AZ Hair Vietnam is honored to receive the community’s attention, the favor of hair extension lovers, and especially the press agencies around the world. In which, Dahl TV (a media production company that is part of Blazhoffski Productions B.V) sent a collaboration invitation to us with the aim of wanting us to help accomplish the filming process in the AZ Hair factory.


 Dahl TV is known as a Dutch television program in the Netherlands that is broadcasted on the public channel. This is an Informational and educational program with a light tone of voice that has been made for over 20 years already. In the episode about human hair extensions that have been broadcast by Keuringsdienst van Waarde, they explained where the hair extensions come, how it was collected and processed.


Let’s see what they state about us in that video!

“In the filming process, we proceed with different steps of the production chain and interview people on camera who can tell them what steps are needed to make a consumed product. Besides, we also followed the hair collector to discover the process of how the hair collected” Maya said. “To be honest, we really admired the way the hair collector collected the hair from donors, she is very meticulous and careful during the collection process” Maya added.

Filming Process
Filming Process

 Human hair extensions are quite popular and have been for many years. They are commonly used by people worldwide, including celebrities, as a way to enhance their hair’s length, volume, and overall appearance. “In Europe especially in the Netherlands, hair extensions never lose their heat in this market, especially high-quality Vietnamese human hair extensions” Maya Cohen – a researcher at Keuringsdienst van Waarde said. “Through the research process, we have found AZ Hair – a reliable Vietnamese hair company with much experience, that is the reason why we decided to make that episode and contacted AZ Hair to send the invitation collaboration” Maya added.

 Indeed, Vietnamese hair extensions are also known to be quite thick in texture, yet lightweight when installed. This combination is the best when considering how you’d want your hair to feel. You don’t want the extensions to weigh you down, but you want them to be long and full. Vietnamese hair creates this beautiful contradiction!

 Many hair extensions can be prone to tangling and matting at a later stage, but Vietnamese hair extensions tend to keep their natural beauty and shine and this helps them be tangled-free. You can enjoy unlimited styling options with Vietnamese hair extensions, prolonged durability, easy care and easy maintenance of the hair extensions makes them a popular favorite with many customers from all over the world.

 Imagine being able to add volume, length, and color without doing any direct damage to your natural hair. If you ask any woman, they will tell you in a heartbeat that once you try them, you can’t live without them. You can almost guarantee that any Vietnamese hair will have the best quality with long-lasting use for up to years.

 If you are still hesitant or struggling to find a reputable hair vendor to purchase high-quality Vietnamese human hair,  you can contact AZ Hair. Operation experience in the hair business for decades, AZ Hair is proud to be one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading Vietnamese human hair extensions across the globe. With the strong renewal and production ability to satisfy various quality requirements, we have succeeded in building the brand name for ourselves as well as our reputation in the international market.

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