USA is a promising market for hair extension items in today’s dynamic hair market. In this potential market, You must have heard quite a lot about USA Hair and the fine quality of products that they provide. I have also heard a lot about USA Hair, and so I decided to give them a try and judge for myself how well deserved their popularity in the hair extensions world is. In reality, I’m going to write an unbiased review about this hair vendor. This review has not been sponsored in any way, and I am not an affiliate or marketer.

USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions

I. About USA Hair is an online store that offers a range of hair extensions and wigs so wide that you surely would not have a problem finding any hair extensions or wigs that will suit your needs and requirements. The company offers different types of extensions suitable for any budget. USA Hair has a variety of options if you want to buy hair extensions. From clip-ins to sew-ins to tape-ins and various other kinds of hair extensions in both synthetic and human hair categories, they have it all.

II. USA Hair: A Detailed Analysis Review


 When I first opened the website, my first impression was that the entire website was built up similarly to Canada Hair, which peaked my interest.

USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions

 After some research, I discovered that both the sites (or stores) USA Hair and Canada Hair are owned and operated by the same firm, with the difference being that one is based in the United States of America and the other in Canada, respectively.

USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions

 The website was very well-constructed, but looks a bit old in my opinion, and provided all the necessary information for a shopper. The whole layout of the store is simple and user-friendly, and it actually helps you out in easily narrowing down your options to precisely find what you need. The part that I found impressive is that when you select a color for the hair extensions or wigs that you want to buy, the website directly takes you to various options of just that color, which is quite convenient in my opinion and helps you save time.


 When any of us is about to buy a product, naturally we first go ahead and search for people’s reviews about the said product, checking out their experiences so we can decide if the products are as good in real life as it advertised and if it is actually worth buying or not. Just like that, when I visited the reviews section of the website, my doubts had vanished.

1. Product Range

 The variety of hair extensions and wigs available blew my mind away. There were so many different kinds of wigs available along with hair extensions: clip-ins, tape-ins, micro loop, nano, halo, fusion hair, nano ring, wigs, you name it! USA Hair offers different options in colors ranging from natural for an everyday, subtle modification to your hair, to bold and wild hair colors for a funky and exciting upgrade for your hair. USA Hair also offers tools tools to install hair extensions, which gains another point in the store’s favor.

2. Hair Quality

 The hair extensions were classified into certain categories. This factor put all the options out on the table for the customer which made it easy to choose among the multiple options. For the clip-in hair extensions in the color that I chose, (dark brown) there were 3 options available in terms of length: 14 inches, 18 inches, and 22 inches.

 Furthermore, the hair extensions were also categorized into different weight or thickness options. USA hair gave me three sets to choose from, which are “standard hair”, “thick hair” and “ very thick hair”. The difference between these 3 options is how much hair there is in each set. In addition to this, you are given the options of synthetic hair, human hair and premium remy hair to choose from.

USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions

 The product that I received was nicely packed and even had a “thank you” pamphlet along with it. The pamphlet consisted of all the necessary information that I might have needed to take care of the hair extensions. There were instructions on how to take care of synthetic hair, human hair, and even a wig if that’s what you purchased from USA Hair.

USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions

 Moving on to the hair, the quality of the hair went above my expectations. They looked soft, strong, healthy, and were smooth and soft to the touch when I ran my fingers through them. We were a bit skeptic about using a curling iron on it, the heat didn’t damage the extensions.

USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions

 USA Hair carries its own exclusive brands: Tara Hair and Quality Hair. The packaging included a tester strand to match the color of your hair without opening the actual packaging of the hair extensions. If it wasn’t there, you would have to open up the main package which will make it unable to be returned in any case.

3. Clip Quality

 The clips used to attach the extensions were quite small, which is a good thing because that way they would not show up through your hair and would not add any excessively bulky look to your hair. The clips were pretty strong and held the extensions together with her natural hair quite well.

 Those clip-in hair extensions are that the small clips were sewn onto a mesh or a cloth and were not directly glued or sewn onto the band of the hair extensions, this added fabric makes the clips more sturdy and prevents shedding.


 The reviews that I had read about the customer service had been pretty satisfying, which is not much of a surprise due to the positive reviews and comments about the customer service at Canada Hair.

 A very good thing from USA Hair is that they offer free color swatches for a $1 shipping fee. They do the same thing at Canada Hair. So if you are unsure which color to choose, you fill in their color swatch form, pay $1 with PayPal, and you’d get by USPS mail the swatches you ordered. You can also contact customer service with a picture and they will suggest a color.

III. USA Hair: Online Review

 A general practice I do before trying out any hair extensions’ e-commerce store is to check out the online reviews about the company. The previous customers of USA Hair seemed to be pretty happy and satisfied with the products of the store, as well as with the service the website provides to the customers. . The reviews on Canada Hair were overwhelmingly positive, and judging by the customers’ comments, the USA based store of the company has been a great success as well.

USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions

 Apart from this I also found a few positive reviews for USA Hair on Hairextensionsreview:

USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions
USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions
USA Hair Review 2022: Reviewing USA Hair Extensions

IV. Conclusion

 In short, I think Usa Hair has the best products and the most amazing prices available in the market. The wide variety of their products and delivery services make Usa Hair stand out from the rest of the hair extensions brands. Their products come nicely packed with proper instructions but still if any customer has any query. Their customers and the quality of their products are their priority instead of unnecessary glamorous advertisement which I think is a plus point. I would definitely recommend all the girls and women to check out Usa Hair hair extensions to instantly glam up their hair.

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