Anyone who has some know-how of the hair extensions world has probably heard of Luxy Hair. They are a popular hair company that supplies hair extensions all over the world. With time though, they made a name for themselves on the basis of their hair extensions as well. 

 I have also heard a lot about Luxy Hair, and so I decided to give them a try and judge for myself how well deserved their popularity in the hair extensions world is. In reality, I’m going to write an unbiased evaluation based on my actual purchase of their stuff. And I’ll share my thoughts before you determine whether Luxy is worth the money. This review has not been sponsored in any way, and I am not an affiliate or marketer.

I. Luxy Hair Review: About Luxy Hair

 Luxy Hair, so the name of the company is pretty self-explanatory. They are a hair company. They are based in the US, but they do offer international shipping. Their factory is located in Qingdao, Shandong, China. The company has received a lot of recognition all over the world, especially in the US and Canada. This is because the company is based in the USA, but they market and advertise heavily in Canada.

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 They started off as a YouTube channel that has a huge fan following, mainly because of the popularity of their various hairstyle tutorial videos. Soon enough, they branched out into the e-commerce world too and started selling hair extensions. In particular, they offer clip-in hair extensions.

Luxy Hair - Youtube Chanel

 Now that you know the main things about it, it’s time to analyze it closer.

II. Luxy Hair Review: Detailed Analysis


 A good and easy-to-use website that has been designed keeping in mind functionality and practicality often forms the cornerstone for any successful e-commerce enterprise. Luxy Hair has a beautifully designed website. It has a minimalist design in the sense that everything is neatly sorted into pages and sections. On top of this, there isn’t too much going on on the website so you can go about browsing for your desired products easily.

 These images come with thorough descriptions of all the products so that there is no ambiguity in the minds of any potential customer. Besides this, Luxy Hair’s website also features several videos. These are videos from reviewers, tutorials, product descriptions, and other promotional content. So, in short, all the information you might need about the products and the company is available on the website in one format or another.


 When it comes to the product range offered by Luxy Hair, there are some good parts and some not-so-good ones. The hair company offers only one type of hair extension, mainly clip-in extensions. No other type. So, if you are a fan of semi-permanent hair extensions, Luxy Hair is not the company for you. The good part though is that the company offers a lot of choices in terms of colors and thickness of the clip in hair extensions.

Luxy Hair Review: Products Quality

1. Initial Impression

 The extensions inside were neatly rolled up into coils to keep them from tangling or getting damaged during the shipping. The extensions were silky and smooth to the touch. And they had a lovely shine to them. In texture, they looked like real human hair. 

 On the downside though, the hair extensions had a strong dye smell on them. To get rid of that, I washed the extensions before using them. However, when I did that, the hair extensions lost most of the shine they had earlier. Apart from this, they also became quite dry, frizzy, and puffy.

2. Hair Quality

 If you talk about the quality of the hair, then the hair extensions from Luxy Hair are of satisfactory quality. This makes the price somewhat of a good deal. Overall, I think it’s a reasonable hair quality for most women, and since these extensions are meant to be removed on a daily basis, the quality doesn’t necessarily need to be better than that. It is not the best quality in the market, but for the price you’re paying, it’s overall excellent value.

3. Thickness and Distribution

 One thing that is excellent with Luxy Hair is their clip-in extensions’ thicknesses. This is really important when buying hair extensions. The thicknesses offered by Luxy Hair are well above the industry average. Their thinnest set of clip-in hair extensions is of weight 120 grams of hair extensions. On the downside though, the hair extensions don’t have a uniform thickness distribution. That means the hair is not thick from top to bottom. This makes installing them in a way that they look natural and flattering highly difficult. It doesn’t do much for the overall hair thickness and it is a bit awkward to find the right place to put them on your head.

4. The Quality of the Clips

 The clips used by Luxy Hair on their hair extensions were small and sturdy. The clips hold on pretty well to your hair once you install them. Moreover, the extensions are easy to install, and the clips were comfortable and don’t slip.

Luxy Hair Review: Customer Services

 Good customer service is a must for me when it comes to e-commerce companies!

 Luxy Hair scored high in this department. I received my package from them very late, after waiting for two weeks! And even then, the product wasn’t delivered in the condition I had expected it to be in. The box was all damaged and had bumps on it. Initially, I thought that the shipping had been rough, and I hoped that the damage was only on the box. However, that was when I noticed that the security seal on the box had been removed already. It seemed like the extensions had already been used and that is extremely unhygienic and unacceptable for me. This meant that even if I wanted, I couldn’t return the package if it wasn’t in line with my requirements or expectations since that is a part of their return policy and conditions.

 Therefore, I sent an email to the company and I found them to be actually very helpful and receptive. I received a reply to my email within a couple of hours only. All correspondence with Luxy Hair was also through email and each time the company replied just as efficiently.

Luxy Hair Review: Online Reviews

 Whenever I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase a product from a company, I always make sure I read the reviews about it first. Fortunately, we live in the digital world where it is so easy to find product or brand reviews about any and everything. And hair extensions and hair companies are no different. So, naturally, I looked up Luxy Hair too. And sure enough, I found lots of reviews online. These were both blog reviews and video reviews on YouTube.

 However, most of the reviews were only talking about the good parts of Luxy Hair. And then they would also mention exclusive discount codes that would also have the reviewer’s name in it sometimes. This led me to believe that these reviews were being published by affiliates or those who had been sponsored by the company. Because of this, it was hard to view them as credible and form an opinion about Luxy Hair on the basis of these reviews.

 However, there were quite a few negative reviews too, especially on TrustPilot.

 But, there were also positive reviews.

 On Facebook, where I feel the reviews are a lot more credible as compared to blogs and YouTube, the majority of the reviews were positive, but there were some negative reviews as well.

 As for Google reviews, which is also an excellent credible review platform, Luxy Hair was seemingly doing very well too.

 Every company has bad reviews. Luxy Hair isn’t much different.

III. Conclusion

 This was my unbiased opinion based on my experience with Luxy Hair. I would recommend others to give them a try too as I feel that they are a pretty good deal. You can definitely get better hair extensions too but finding a better quality at this price would be really hard. I would say that they performed slightly better than average in the market. I was quite happy with my experience with Luxy Hair, so I would recommend this brand.

 As a quick recap so that you have all the facts in front of you, I have listed below all of the pros and cons involved with purchasing hair extensions from Luxy Hair. If you are still on the fence about whether you should go ahead with a purchase from this company, then hopefully this will help you make up your mind.

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