In the world of hair extensions and wigs, the quest for the perfect locks is an ongoing journey. Among the plethora of options available, Vietnamese hair vs Slavic hair has emerged as two prominent contenders, each boasting its unique qualities and allure. In this detailed comparison, we delve into the world of Vietnamese and Slavic hair to explore the differences between these two hair types to help you make an informed choice for your desired look in 2024.

I. Vietnamese Hair vs Slavic Hair: What Are They?

 Before we delve deeper into the detailed comparison between Vietnamese hair and Slavic hair, let’s discover what they are!

1. Vietnamese Hair

 People in this industry may have no strange Vietnamese hair. Characterized by its thickness, strength, and natural shine, Vietnamese hair is highly sought after in the hair extension industry due to its quality and is known as one of the best quality choices for many wholesale hair sellers. Vietnamese hair is known for being versatile and can be styled, dyed, and treated just like natural hair. The term “Vietnamese hair” has become popular in the beauty and fashion industry as a descriptor for high-quality human hair extensions. This hair type is commonly used in the production of wigs, weaves, and extensions, providing a natural look and feel to the wearer.

→ Wanna find out more about Vietnamese hair? Find out now in our dedicated blog: Vietnamese Hair – The Valuest Treasure of The Hair Industry.

2. Slavic Hair

 “Slavic hair” is a term frequently employed by professionals in the hair extension industry and experts in hair care. It typically denotes a hair type commonly observed among individuals of Slavic descent, originating from Eastern Europe. Referred to as “Russian/Ukrainian Gold” at times, Slavic hair is often characterized as straight or possessing slight waves, with a texture ranging from fine to medium. Its color spectrum spans from light blonde to dark brown, occasionally featuring shades of red.


II. Vietnamese Hair vs Slavic Hair: Detailed Comparison

 Vietnamese hair and Slavic hair are two distinct types of hair commonly referenced and compared in the hair extension industry due to their unique characteristics. Here’s a detailed comparison between the two:

1. Texture and Thickness

Vietnamese Hair
Slavic Hair

 Vietnamese hair typically has a straight to slightly wavy texture. It tends to be thick and coarse, with a natural shine. The Vietnamese hair strand is sufficiently thick. Its firmness gives the hair weight and fullness. While Slavic hair, which originates from Eastern European countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, is often finer in texture compared to Vietnamese hair. It can range from straight to wavy or even curly, and it’s known for its softness and silkiness.

2. Vietnamese Hair vs Slavic Hair: Color

Vietnamese Hair
Slavic Hair

 Vietnamese hair typically comes in shades of dark brown to black. It’s less common to find lighter shades naturally. On the other hand, Slavic hair can come in a wide range of colors, including blonde, light brown, and even shades of red. Lighter colors are more prevalent in Slavic hair.

3. Density

 Vietnamese hair is often thick and dense, providing good volume, especially when used in extensions. While Slavic hair tends to be finer and less dense compared to Vietnamese hair. This can make it appear more delicate but may also mean it lacks volume compared to Vietnamese hair.

4. Vietnamese Hair vs Slavic Hair: Durability

 Vietnamese hair is known for its durability and resilience. It can withstand various styling techniques and tends to hold curls well. Though Slavic hair is also durable, it may require more care due to its finer texture. Slavic hair also can be prone to damage from heat styling if not properly protected.

5. Demand and Price

Vietnamese Natural Black Hair - Top Selling Hair For Business
Vietnamese Hair
Slavic Hair

 Both Vietnamese hair and Slavic hair are popular and are considered premium due to their rarity, softness, and versatility. These hair are often in high demand among those looking for top-tier quality extensions, and as a result, they command a higher price. However, Vietnamese hair is more affordable and more easy to access for many consumers.

III. Vietnamese Hair vs Slavic Hair: Which One is Better?

 While both Vietnamese and Slavic hair have their unique qualities, the question of whether Vietnamese hair or Slavic hair is “better” depends on individual preferences and needs. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Texture: Vietnamese hair tends to be thicker and coarser, while Slavic hair is typically finer and straighter. Some people may prefer the softness and sleekness of Slavic hair, while others may prefer the volume and texture of Vietnamese hair.
  • Color: Slavic hair often comes in lighter shades, such as blonde or light brown, while Vietnamese hair tends to be darker, ranging from black to dark brown. The preferred hair color may vary depending on personal style and cultural norms.
  • Availability: Slavic hair is less common and tends to be more expensive due to its scarcity. Vietnamese hair, on the other hand, is more readily available and generally more affordable.
  • Styling Options: The texture and thickness of the hair can affect how easily it can be styled. Vietnamese hair may hold curls better due to its thicker texture, while Slavic hair may be easier to straighten due to its finer texture.

→ Ultimately, the “better” choice depends on individual preferences, budget, and styling needs. Both Vietnamese and Slavic hair have their own unique characteristics and can be beautiful in their own right.

II. How Can I Find Reputable Hair Vendors To Purchase Vietnamese Hair and Slavic Hair?

1. For Purchasing Vietnamese Hair

 If you are seeking a dependable hair provider with many years of professional experience, you can contact AZ Hair. Operation experience in the hair business for decades, AZ Hair is proud to be one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading Vietnamese human hair across the globe. We are proud to be the first Vietnamese hair company that has been verified by Alibaba – a major player in the B2B eCommerce space.

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2. For Purchasing Slavic Hair

Best Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers In The World

For Slavic hair, we will recommend “I love Slavic hair”. This brand was just founded in 2015, but despite its youth and recent rise to fame, this company has been one of the biggest providers of Russian hair extensions. They are from Ukraine, the Slavic country with the most luxurious hair. They specialized in gathering and distributing local donors’ Slavic and Russian wigs to hairdressers and cosmeticians.

V. Conclusion

 In conclusion, the comparison between Vietnamese hair and Slavic hair highlights the unique qualities and characteristics of each type. Whether opting for Vietnamese hair or Slavic hair, embracing diversity and appreciating the beauty of different cultures enriches our understanding of the world and enhances our personal styling options. Ultimately, both Vietnamese and Slavic hair exemplifies the beauty and diversity found within global hair textures, offering individuals a myriad of choices to express themselves confidently and uniquely.

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