Two strand twist is versatile hairstyles that can work on either short or long hair. Creating Two Strand Twists With Extensions can be done two different ways; with a weave or singular strands of bulk hair. The two strand twists can look natural with extensions. Wash and condition your hair as usual, no matter which type of extensions you are going to use.

I. What Is Two Strand Twist?

 Twists, also widely referred to as two-strand twists, are a hairstyle created by twisting two sections of hair around one another to the ends. Sections of hair may range from large to small. Two strand twist is a popular protective hairstyle, especially for curly or kinky hair.


 You may also do two-strand twists with weft hair extensions. Make sure it matches your natural hair in texture and color. The length will be determined by how far you want your twists to go. If you’re utilizing bulk hair extensions, you’ll also need a cream or water-based hairstyling gel.

II. Benefit of Two Strand Twist

 They’re lightweight, add no tension to the hair, and require zero heat. Two-strand twists help the hair hold on to moisture longer and keep it tangle-free. Low-maintenance hairstyles allow the hair to rest, as there’s less manipulation. Less manipulation, coupled with better moisture retention, causes hair to break less.


 With all of these advantages, it’s easy to see why two-strand twists receive high marks from hair experts and naturals alike. Two-strand twists are an excellent protective style because they can be left for days or weeks. If you intend to wear your twists for an extended period of time, you can also cleanse and condition your hair while it is in twists.

III. How Do I Do Two Strand Twist With Hair Extensions?

1. Two Strand Twist With Weave Hair Extensions

 Choosing a weave to attach to your natural hair is made easier by visiting our shop weave hair extensions. It’s best to pick out a weave that is the same color and texture as your own natural hair. The length of the weave will depend on the length of your two strand twists that you want. With this weave, you may be as creative as you want. After you have it picked out, putting your hair into cornrows will be next.

 The weave will then be sewn directly to the cornrows. In order to hide the tracks of the weave, be sure to leave enough hair out of the cornrows. This can be achieved by taking a comb and parting the hair starting at one temple and going all the way across your head to the other temple. Once the weave has been sewn to the cornrows, the hair that was left out can be straightened with a flat iron and placed over the tracks on top.

 To make these two strand twists look natural, you will need to attach the desired length of the strand with a bobby pin to your sections of hair. You can make the sections as large as you want, just keep in mind that this is how thick the twist is going to be. Braid the strands in with your natural hair. If you braid down at least an inch, this will be enough to secure it.

 Once the braiding is complete, take the hair and divide it into two strands, since that is all you need for this hairstyle. Create your twists down the entire length of your hair and secure them with a small elastic band. These methods of two strand twists with extensions work with all textures of hair and can be done by novices with little difficulty.

IV. What Kind of Two Strand Twist You Can Try With Hair Extensions?

 Two-strand twists or locks have different variations depending on how thick and intact you want the twists to be. Not to mention, twists look great when combined with other natural hairstyles.

1. Marley Twist

Marley Twist

 Marley twists are known for their coarser, more natural texture. You may add more hair extensions to it to make it fuller. Made up of a two-strand twist, they tend to be quite small in size and therefore people tend to wear them in a longer length.

2. Havana Twists

Havana Twist

 Havana twists are thick, and long, have a rough texture like kinky hair, and are much lighter than Marley twists. The difference between the two? Havana twists are double and sometimes triple the size of a single Marley twist. Havana twists are natural fiber twist extensions worn as a protective natural hairstyle.

3. Selegalesse Twist

Selegalesse Twist

 Senegalese twists, also known as rope twists, are a gloriously beautiful protective style. They’re a little more modern than box braids and offer something different if you want to move away slightly from braided styles. As this hair is a lot smoother (it resembles kinky locks that have been blown out), Senegalese twists tend to be sleeker and tighter in appearance compared to other twisted styles.

4. Nubian Twist

Nubian Twist

 In a Nubian twist, hair is twisted using hair extensions that come with a very tight coily pattern—almost z-shaped, in fact. These particular extensions also don’t have that telltale sheen you typically see on the extensions used in other hairstyles, such as the Senegalese twist. The twists also usually end up being the shortest in length amongst all the twists once done (around collarbone length or even shorter). They are also considered to be the softest twists.

V. Two Strand Twist: Frequent Ask Questions

1. Are Two Strand Twists Good For Natural Hair?

 Doing twists are a really good protective style for natural hair due to the fact that you are literally taking two strands of hair and wrapping them around one another. Depending on whether you are doing your two strand twists big, small or mini, as well as the length of your hair will determine how long the style will take to complete.

2. Which Is Better Two Strand Twists Or Three Strand Twists?

 If you’re wondering if you should try setting your hair in either 2 strand twists or 3, it really comes down to preference. Typically the 3 strand twists is great for ensuring definition when taking down the style. If your hair does not really stay in the twists easily, you might want to try the three strand twists or you can choose to just secure the ends of your two strand twists with a hair accessory.

3. How Long Do Two Strand Twists Last?

 It is not recommended to go past the 3 or 4 week mark, but you can always unravel and retwist as well if you see that some of the twists are coming undone over time. Be sure to use a spray bottle with water and your favorite leave-in conditioner on your hair, to keep your hair moisturized throughout the week once you notice that it is starting to dry out.

4. Does Two Strand Twists Make Your Hair Grow?

 It is safe to say that the actual hairstyle itself will NOT make your hair grow, after all, they are just two strand twists. But, by twisting your hair and leaving it be, you are encouraging less manipulation, tangles, and breakage. I would also encourage you to coat your hair in a light oil every couple of days, just to keep the frizz and friction on the ends down to a minimum.

5. Is It Better To Do Two Strand Twists Wet Or Dry?

 The choice of whether or not it is best to do two strand twists on wet or dry hair is completely up to you. It really depends on the look you are going for.

  • If you want your hair to be super hydrated with very minimal upkeep, go for installing the twists on wet hair. Setting your two strand twists on wet hair will also ensure to lock in the moisture for a longer period of time.
  • If you decide to install your two strand twists on dry hair, you will probably need to keep them moisturized a little more often because they may dry out quicker.

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