Hair suppliers can be found all over the world in a variety of settings. The 3 biggest wholesale hair vendors on the planet are Asian, European, and South American. In Asia, Vietnam and China have emerged as two power of the major hair exporters. Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair are both popular in the human hair industry because of their economic returns. If Vietnamese hair is well-known for its high quality and durability of hair, Chinese hair is famous for the variety of styles and availability of hair in stock. If you are a wholesaler who is struggling to discriminate between the two and make the final decision for your business, this article will help you learn about the benefits and cons of Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair and decide which one is better for your business.

I. What Are The Differences Between Vietnamese Hair and Chinese Hair?

 The hair market is a potential business in international trading. Along with the rise in demand for wigs and hair extensions, the hair industry has begun to flourish, especially in Vietnam and China. Among the Asian countries that export hair, Indian, Cambodian hair vendors, Vietnamese Hair, and Chinese Hair have emerged and become the biggest hair vendors for importation all the time due to their specific hair characteristics. So what are the differences between Vietnamese Hair and Chinese Hair?

Vietnamese Hair vs Chinese Hair Differences #1: Hair Source

a. Chinese Wholesale Hair Vendors

 Mainly comes from a mixed source: China hair vendors import nearly 80% of raw hair materials from other countries and the rest of the 20% of hair source is from domestic regions.

  • Chinese women’s hair, however, is now increasingly decreasing. Only a few Chinese women in rural or mountainous areas sell their hair for a living these days.
  • Hair imported from other nations is becoming the primary supply of Chinese wholesale hair supplier manufacturers. The main suppliers are from adjacent nations such as India, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, among others.

b. Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Vietnamese Human Hair

 Unlike Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair has a clear and qualified hair source. Vietnamese wholesale hair merchants have only one hair source: local human hair, which is highly strong, silky, not tangled or shedding, and extremely durable due to the healthy lifestyles of Vietnamese women. This is the unrivaled strength of Vietnamese hair, which no other supplier can match.

#2. Differences in Roll Bundles

 Vietnamese and Chinese hair can be distinguished by the TIE ROLL IN THE HAIR BUNDLES. In Vietnamese and Chinese hair manufacturers, hair bundles are rolled in a variety of methods. As a result, this is one of the most visible differences between Vietnamese and Chinese hair bundles. You can see clearly from the picture above that Chinese hair factories roll each hair bundle into a round-shaped roll while Vietnamese hair factories roll each hair bundle into an oval-shaped roll.

Vietnamese Hair vs Chinese Hair Differences #3. Hair Grades

 In Vietnam, factories are divided into 3 grades of hair: single-drawn, double drawn hair, and super double drawn. Meanwhile, China’s hair factories are divided into 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A, …  “A” higher grade of hair will result in less shedding and tangling. In general, these different terms are to separate grades of hair. This separation depends on the quality and fullness of hair.

  • Single Drawn Hair is equivalent to 6A, 7A China grade: This term means that 40-45% of hair is the same length, and the rest is mixed length. When you touch this grade of hair and stroke it, you will feel it fully at the top but less full at the tip.
  • Double Drawn Hair is equivalent to 8A, 9A China grade. This term means that 60-65% of hair is the same length, and the rest is mixed length.
  • Super Double Drawn is equivalent to 10A, 11A China grade. This term means that over 90% of hair is the same length, and the rest is mixed length. When you touch and feel it, the bundles will be very full.

Vietnamese Hair vs Chinese Hair Differences #4. Quality

 When it comes to quality, many people wrongly believe that Chinese hair is as good as, if not better than, Vietnamese hair because of its shining appearance. However, the fact is not what they thought:

 Chinese hair is very pretty at first but will deteriorate after a while.  This is because Chinese hair is collected from mixed sources, heavily chemically treated to give it a beautiful coating, but only lasts for a short time. Cuticles are chemically removed, and silicone is used to give the hair a natural sheen and texture. Besides it, the quality of local Chinese women’s hair is not very good either. Due to the fatty diet and the unusually cold climate, the original hair is frequently thin, fragile, and prone to tangling or shedding. As a result, restyling, processing, and taking care to extend the lifespan are difficult.

 On the other hand, Vietnamese hair may not have the same luster but is naturally thick and durable.

 The hair is collected from rural women in mountainous areas of Vietnam, who eat a nutritious, fiber-rich diet and live in a climate that is conducive to hair growth – not too hot or too cold. Vietnamese women use lemongrass, locust, or pomelo juice to wash their hair, which has been scientifically shown to improve scalp and hair health, hence their hair strength and length. Furthermore, Vietnamese hair factories are more concerned with quality, Vietnamese hair suppliers normally have stricter control over hair sources.

II. Compare Factory Scale of Vietnamese Hair vs Chinese Hair

1. Scale

  •  In Vietnamese hair factories, each product will be carefully crafted by a small-scale factory, however, the factory always focuses on the quality of each item.
  • When compared with Vietnamese hair factories, Chinese ones are much bigger and produce on a significantly larger scale. They will employ advanced technology to have large-scale production in large quantities, and they will establish standards for all of the items, which will be identical. That is why China is the world’s largest hair supplier, with a huge supply.

2. Hair Stock & Range of Hair Durability

a. Chinese Wholesale Hair Vendor

 China Hair Factory is an industrial-scale production, supplying such an enormous quantity of hair to many wholesale hair sellers and even retail customers all over the world every day. Because of continuous and high demand, the China factory produces a large quantity of hair in all styles and lengths and stores it in stock. When customers make orders, the China factory just takes the hair out from the stock and ships it out immediately. This is the prominent advantage of China Hair Factories compared with other international hair factories.

b. Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Vendors – Fresh Hair (100% New Hair Material)

 Vietnamese Hair Factory is also a loyal vendor of many wholesale hair sellers and customers in the world. However, when compared with China’s quantity scale production, Vietnam is just ranked #2.

 With the mission of making the best high-quality hair, Vietnamese Hair Factories do not produce large quantities of hair and keep it in stock like China does (because this way can make the hair dry and not silky). Instead of that, Vietnamese Hair Factories prepare 100% BEST-NEWEST-FRESH hair materials for each customer order so that each bundle of hair will be in the perfect situation: silky, soft, and moist.

III. Vietnamese Hair vs Chinese Hair: Which One Should I Buy?

 Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you buy Vietnamese or Chinese hair is determined by your purpose, goals, and financial situation. You can choose Vietnamese hair if quality and durability are important to you, but if your priority is fast-shipment and you don’t want to wait for too long, Chinese hair may be the wiser choice.

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