Are you a stunning brunette with luscious locks, but struggling to keep those brassy undertones at bay? If so, you’re not alone. Brunettes, just like their blonde counterparts, often face the battle against unwanted warm tones in their hair. But fear not, because there’s a game-changer in the world of haircare – blue shampoo. In this blog, we’re diving deep into the enchanting world of “Brunette Beauty Unleashed.” We’ll explore the its miraculous powers, and how it can transform your hair from lackluster to luminous. Say goodbye to brassy hair and hello to the stunning brunette you were born to be. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your hair – let’s get started!

I. What is Blue Shampoo?


 Blue shampoo is a specialized hair care product designed to address the needs of individuals with brunette or dark-colored hair, particularly those who struggle with unwanted brassy or orange undertones in their hair. These blue pigments help to neutralize warm and/or brassy tones in the hair, restoring the hair’s cooler, ashy, or natural brown undertones.

II. How Does It Work?

 Like purple shampoo for blondes, blue shampoos are formulated to ditch brassiness in color-treated brunette hair. All brunettes have underlying orange and red pigments that combine to form their hair color, from deep chocolate to golden brown. Brassy tones in brunette hair often occur when the hair’s natural color pigments (melanin) are exposed to elements like sunlight, hard water, or even some hair care products. Over time, these environmental factors can cause the hair to develop warm, reddish, or orange undertones, diminishing the richness and depth of the natural brown or brunette shade.

 The blue shampoo is formulated with blue pigments that work on the principles of color theory, where colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel cancel each other out. Dust off that elementary school color wheel, and you’ll see that darker orange and red shades are opposite blue. That’s why the blue pigment in blue shampoo works to cancel out dull, brassy tones in brunette hair. Instead of turning your hair blue, these pigments temporarily deposited onto the hair shaft, resulting in a cooler-toned effect when applied to brunette hair. It removes brassy tones so your beautiful brunette shines through.

III. How is Purple Shampoo Different From Blue Shampoo?

 Blue shampoos and purple shampoos—while similar—are not interchangeable. The difference between them can be understood by looking at the color wheel. The key difference is that blue shampoo neutralizes orange tones in the hair (which is common for brunettes) and purple shampoo neutralizes yellow tones in the hair (which is common for blondes).


 Purple and violet can be found opposite of yellow and light orange. These yellow and light orange hues are often found in blonde hair, so purple shampoo eliminates those brassy tones. While blue is the opposite of darker orange and red on the color wheel, which is the brassy tone often found in brunette hair. As a result, it is the best fit for getting rid of brassiness in darker hair. If blue shampoo is used on blonde hair, you run the risk of ending up with a weird greenish hue. On the flip side, if you use purple shampoo on brunette hair, it won’t be strong enough to cancel out the orange, she points out.

IV. How To Use Blue Shampoo?

 Blue shampoo works by coating the hair shaft, neutralizing brassiness, and adding gorgeous shine. Here’s how to properly use this shampoo to neutralize brassy tones and keep the cool brunette color you crave:

  • Step #1: Gently massage blue shampoo into your wet hair. Make sure to incorporate evenly throughout your hair to get the desired effect.
  • Step #2: Lather and leave it to absorb for 3 to 7 minutes.
  • Step #3: Rinse. Use the blue shampoo daily until the brassiness disappears. Then, alternate with your regular shampoo to maintain the results.

→ The blue pigment in blue shampoo can be a powerful surface toner. Shampooing once or twice a week with blue shampoo should be enough to keep any orange or red tones from showing through. If you need to wash in the meantime, use a nourishing, color-safe shampoo like our anti-frizz shampoo to keep your locks soft and healthy-looking.

V. Best Blue Shampoo of 2023

 Ombré, balayage, and classic highlights are great for adding dimension and lightening up brown hair. But unfortunately, bleach and other brightening treatments often go hand-in-hand with brassiness. Fortunately, blue shampoos are one way to combat this by neutralizing the coppery color with a cool-toned finish. We conducted hours of research on the best blue shampoos out there, evaluating each formula on active ingredients, results, and how well they repair hair. Here are the top-rated picks:

1. MATRIX Total Results Brass Off Color Depositing Blue Shampoo

 While there are many standout blue ‘poos on the market, Matrix Brass Off shines above the rest. Formulated specifically for lightened brunette hair, this sulfate-free hair wash deposits blue-violet pigments to minimize brassiness. In other words, it creates a stunning cool-toned finish that brings out the intended effect of your color-treated hair. The vanilla-rose scent doesn’t hurt either. Whether you’re rocking highlights, ombré, or balayage hair, you can count on this shampoo to neutralize any unwanted warm tones. Use it every other day, and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing for an extra boost of brightness.

2. Not Your Mother’s Triple Threat Brunette Blue Treatment Conditioner


 Want something a little easier on your wallet? We’re big fans of Not Your Mother’s Triple Threat Brunette. Use this blue treatment shampoo two or three times a week to cleanse your scalp and give brassiness to the boot. Formulated with blue tansy oil and deep blue pigments, this blue toning shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes, while keeping your color vibrant. Brunettes, your wash day just got way better. Not Your Mother’s Blue Treatment Shampoo combines the power of toning – you know, maintaining the vibrancy of your brunette locks while fighting brassy and orange tones – with the benefits of our gently cleansing shampoo.

3. John Frieda Blue Crush for Brunettes Blue Shampoo

 Formulated explicitly for brown-haired babes, John Freida’s Blue Crush neutralizes the most stubborn orange tones and obliterates brassiness. This blue shampoo is specially designed for brunettes to combat even the most stubborn warm, orange tones in your hair. The blue shampoo helps keep your hair color looking vibrant and fresh – like you just left the salon! This shampoo’s proprietary tri-dye blend was designed to be an easy-to-use protection against brassy hair. The result? Cooler, brighter color, and a squeaky-clean scalp.

VI. Conclusion

 In conclusion, the transformative potential of blue shampoo for brunettes is nothing short of remarkable. It has emerged as a beauty secret that not only preserves the rich, deep tones of brown hair but also enhances and revitalizes them. Whether you’re dealing with unwanted brassiness, fading color, or just seeking to maintain your brunette beauty, blue shampoo is a game-changer.

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