A quick weave provides more versatility, protects your natural hair, and is less expensive than a sew-in weave. Looking for quick weave style inspiration for the new year, new you? Check out our professional stylists’ top picks.

I. About Quick Weave

 A quick weave is a style where hair wefts are glued directly to a protective weave cap before bonding it to your head. This look can be achieved either at home or by a professional stylist.


 Some people assume that quick weaves are bad for your hair; however, quick weaves might be bad for your hair if they are installed improperly. A quick weave, on the other hand, is a very convenient protective type in terms of installation, maintenance, and removal. This is only one of the myths we’ll debunk.

II. What’s Great About Quick Weaves?

 Quick weaves are becoming increasingly popular. It is commonly referred to as the less expensive and faster alternative to sew-in weave. Let’s break this down.

  • Quick weaves have many advantages, but one of the most notable is their low cost. They can range from $60 to $150, depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. This price range is significantly less than that of other hair extension styles, such as sew-ins or box braids, which can cost up to $250.
  • This weaving technique is usually finished in 1.5 hours, half the time it usually takes to install a sew-in. Whether you’re a working professional, a busy mom, or both, quick weaves are a great alternative for a flattering, stunning look in a relatively short time.
  • Quick weaves are simple DIY hairstyles. All of the materials needed to do a quick weave are available at your local beauty supply store or online at a reasonable price. This lower barrier to entry allows you to experiment with new looks without breaking the bank and wasting a ton of time.
  • Quick weaves may also put less tension on your natural hair. Unlike sew-in weaving, where your natural hair needs to be tightly cornrowed and directly threaded with hair extensions, quick weaves can use gel or a non-traditional loose braiding pattern that may work better for those looking for a less strenuous hairstyle.
  • Finally, quick weaves are low maintenance. Aside from a daily nighttime wrapping method, quick weaves can be conveniently maintained without a lot of upkeep.

III. The 10 Trendiest Quick Weave Hairstyles 2023

 Now comes the part you’re most excited about! As an experienced wholesale hair vendor in the market, we will assist you in discovering a variety of quick weave hairstyles to keep your weave looking fresh and attractive at all times.

1. Effortless Waves With A Center Part.


 If your front pieces are not pixie-short, you can embrace quick weave styles with a center parting by leaving your natural hair out and then blending it with extensions.

2. Bob Weave Hairstyle With Bangs


 Short hairstyles are always considered a bold move for women. These hairstyles, undoubtedly, give you a fierce look. One of the quick weave hairstyles is the bob with bangs hairstyle. This hairstyle will provide you with a bold look, and if you choose to highlight some strands, it will add a jazzed-up yet subtle look to the hairstyle.

3. High-Contrast Long Locks.


 Long hair quick weave hairstyles may look dull without any pops of color throughout the length, which is, obviously, not the case with this striking color scheme.

4. Curly Blonde Weave Hairstyle

 Curls are immensely popular among women of all ages. If you want to opt for a simple yet eye-catchy hairstyle, the curly blonde hairstyle is your go-to! This is the simplest yet the most glamorous one among quick weave hairstyles. All you have to do is, color your weave extension blonde and heat style the hair to achieve tight curls.

5. Mesmerizing Waves with Sleek Edges.

 The best hair for quick weave styles like this one is the body wave texture, human or synthetic, yet coarse enough to hold the pattern.

6. Dark Waves with Shiny Highlights

 Introducing some shimmering golden highlights into your weave hair illuminates the look and shows how to do a quick weave so that it feels natural.

7. Quick Weave with Feed-In Braids.


 When you have already learned how to do a quick weave with a leave-out, it’s time to move further and style your leave-out into cool braids.

8. Gorgeous Half-Up Half-Down Quick Weave.

 This sky-high quick weave ponytail combined with soft and silky loose waves is both playful and glamorous, not to mention its authentic feel.

9. Curly Multicolor Quick Weave


 This style shines with color transitions, but the girl has taken it a step further by getting the bottom part handsomely emphasized with large bouncy curls.

10. Long Straight Hairstyles

 This hairstyle is the queen of all quick weave hairstyles. It is quick, shimmers, and gives your face an excellent shape. It is very easy to achieve and does not demand much maintenance.

IV. Maintaining and Removing a Quick Weave

1. Maintaining Quick Weave

Quick weaves usually last between 4-5 weeks.

Covering extensions at night using a silk scarf or satin bonnet helps reduce hair tangling and matting. If you have a curly weave, adding rollers or pinning the hair while you sleep can also preserve the curl.

You can wash and use products on your quick weave, but be careful when using oil-based products as oil generally loosens the glue and causes tracks to slip out.

2. Removing Quick Weave

 Quick weaves are relatively easy to take out. Start by massaging oil and/or an oil-based conditioner into your hair, leaving the mixture in for a few minutes. The oil will cause the glue bonds to loosen allowing you to easily remove the tracks. Rinse your hair out afterward.

V. Change Yourself Start From A New Weave Hairstyle

 Hair is a woman’s crown, especially for black women, if you want to try new quick weave hairstyles, you must try these quick weave hairstyles. Weaves have a lot of benefits and plenty of styling options, so they are loved by many women, especially celebrities and socialites. Besides length, texture, and color, you can even choose how your weaves are installed including quick weaves or sew-in weaves. The bundles of hair come in so many textures and colors, and if you are a pro, you can get from a straight pixie hairstyle to long curly hair with just a few easy steps.

 Change yourself just in one minute. Come on and try these quick and easy hairstyles, perfect for running right out the door, or any other occasion. AZ Hair takes the guesswork out of beautiful hair by creating hair for days. We make premium quality human hair products for all of life’s moments – from routine to remarkable.

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