping the wefts in higher on your head or spreading them apart more it can help create a seamless blend.
  • You may need to braid the bottom section of your hair before you clip in the larger wefts: people may easily notice that you are wearing hair extensions by looking at the bottom sections of your own hair that show underneath the extensions. You can avoid this by sectioning off the bottom of your hair from ear to ear, then braiding and securing it against your head with bobby pins. Go ahead and apply for your extensions like normal. This will help blend the extensions with your natural hair and you won’t see those cheeky bottom laters of hair showing underneath the extensions.
  • Style your hair: Curling your extensions after you’ve applied them can help create a seamless blend. Ensure you take a piece of your natural hair and a piece of the extensions in each curl for the best result.

3. If You Have Thin Hair

 Ladies with thin hair usually complain of finding it difficult hiding the clips of their extensions in their thin hair. For these ladies, the can follow these tips and tricks:

  • Tease your hair for grip. By making a solid base for the wefts by teasing your hair you will allow the clips to have something to hold onto.
  • Place the clips on a safe zone: the safe zone in your hair is that place where the clips will not be easily seen. For ladies with fine hair, the safe zone is ideally that place just below the line of your eyebrows.
  • Position your wefts accordingly: position the wefts as per the size and shape of your head and the type of hair. You can try positioning the wefts around until you find that ideal position that works for you.

→ Tease the crown of your head: Once you have applied your extensions and have your gorgeous new locks you might notice that the bottom of your hair feels a lot thicker than the top. If you tease the crown of your head it will add a little more volume to match in with the rest of your hair.

4. If You Have Blunt/lob Hair Cut

 Most ladies with blunt or lob hair cut usually find it tricky blending their hair extensions. For them it makes sense to opt for thicker hair extensions as this ensures there is enough hair blends in perfectly well with your hair cut.

  • Just braid the bottom layer of your hair: this helps to hide the short layers of your own hair. It also helps to remove the blunt look of the haircut and allows the wefts to form part of the base of your hair.

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