In the realm of beauty and self-expression, curly hair extensions have become a game-changer for those seeking to redefine their look with voluminous curls and waves. Whether you’re a seasoned hair extension enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of luscious locks, one question remains paramount: How do you keep those curls looking fresh and fabulous? The answer is more simple than you thought – wash it. Washing curly hair extensions requires a delicate touch and a well-thought-out approach to maintain their texture, bounce, and overall allure. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the ultimate guide to preserving the beauty of your curly hair extensions through the art of washing.

I. How Often Should I Wash Curly Hair Extensions?

 The frequency with which you should wash your curly hair extensions depends on various factors. However, in general, it is recommended to wash curly hair extensions less frequently than straight hair extensions. Curly hair tends to be drier and more prone to frizz, so overwashing can strip the hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness and tangling. Aim to wash your curly hair extensions every 2-3 weeks or as needed. If you have a very oily scalp, you might need to wash them more frequently but try not to exceed washing them every week.


II. How To Choose The Right Products To Wash Your Curly Hair Extensions?

When selecting the ideal hair care products for cleansing your curly hair extensions, opt for formulations that are sulfate and alcohol-free. These ingredients tend to be excessively drying on hair strands, and since curly clip-in extensions inherently lack the nourishing benefits of natural scalp oils, they are particularly prone to dryness. Considering that natural hair is already predisposed to being the driest hair type, the dual impact of dryness becomes even more pronounced. Given the prevalent use of alcohol and sulfates in contemporary hair products, it is crucial to conscientiously scrutinize product labels before making a purchase. You can find out the reasons why you should use sulfate-free hair products in our dedicated blog: Why Should You Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Your Hair Extensions?

III. A Step-By-Step Guide To Washing Your Curly Hair Extensions

 All right! Let’s get to the nitty gritty. When washing your curly extensions, you’ll need to have the following on hand:

Washing Curly Hair Extensions Step #1: Wet The Hair And Apply Shampoo

 Gently run the wefts under lukewarm water. When you are washing hair extensions, we don’t recommend using hot water as this opens up the hair cuticles, leading to frizz. As previously mentioned, be sure that you are washing with an alcohol and sulfate-free shampoo. Sometimes, you can skip shampooing and only wash your extensions with a cleansing conditioner (known as co-wash). If the hair isn’t all that dirty but is feeling dry and prone to tangles and frizz, co-washing would be a good option. Take care when washing the wefts as well – gently handle them and never rub them too vigorously as you would with your natural hair.

Step #2: Apply A Deep Conditioner

 Time to restore those dry curls! Begin the rejuvenation process by generously applying a nourishing deep conditioner from the roots to the tips of the hair weft. Take your time to ensure every strand is coated with the rich, moisturizing formula. As you work the conditioner through the hair, use your fingers to delicately massage the product into each curl, promoting maximum absorption and restoring vitality. This not only imparts much-needed hydration but also helps in the detangling process. Take extra care to gently run your fingers through the extensions, untangling any knots or kinks that may have developed over time. Once you are sure the extensions are knot-free, move on to the next step.

Washing Curly Hair Extensions Step #3: Comb Through With A Tangle Teezer

 Keeping the hair’s curl pattern intact is all about clumps. Gently brush the conditioner through the hair with a tangle teezer to ensure the curls clump together – this will result in super-defined curls. Once you’ve raked the conditioner through, carefully rinse the hair again.

Washing Curly Hair Extensions Step #4: Apply Hair Mask


This step is optional but really helps add a boost of hydration to textured hair extensions. After applying the conditioner, repeat the same steps, but this time with a hair mask. Hair masks are a thicker form of conditioner and are made to work their way into hair strands, rather than just sitting on top like regular conditioners. This helps strengthen and add moisture to the hair from the inside, which will ensure that your curly extensions last and look lush for longer! Rake the hair mask through the hair with the tangle teezer, then wrap the hair around your hand and place it in a shower cap for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the product to work through the hair. Finally, wash each weft thoroughly in cold water to seal the hair cuticles and prevent frizz.

Step #5: Lay Your Curly Extensions Down To Air-Dry


 We recommend air drying your curly extensions whenever feasible, as blow drying with heat weakens the hair. Gently squeeze out any excess water, then set the wefts down flat on a microfibre towel to dry. You can find out more about air-dry technique in our dedicated blog: Is Air Drying Your Hair Bad? The Truth Unveiled.

Washing Curly Hair Extensions Step #6: Apply Leave-In Conditioner Or Hair Oil

 Almost there! This step is also optional but goes the extra mile for lasting hydration of your curly hair extensions once the wefts are fully air-dried. If you do choose to use a leave-in conditioner, choose a lighter formula that’s moisturizing to help reclaim shine and hydrate the curls. You can also use a spray bottle with a homemade coconut milk leave-in conditioner or your favorite lightweight, hydrating hair oil like jojoba oil or argan oil. A tiny bit goes a long way, so don’t overdo it!

IV. How Do I Store Curly Hair Extensions?

 To store your curly hair extensions, choose a dry location away from direct sunshine – like your vanity drawer – as the sun’s UV rays damage hair and cause dryness and color fading. We recommend storing the extensions in a protective container, or wrapped in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet, or even a silk pillowcase to prevent frizzing and keep the curls intact. Whichever container you choose, be sure to place the wefts carefully stacked on top of each other so they don’t get tangled.

V. Conclusion

 In conclusion, washing curly hair extensions requires a delicate touch and specialized care to maintain their texture and longevity. By following a few key steps, you can ensure that your curly extensions stay beautiful and vibrant. Remember to detangle gently, use sulfate-free products, and condition regularly to keep the curls defined and frizz-free. Additionally, air-drying or using a diffuser on low heat can help preserve the natural curl pattern. Investing time and effort in proper care will not only extend the life of your curly hair extensions but also keep them looking luscious and luxurious. So, embrace your curls, follow these tips, and enjoy the versatility and glamour that curly hair extensions bring to your style!

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