If you’ve worked in the HAIR industry for a while, you know that hair brands are many. They all guarantee to give high-quality hair wigs and to assist you in achieving your ideal look every day.

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 Just take a look: A simple “human hair wigs” Google Search generates a TON of hair sellers. Unfortunately, a lot of these sellers don’t deliver on their promises. And as a newbie, it can be downright difficult to separate quality hair products from those merely selling false hope.

 In this article, I review UNice hair and see whether it lives up to the hype. In fact, I’m going to give an honest review based on my real experience purchasing their products. And I will give my opinion, let you decide for yourself if UNice is worth the price. Keep in mind that this article is an unbiased review, not a sponsoring positive post. Let’s dive into it!

I. What Is UNice Hair?

 Unice (created by Unice Co., Ltd) is a hair brand that is known for its human hair products. And UNice Hair is a global beauty e-Commerce business based out of XuChang, China. 

 This e-commerce site is a known China company that deals with wigs, extensions, and bundle packs.

Unice Review 2022
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 The overall use of the site is quite easy to navigate. Wigs weaves and closures are available. The hair comes in a vast amount of both textures and colors.

Unice Payment Methods

 There is a way to set up payment installments to get the product now and pay later. I found many praises for its installments payment option. They support many payment methods, like Klarna, Afterpay, Paypal, Sezzle, Stripe, Zip, etc. UNice hair company offers not only installment plans but also accepts a variety of payments. Compared to other competitors, that’s one of its biggest advantages.

 To shorten delivery time and provide buyers with better service, they have built their local warehouses and opened retail stores in the United States. Yup, that’s pretty cool. Overall, Unice hair has a high name to live up to. In today’s hair industry, it can even be said that the brand is China’s first brand on the Internet.

 Now that you know the main things about it, it’s time to analyze it closer.

II. UNice Hair: Detail Analysis Review


1. Their Company Claims That Its Hair Bundles Are Made of 100% Original Human Hair. Is That True?

 To be honest, their hair does feel soft and silky. When I received my hair, I tested it in various ways. As it turns out, it is NOT mixed with animal or synthetic fibers. In this regard, I can attest to their claim. HOWEVER, the hair bundle is NOT from a single donor. This can be problematic. You can end up with a bundle that has hair from three different people. In reality, unlike Vietnamese Hair Vendors, more than 95% of foreign hair companies are selling hair that tends to have multiple donors.

2. Have You Ever Wondered If Your Hair Weave Really Comes From India? Or Brazil? Or Peru? Or Malaysia?

 Well, sorry to break it to you, but most likely it does not. It’s just only a clever marketing ploy.

 For human hair vendors to remain competitive, hair companies market hair as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, or Cambodian hair. This is a clever marketing tactic that makes the hair appear more exotic and desirable. The truth is Brazilians do not sell their hair, nor do they cut it for profit or religion.

 In fact, Unice hair company makes a FAKE CLAIM of importing hair from these countries, including Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia.


1. Hair Strand

 Some companies show us pictures of beautiful, natural, shiny, full hair. Their goal is to get customers with attractive images. To be honest, those pictures extremely lured us for the first few minutes. However, when you receive them in reality, they aren’t the same product at all. 

 Unlike other companies, Unice hair company has pictures of its actual products on its website, and they will show you their real products so that you can make quick decisions. The hair was purchased in the color natural black, it was consistent throughout which makes the hair look high quality.

2. Hair Density

 They offer two different density choices – 150%, and 180%. You can choose according to your needs. The hair is thick throughout and doesn’t get thinner at the ends of the hair. The hair was about $170 which is expensive, but even with a smaller density, the hair is worth the price.

3. Construction

 This lace takes up the front middle part of the unit. And the cap perfectly matched up with the 4×4 closure. The closure blended into the cap nicely. There were a few loose strings, specifically around the attachment of combs. There wasn’t an option to select cap sizes, but the unit came in the medium which is quite average. The material of the cap was extremely flexible making it fit just about anyone.


 The time in which you receive your order will depend on many factors such as the shipping method as well as the location of the shipping address. Fortunately, this company has overseas warehouses in the United States. It’s a huge advantage.

UNice Hair Review 2022
UNice Hair Store

 Normally, you can receive the package within 3-6 days! Keep in mind order processing can take an additional 1-2 days on top of the delivery time. International orders are shipped from the warehouse in China. Shipping is also free and the services used are DHL, UPS, and TNT.


 When the order was placed, I was contacted via email from the company. They provided an order number and details of the order. While the messages appeared to be auto generated, they still proved to be helpful. In addition to email service, they also respond via phone along with Whatsapp numbers. Plus, they have stated their company has a customer support team operating 7 days a week 24 hours a day.


 Customers who have used Unice hair have largely complemented the service since the Unice hair delivery time is typically just 7 to 8 days. Unice hair’s customer service is excellent, and the staff is highly attentive to customers, according to Unice hair aliexpress. If you have any comments or questions, you can contact Unice hair on Instagram or by Unice hair by email.

 However, several Unice hair reviews claim that the item was not delivered, which is occasionally due to the shipper. Unice Hair, on the other hand, responded to any negative Unice Hair feedback and gave a refund.


 I usually avoid the reviews on its official website, because they tend to be biased. However, I’ve luckily this time,  I found plenty of real opinions.

 Many customers were very happy with Unice’s hair. However, there are also a few customers who complain about their products.

 Some Unice hair Aliexpress reviews from consumers claim that the hair is shorter than described and that it is sometimes quite thin. Some Unice hair on aliexpress customers claims to have received the incorrect product or did not get the item at all.

III. Should I Buy UNice Hair?

Although Unice hair is NOT the best hair regarding quality, it’s still an excellent hair brand with high quality and well-made. 

 When you compare the price, Unice hair is also a lot cheaper than other competitors such as Mayvenn, TedHair, Diamond Dynasty, Indique, and Her Imports. Therefore, Unice hair is a perfect choice. And there were many reviews that had a positive viewpoint.

 If you are new to the hair industry, it would be a good option due to its well-known. Do your proper research and surely you will be pleased with the result. Plus, there are free returns, so there is no risk. 

IV. Conclusion

 Overall, we can see from Unice hair reviews that the company’s products are well-liked and receive a lot of positive feedback. Remember that the best Unice hair reviews will include full videos, images, and product reviews. I believe shopping with Unice is a great option for buying your hair extensions, weave, or wigs. You may save some money in the process.  So I recommend you hop on over to the site and check out their hair products.

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