Tape In extensions is the safest semi-permanent option on the market because they will have the least amount of damage to your natural hair in the long run. There are many things that you can do with your tape-ins, and there are many things that you cannot do with them while wearing them. Tape-ins are the newest hair extensions in the hair industry, and just like many other types of hair extensions such as wigs, sewn-ready bundles, and clip-ins, they all have their do’s and don’ts.

I. What Is Tape In Hair Extensions?

 Before getting into the do’s and don’ts, let’s clarify what tape in hair extensions are.

Tape in hair extensions
AZ's Tape in Hair Extensions
tape in hair extensions
AZ's Tape in Hair Extensions

 Tape-in hair extensions are the most popular hair extension method on the market due to their semi-permanent nature, discreet finish and there is little to no damage to your natural hair. They apply the least amount of weight on your naturally rooted hair which won’t result in breakage of your natural hair or baldness in the sections the extensions were placed in. Tape in extensions are perfect for most hair types; once applied correctly, they are known to give the least long-term damage to your natural hair.

Tape hair extensions

 Tape-in hair extensions are thin tape wefts, 4cm wide wefts of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab. It is the most requested hair extension method in salons worldwide. Within the last few years, this method has become a favorite among salon professionals. Safe, comfortable, and natural are just a few words to describe tape in hair extensions. If you take proper care of your extensions they can last anywhere from 9-12+ months whereas if you take very little care of your tape-in extensions, they can last anywhere from 2-6 months.

II. Why Tape In Extensions Are Probably The Best Hair Extensions?

 Hair extensions are the most comfortable and most convenient way to enhance any hairstyle. If you didn’t know, there are many kinds of extensions, on top of different ways to add them to your hair. Out of all the methods of installing weave, the best hands down would be tape in hair extensions. This technique is also the most requested in salons worldwide, so there must be for a particular reason. So, take a few moments to check out this impressive list of why tape-ins are probably the best hair extension method to use.

1. Low Maintainance

 Tape-in extensions are the easiest to maintain for many reasons. The construction of this product is three simple things which are medical grade adhesive, human hair, and polyurethane panels or transparent plastic. No matter how much you blow dry, flat iron, or hot curl, the tape will not melt. These are guaranteed to last you for months and have minimal to no shedding when you take care of them correctly.

2. The Least Damaging

 Tape-in extensions are the least damaging out of all your other options. Since they are very lightweight, they won’t pull on your natural hair as many other extensions will. Surprisingly they grow out as your hair does so there’s no extra tugging or pulling on your scalp. You can remove the tape in hair extensions within seconds and install them in about the same time.

  • When you get a sew-in the tracks are put in by using a threading needle which can be very damaging to your tresses.
  • Clip-in extensions are dense and heavy which can cause receding hairline and bald spots if you wear them frequently.
  • If you use fusion, and microbead methods, you will notice that they tend to tangle more easily causing you to lose hair in the bundle and on your head.

3. Low Cost

 The cost of tape in extensions is the least expensive out of all the other options. The price for the hair-on tape-in extensions is about the same as clip-ins, but they are much cheaper than the cost of fusion, I tip, and microbead hair extensions. Overall the application and cost end up a lot lower than all the other extension methods.

4. Reusable

 You can reuse tape in extensions for up to a year or even longer. Being able to reuse your hair extension is a great bonus especially when it comes down to saving money in your pocket.  If you customize your extensions to match the cut and color of your natural curls, you will have a low-maintenance semi-permanent style. When you decide to remove the tape, you can wash your extensions and add new tape within seconds. Once you put on the new adhesive, you can reapply extensions onto your head.

5. They Look Extremely Natural

tape in hair extensions before and after

 Tape-in extensions will look like the natural hair coming from your head. The bonds of the tape lie flat on top of your head making them comfortable and unnoticeable.

6. Invisible and Versatile


 You will hear us say how thin tape-in extensions are, but on top of that, the tape is so transparent that it becomes almost invisible during application. They are very flexible, and some will even brush, comb, and wash extensions while they are still in their head. Most people assume that since it’s a tape bond it can quickly fall out of your mane. There are many countless hairstyles you can try with these extensions.

III. Tape In Hair Extensions: Do’s and Don’t

 The choice in picking which hair extensions to use is a tough decision alone, but the upkeep and maintenance from home can also be tough if you don’t do your research on how to care for them or listen to the professional advice given to you by your hairstylist. If you are new to tape-in extensions or just unsure of how to properly care for them, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out these quick tips that break down the basic do’s and don’ts.

What To Do

1. Brush Your Hair Before Washing Hair With Shampoo And Conditioner

 Brushing your hair will remove tangles and knots and doing so will eliminate damage to your hair. Brushing your hair before washing will leave your hair tangle free which is vital because when using shampoo it is known to cause tangles from the deep and throughout the lathering process.

*Note: you shouldn’t brush your hair when it’s wet because that it is when your hair is most fragile. Pat dry your hair and wait for it to air dry before running a brush through your hair. If it’s still wet, use a wide tooth comb.*

2. Use The Correct Products For Maintenance

 If your hairstylist recommends you a product that will assist you in maintaining your tape-in extensions from home, take the recommendation! Be sure to read what ingredients are in your shampoos and conditioners, don’t use products that contain sulfate or alcohol as this will strip your hair of natural oils or dye from color/toner.

3. Sleep With Your Hair In A Loose Braid

 You should never go to bed with your hair wet and out for all the knots and tangles to form whilst you sleep. To protect your hair, we recommend loosely tying your hair into a braid so that when when you’re sleeping your hair will be free from tangles.

4. Use Heat Protectant Spray

 Whenever applying heat to your hair and hair extensions, it is imperative you are using a thermal protectant spray or serum. Applying unnecessary heat to your hair will result in automatic damage, no matter how healthy your hair is. Using heated tools dries out the hair follicles which makes your hair prone to split ends which overall can make your hair look lifeless and show that it is damaged.

5. Be Gentle

 The last and possibly the most important rule with tape in hair extensions is to be gentle. You don’t want to be rough whenever tending to your hair. Being too rough when brushing your hair can cause the hair to snap which results in split ends and excess breakage.

Not To Do

1. Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday

 It’s extremely important you know not to excessively wash your hair. Doing so will dry your extensions out and make them brittle and prone to damage such as snapping and split ends.

2. Don't Apply Oil Like Textures Near The Tape

 It’s important to keep slippery textures such as oils from the tape. Excess oil buildup can cause the tapes to slip down the hair which will result in quicker visits to the salons or premature damage to the extensions. Be sure to apply your serums on the bottoms of your hair and lightly on the top of your scalp as a very thin layer if you wanted to tend to the top of your head.

3. Don't Put Your Hair Up High... Often

 Sorry to our ponytail queens… tape extensions may not be the option for you. Of course, you can wear your hair in a ponytail or bun with tape in extensions, you just shouldn’t do it often because you are putting stress on your hair follicles, which will lessen the tape and the tapes can become visible.

4. Get Your Hair Wet After Application For 48 Hours

 This time is crucial for your tape extensions because they’re still setting after you leave the salon. Make sure you plan your visit so that for the next two days your hair is free from any added moisture such as sweat and water. Don’t get involved with any activity that’ll have you sweating and don’t get your hair wet in the shower because if you do either of those things during the 48-hour setting process, the tape will begin to loosen and won’t set correctly.

IV. Conclusion

 Now that you know 5 very important do’s and 4 don’ts when it comes to caring for your tape hair extensions. Invest time and money into your hair, treat it with love and you’ll see your luscious locks show you love right back.

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