In the fast-paced rhythm of modern life, finding a moment for self-care can be as elusive as a good hair day. For all the busy beauties juggling work, family, and countless responsibilities, the luxury of spending hours on hair maintenance is often a distant dream. But fear not, because there’s a game-changer in the world of haircare: DIY dry shampoo. These magical concoctions not only save you precious time but also breathe new life into your locks, giving you that just-washed freshness without the hassle. In this blog, we’re diving into the art of reviving your mane with simple, homemade dry shampoos tailored for the on-the-go goddesses who crave efficiency without compromising on beauty.

I. The Versatility & Perks of DIY Dry Shampoo

 DIY dry shampoo offers a range of benefits and versatility, making it a popular choice for those looking to extend the time between traditional hair washes. Here are some advantages and perks of DIY dry shampoo:

1. Time-Saving & Cost-Effective:


 DIY dry shampoo is a quick and convenient solution for those busy days when you don’t have time for a full hair wash. It allows you to refresh your hair and remove excess oil without the need for water. Besides, creating your dry shampoo at home is often more budget-friendly than purchasing commercial products. Many DIY dry shampoo recipes use common household items, reducing the need to spend money on specialized products. Using dry shampoo allows you to extend the time between washes, promoting healthier hair by maintaining its natural oils.

2. Customization Formula:

 Homemade dry shampoo recipes often consist of natural ingredients, avoiding harsh chemicals that can be found in some commercial products. DIY dry shampoo powder allows you to tailor the formula to suit your hair type, color, and preferences. You can adjust the ingredients to address specific needs, such as oily or dry scalp, and choose scents that you enjoy. This can be beneficial for individuals with sensitive scalps or those who prefer natural beauty solutions.

3. Volume and Texture:

 DIY dry shampoo can add volume and texture to your hair, making it easier to style. Ingredients like cornstarch or arrowroot powder can help absorb excess oil while giving your hair a lift. Not only that but for those with colored hair, DIY dry shampoo can be customized to match your hair color, preventing any visible residue. It can be a lifesaver in situations where a traditional wash is not feasible, such as during camping trips, long flights, or other circumstances where access to water is limited.

II. DIY Dry Shampoo Recipes for Every Hair Type

 If you’ve ever wondered how to make DIY dry shampoo, you’re in for a treat. These recipes, paired with some healthy hair tips, are all about catering to individual needs based on hair color and hair type. Let’s get started!

DIY Dry Shampoo #1 For Blonde Hair

 As the title suggests, this recipe is for our blonde bombshells with dry hair. The best thing is it’s super easy! Cornstarch works remarkably as an affordable DIY dry shampoo base. It rapidly absorbs oil and grease from your hair and scalp to freshen it up in a jiffy. Use the essential oil of your choice in the dry shampoo for fragrance and other special effects that are perfect for you.

1. Ingredients:

  • Orange essential oil or any oil of your choice (adds fragrance) – 6 to 8 drops
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder (adds brown tinge) – ¼ cup
  • Cornstarch (oil absorbent) – ¼ cup

2. Method:

 Mix the cornstarch and baking soda in a bowl. These two act as powerful agents to absorb oil and give your blonde hair a refreshing lift. If you’d like a hint of fragrance, add in the essential oil. Store the mixture in an old spice jar or any container with a tight lid.

3. Application

 For application, use a clean makeup brush you have not been using. Dab the brush in the DIY dry shampoo mixture. Part your hair and run the brush over the roots. Begin from the crown, working your way down toward the edges. Once you have covered the entire scalp, leave the dry shampoo on for 2 to 3 minutes. This will give it time to absorb the oils and exchange nutrients. Brush your hair to distribute the powder from the roots to the tips evenly.

DIY Dry Shampoo #2 For Brunette and Black Hair

 For those with deeper hues, finding the perfect dry shampoo can be a challenge. But worry not! With a touch of creativity, you can craft the best DIY dry shampoo tailored for brunette and black hair.

1. Ingredients:


2. Create the Mixture and Application

 In a bowl, mix the cocoa powder, cornstarch, cinnamon powder, and 3 or 4 drops of rosemary oil thoroughly to get a uniform blend. Spoon the mix into an empty spice bottle for storage and easy application. As needed, sprinkle the mix over your scalp and scrunch it into your hair by hand. Let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes, then dust off the excess powder. Use it in between hair washes to keep your hair and scalp oil-free.

DIY Dry Shampoo #3 For All Hair Types


 Put 1 tbsp of baking soda and ¼ cup of cornstarch in a bowl, then use a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients well. Spoon the mixture into a clean spice bottle. When needed, sprinkle the mix sparingly on your scalp. Use your fingers to scrunch your hair and spread the mix evenly through your hair. Let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes, then brush it out. You can store the mix as long as you want in an airtight container. Exposure to moisture will turn the DIY dry shampoo clumpy and render it unusable.

DIY Dry Shampoo #4: Dry Shampoo Spray

 Although not technically a dry shampoo, if you prefer a spray-on solution over powdered shampoos, try this recipe. The dry shampoo spray works equally well. It uses an alcohol base that evaporates quickly from the scalp, leaving behind the absorbent ingredients.

1. Ingredients:

  • Cornstarch (oil absorbent) – 2 tbsp
  • Rosemary essential oil (adds fragrance) – 2 or 3 drops
  • Rubbing alcohol (spray base) – 2 tablespoons
  • Warm water – ½ cup

2. Create the Mixture and Application

 Put 2 tbsps of cornstarch in a small pitcher then add ½ cup of warm water to it. Next, add 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and squirt in 2 or 3 drops of rosemary essential oil. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to get a lump-free solution and transfer it to a spray bottle. As needed, spray the solution from a distance over the oily sections of your scalp. Let it dry completely before you style your hair.

III. Conclusion

 In conclusion, embracing the convenience and effectiveness of DIY dry shampoos is a game-changer for modern, busy beauty. As we navigate our fast-paced lives, these homemade alternatives not only save time but also promote healthier hair by reducing the frequency of traditional washes. The beauty of DIY dry shampoos lies in their simplicity and adaptability. Whether you prefer a powdery mix or a liquid spray, the ingredients can be easily sourced from your kitchen or local store.  By customizing ingredients to suit your hair type and preferences, you can revitalize your locks without compromising on natural beauty or resorting to harsh chemicals.

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