Brown hair color is probably the most “intelligent” of all. Brunettes are bright enough from nature, so they may enjoy a variety of short, medium, and long brown hairstyles in their natural hair color. At the same time experimenting with shades of brown hair is a big joy. Dear ladies, get inspired by our galleries of brown hairstyles and hair color ideas and choose for yourself the best brunette shade for yourself.

I. What Is Brunette Hair?

 The word “brunette” is French, it refers to people with brown hair. In the world, brunette hair is the second most popular hair color after black hair. The color comes in a variety of shades, ranging from the darkest to the lightest brown. The brown color is generated by the low levels of pale pheomelanin and the high levels of dark eumelanin pigment.


 Brunette hair colors are classically pretty and wealthy. Among all hair hues, this color is easy to maintain as well. There are so many gorgeous rich and lush shades of brunette! The options are endless, ranging from chocolate to honey brown to chestnut! Populations in Western are often found with brunette hair, such as the UK, the US, the Middle East, some Australian Aborigines, and more.

II. How To Choose A Brunette Shade?

 As you probably already know, there are a lot of things to think about when deciding on a new hair color. To name a few, your eye color, skin tone, and undertone, as well as your go-to makeup colors and daily clothing preferences. And lastly, how do you feel about commitment and pricey salon visits? Yes, some colors are less expensive to maintain because you don’t need to go to the salon every month to touch up your roots, whereas other colors tend to require more maintenance. In this section, we will divide the brunette shade into 3 parts based on your tone to help you easy to choose the best shade that matched yours:


1. Brunette For Cool Undertone

 You can tell if your skin has a cool undertone by looking at the veins on your wrists. If they tend to be more blueish than green or purple, then your skin has a cool undertone. I have good news for you: brunette shades allow you to play around with more than one color, as brown hair is naturally adding a bit of warmth to your complexion. This allows you to experiment with colors you might not have thought would look good on you. Let’s examine them collectively.

a. Toffee Brown


 Warm and romantic, Toffee Brown is a sultry, soft shade of brunette that keeps things classy and natural but with a slight kick of red to a pinch of spice to its own mix. Toffee Brown is the ideal shade to channel the sophisticated brunette energy with a delicate, blushy approach because it is flawlessly authentic. With toffee brown hair extensions, you can achieve princess-like blowouts that will leave everyone stunned.

b. Medium Brown

 Ladies and gents, the True Brunette Brown at its finest! This shade is the perfectly balanced harmony between darker, fierce brunette shades and softer, lighter shades such as the aforementioned Toffee Brown. Rich and velvety with intense undertones that will make you think of hearty desserts such as gourmet chocolate fudge, this shade is perfect for those looking to achieve a glossy, romantic, and natural shine in their mane.

c. Espresso Melt Brown

 Say hello to mixed shade Espresso Melt, a true wonder for those that are looking forward to getting darker hair without missing out on the beauty and depth of rich, layered colors. Darkest brown fades into a sultry mix of chocolate and chestnut tones to create a warm, sunkissed balayage that looks effortlessly hued and expensive.

2. Brunette For Warm Undertone

 Individuals with a warm-toned complexion will enjoy embracing these cooler tones of brunette, enhancing their natural features with chic hair colors that will make them feel and look amazing. If your skin glows even in the brightest of white tops and you can rock a golden necklace like you were born to do so, chances are your skin’s natural undertone is warm. Let’s look at the best colors to highlight your complexion.

a. Darkest Brown


 Not your average brunette shade, darkest brown is the ideal way to channel all of the feisty brunette personality with elegance and class. This seductive hue is intended to add a brilliant shine to elegant hairstyles and looks great with updos and sleek hairstyles, as evidenced by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who frequently sports her natural tresses. Because it is a naturally neutral shade that goes with many different hair types, the darkest brown is a wildcard type of brunette. This characteristic makes it a versatile color to add to your brunette mane for unmatched body and thickness.

b. Soft Bronze Balayage


 Are you in love with that Barbie California sun-kissed look? Then look no further than this sumptuous balayage shade: a root of ash brown fading into a blend of neutral dark blonde and tan notes to create a subtle bronze finish. Great for adding warmth and depth to mousey brown hair or enhancing a previous balayage. Glowy, expensive-looking and even a little bit retro – if you’d like to go slightly darker without missing out on all the fun that blonde could give, this “best of both worlds” mix could just be what you’ve been looking for.

c. Lightest Brown


 If you’re a blonde that isn’t feeling brave enough to wear the darkness of brunette shades full-throttle yet, but you don’t want to get a classic highlighted look, try to embrace things one step at a time – rocking this subtle and compact light brown shade. With its vibrant and vintage mix of summer feelings and a creamy finish, Lightest Brown has the power to gracefully bring up warm undertones in a simple, effortless manner. Hairstyles-wise, rest assured that Lightest Brown is a versatile shade that will be able to bring to life a lot of different hairstyles, from sophisticated updos to youthful, long, and flowy tresses and boho braids.

3. Brunette For Neutral Undertone

 Neutral undertones have the advantage of being able to effortlessly rock a wide selection of shades.

a. Chestnut Brown


 This light shade takes out the red undertone and keeps things soft, feminine, and unapologetically gorgeous with the warmth and elegance that only light brown hair can bear. Chestnut Brown can be described as a slightly paler brunette shade illuminated by a rich gold undertone that will shine under natural sunlight like nothing else. Perfect for those who enjoy the richness of chocolate-like shades but prefer warmer undertones and shine.

b. Mousey Brown

 Mousey Brown hair extensions are a great match to most natural brown roots thanks to their ashy undertones.

c. Medium Ash Brown


 For the brunette that likes to keep her cool, our Medium Ash Brown hair extensions feature a soft, cool brown shade with neutral undertones, to blend in harmony with naturally neutral skin undertones. Ash brown is the perfect shade to make dark or green eyes pop and can be worn through thick and thin, staying glossy and classy during winter and adapting perfectly to summer hairstyles as well.

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