Choosing hair extensions can be simple at times, especially if you are familiar with the many types of goods and application methods available. However, as hair extensions become more popular, a rising number of new ideas in the hair care industry are being developed every day, making the work of selecting extensions slightly more difficult. Among all of that, Natural Straight Hair and Bone Straight Hair are two types that caused the most misunderstanding. In this blog, we will share our insights and expertise regarding Normal Straight hair and Bone Straight Hair, so even with the development of more recent methods, you will still be able to make a wise purchase decision depending on your hair’s requirements.

I. Definition of Normal Straight Hair and Bone Straight Hair

 Before we get into the key differences between straight and bone straight hair, we’d like to provide you with some background information on these two forms of hair. This section will provide you with more insights about the products that you gonna sell, especially if you are new to the hair extension business. Let’s look at what straight hair and bone straight mean, as well as which products are popular for both textures!

1. Normal Straight Hair

a. What Is Normal Straight Hair?

 Simply put, Straight hair is the term used to indicate natural straight hair. Straight hair is completely natural hair, smooth, straight without heat and chemical treatment. In Asian countries which are the main exporters of hair extension products, especially Vietnam, people are usually born with straight black hair. Then, the straight black hair bulk you see is exactly the raw hair or virgin hair which is totally fresh, unprocessed, and high-quality. All of the above features make up the advantages of this hairstyle: straight, natural, smooth, and high quality.

AZ’s Normal Straight Hair

 Besides, there are also straight hair bundles with colors as well. They are already processed to be filled with colors in the factories, but the natural straight texture is still kept. In terms of weight, this hair type is much lighter than the wavy options yet has a more dramatic shine. Thanks to its smoothness and rather high quality, this style is one of the top choices of many girls.

b. Type of Straight Hair: Straight Hair Wig vs Straight Hair Extensions

 Currently, you have two main straight hair options: wigs and extensions.

  • Straight Hair Extensions: Straight hair extensions are hair extensions that have a natural straight texture. This type of product can be designed to combine with various accessories such as nano rings, microbead clips, clips, or tape.
  • Straight Hair Wig: A straight hair wig is made from about 3 weft bundles and 1 closure/frontal. As a result, this product has better coverage and provides a higher aesthetic effect than the conventional joint.

2. Bone Straight Hair

a. What is Bone Straight?

AZ’s Bone Straight Hair

 In fact, bone straight and straight hair are quite similar on the hair extension product side, except for the main difference in textures which creates how bone straight hair looks like. Unlike completely natural straight hair, the smooth straightness of this product mainly comes from the impact of machines and tools. Bone straight hair is already straightened with heat. However, it still retains a silky, soft, and shiny texture. Because of the above advantages, this hair type is the favorite choice of many women worldwide, especially women in African or Latin American countries.

b. Type of Bone Straight Hair: Bone Straight Hair Wig and Bone Straight Hair Extensions

 As mentioned, straight and bone straight hair are similar when it comes to hair extension products. This means that both hair types are available in terms of hair extensions and hair wigs. For hair extensions, you can find different types of bone straight hair such as weft bundles, clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, and so on. The bone straight wig is similar to the straight one with about 3 bundles and 1 closure/frontal, but the texture will be silky bone straight instead.

II. The Differences Between Normal Straight Hair and Bone Straight Hair

 Although many people have these two types of hair, not everyone understands the distinction between bone straight hair and regular straight hair. So, in the following paragraph, we’ll show you the way to distinguish between the two through the following factors: texture, price, popularity, and usage.

1. The Differences Between Normal Straight Hair and Bone Straight Hair Based on Textures

 In order to know the difference between straight and bone straight hair, you can see their texture and touch the hair to feel the hair. The difference between bone straight and normal straight hair is that bone straight hair has a silky, flat, and extremely smooth texture, while normal hair’s texture is a bit coarse and not as silky as bone straight hair. Since the bone straight hair is processed by steam and heat, and then applied by herbals, its texture is very soft and silky. Meanwhile, straight hair will have the same features as human hair, it is the perfect balance of smooth and slightly wavy.

Normal Straight Hair is a bit coarse and not as silky as Bone Straight Hair

 One more factor that helps us know how to distinguish between natural straight hair and bone straight hair is the straight hair strand. With bone straight hair, the hair is straightened, therefore, it’s very straight. Even in the wind, the bone straight hair can create a good movement. In addition, as the straight hair is totally natural, and the bone straight hair is processed, the naturally straight hair can be easily restyled while the bone straight hair is not. Normal straight hair brings a fuller, more volume look than the other one.

2. The Differences Between Normal Straight Hair and Bone Straight Hair Based on Prices.

 The difference in textures leads to the difference in prices between straight and bone straight hair. The fact is that bone straight hair is more expensive than naturally straight hair. It is understandable because the bone straight hair requires more work. If you want to buy bone straight in a variety of colors, the price rises for the bleaching and dyeing process.

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 Our Straight Hair and Bone Straight Hair is made totally from 100% human hair with the highest quality. We have our own Vietnamese hair factory, ensuring that the costs of each product are constantly reasonable and that customers’ needs are met. Thanks to the continued dedication of more than 250 high-skill laborers and the perfect quality control system, our straight hair and bone straight hair have become one of the hottest hair items in the current market.

3. Popularity on Hair Market.

Hair Extensions Store in the Miami

 We can see that each hair type has its own strengths based on the difference between straight and bone straight, so it’s difficult to compare the popularity of these two hair types since they are both incredibly popular hair types on the market. The difference between straight hair and bone straight hair is based on market demand, however, simplicity seems a key in this case when people ask nothing more than the natural black bone straight hair, which brings them an elegant look. Bone straight hair is also a must-try item for hair start-up companies since it is easy to resell.

4. Differences in Usage

 The difference between bone straight hair and normal straight hair is bleaching and curling. Bleaching is easier on normal straight hair than it is on bone straight hair and hair care after bleaching is not easy. Because normal straight hair hasn’t undergone any process in any way, the cuticle layers are still intact, and the hair is still healthy, which makes bleaching simpler. When curling with iron, bone-straight hair texture will be hard to curl and will straighten out quickly. On the other hand, normal straight hair is perfect for curling irons since it retains its shape when curled.

III. Conclusion

 In general, the difference between bone straight hair and normal straight hair can be based on the four factors above. If you own a hair business and want to purchase trendy and fashionable hair at a higher price, bone straight hair is a good option. Whereas, normal straight hair is a great choice for a classic hairstyle at a reasonable price.

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