Reverse balayage is a hair coloring technique that brings out natural-looking lowlights to the tresses. Essentially, the same techniques with balayage are used, however, instead of concentrating on sweeping or painting lighter colors on the top layers of the hair, the focus is on the deeper ones underneath. Reverse balayage goes deep, meaning the low lights and undertones are darker and the highlights that are painted on top are a deeper shade than you’d choose with a regular balayage. The darker strands that are painted on sit just below the lighter sections helping to give off a smudged look, making the light and darker tones blend more seamlessly.

 It’s such a creative way of giving blonde locks an illusion of depth and a brunette finish. Photos here feature the best and most popular reverse balayage hair ideas you can try!

Reverse Balayage #1: Reverse Balayage with Dusty Purple Tones

 An inverted balayage is a great way to add natural dimension and depth to your hair if it is already blonde. The process is quite simple, as there is usually no bleach involved. Ask your stylist to determine what color lowlight would look best to break up your blonde. also, ask their opinion on what color toner would be best for the blonde you currently have. In this case, a purple toner was used to cancel out the warmth and yellow tones of her previous color. This resulted in a beautiful dusty, ashy blonde.

Reverse Balayage #2: Bronde Highlights and Lowlights

 If you’re looking for a low-maintenance color, ask your stylist to try a balayage. Balayage is another word for free-form painting. The stylist uses sweeping motions with their color brush to create natural looks. A balayage does not go all the way up to the root as a highlight does, which allows for a natural grow-out. If your hair is already light and you’re looking for moẻ dimension, try a reverse balayage. It will give you the same look by adding lowlights instead of using bleach.

#3: Reverse Balayage Blonde Ombre

 Try a reverse balayage blonde ombre on your highlighted or scalp-bleached hair. Especially if you are looking for less maintenance and want to give it a bit of a break. Your colorist will put a semi-permanent color on your roots and leave out all the blonde ends. This will create a seamless ombre effect. Ombres are known for going from darker roots to lighter lengths and the lightest ends.

#4: Reverse Balayage Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

 Ask for reverse balayage highlights on your dark brown hair to achieve the lived-in blonde look. It’s super low maintenance and much gentle on your hair. Your colorist may have to pre-tone your hair before you go from blonde to brown reverse balayage.

Reverse Balayge #5: Blonde Lowlights and Root Smudge

 Consider a blonde reverse balayage to richen your ash blonde this season. I like to add blonde lowlights and root smudge them to create dimension and deepen the blonde. A root smudge is an excellent option to create a soft grow-out. Plus, it’s also a great way to minimize maintenance while staying light.

#6. Rose Gold Reverse Balayage

 If you like the color pink, rose gold is a must-try for you! rose gold is the perfect combination of pastel pink and gold. And it creates a beautiful, dusty blend. This color is only attainable on pre-lightened hair. ask your stylist if they can apply this color after highlights or balayage.

#7. Beige Blonde Balayage With Dark Roots

 A beige blonde balayage with dark roots is a perfect low-maintenance color. When scanning the internet for the perfect color, look for ashy and sun-kissed blonde. Be sure to go over your hair inspo with your stylist to choose the perfect color for you.

Reverse Balayage #8: Dimensional Blonde-brown balayage

 If you looking for a way to add lots of dimensions back into your hair, try a blonde-brown balayage. A light-to-dark reverse balayage is the best way to accomplish this. take several large sections of hair where you want to put a lowlight and melt a glaze from root to end. Apply using a semi-permanent gloss so you can go back to bright blonde easily.

Reverse Balayage #9. Brunette Balayage And Root Drop

 Brunette balayage and root drops are a perfect way to transition into the next season. Warm copper brown roots melted into a wheaty blonde add the right amount of color variation. Going darker doesn’t have to be scary. Talk to your hair colorist about getting thể gradually, more of a balayage look. You can always have those lighter pieces toned darker at any time, giving you more color to play with

#10. Soft Chestnut Brown Balayage

 Try a warm chestnut brown balayage if your skin tone has a warning undertone. Chestnut brown has hints of golden auburn and spicy chocolate brown. Adding a few pops of beige blonde lends dimension and contrast. Talk to your stylist about which tone would work for your skin tone.

Reverse Balayage #11: Blended Balayage On Dark Hair

 Blended balayage on dark hair is the hottest hair trend right now. Reverse balayage on dark hair is adding a darker base color and lowlights to lighter brown hair. balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep” most people think of it as hair painting. Either way, balayage makes beautifully blended hairstyles.

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