Ashy blonde, Dark Brunette, Pin straight, Wavy, Extra-long, Very short, European. Remy, K-tip, Beaded, Taped … Extensions come with an infinite number of choices. No matter what type you pick, one thing is for certain: you need to learn how to sleep with extensions without causing damage or breakage. In this post, we will reveal some useful tricks on how to treat your new hair when you are catching zzz’s? Scroll down now!

I. Can I Sleep With Hair Extensions In?

 We have received a lot of questions related to sleep at night when extensions are in. Actually, sleeping with hair extensions in at night is perfectly safe, comfortable, and not something you should worry about. However, in order to sleep with your hair extensions safely, there are a few things you must do first. Those new to hair extensions, may not know the exact steps they must take to avoid having an uncomfortable night’s sleep or to avoid damaging their own hair or their extensions.

 There are a few different styles you can opt for when sleeping with extensions to keep them well protected. The style you choose will depend on the length of your hair extensions, and how you plan to wear your hair extensions the following day. Before we get on to the steps you must follow before sleeping with your extensions, there are a few steps you will need to take to before bed.

II. What Type Of Hair Extensions Are You Using?

 Decided to buy a new fancy hair extension? Thinking about how to sleep with your hair extensions? Well, you just need to be well informed about some don’ts and do’s when it comes to buying a new hair extension that is ready for bed as well. It majorly relies on the type of hair extension you have. As it is important to protect the hair to keep it damage-free, we have come up with some tips about how each hair type works.

 Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary hair extension method. Sleeping with them is a bad idea. You should take off clip-ins hair extensions before you go to bed!

 Keratin bonded hair extensions are popular amongst women. They are a semi-permanent method, which means you can wear them for further prolonged periods without taking them off. Hair strands are attached to your natural hair with the help of a natural hot fusion method. You can have a peaceful sleep without worrying about them.

 Tape-in hair extension is a semi-permanent method. You can sleep comfortably with them. The tapes are soft and thin which doesn’t make them uncomfortable for you to sleep with. Be sure to have a high-quality tape that holds the extension nicely. A good quality tape will prevent it from falling or getting damaged during sleep. If any piece slips off during sleep, do not worry. Put them in place with a new tape.

 When installing sew-in hair extensions, hairstylists use a needle and thread to sew hair wefts on your pre-braided hair. As this method is also the semi-permanent hair extension method, you can sleep with them safely.

 When installing nano hair extensions, hairstylists use a pair of pliers to clamp the microbead to attach hair strands to your natural hair. You can sleep with this type of hair extension too because they are also the semi-permanent hair extension method.

III. How To Sleep With Your Hair Extensions?

1. Preparing Your Hair Extensions For Bed

Step #1: Use A Good Quality Detangling Brush

 Use a good detangling brush to brush your hair. Hair tends to get tangled after a long day. Always brush your hair extensions before bed, removing any tangles or product build-up from the day. Investing in the right hairbrush will help you get the job done and will assure that knots stay away.

 Be gentle in the hair while detangling it. Start to brush your hair by starting at the ends of your hair and nicely brushing in-between the extensions. This will prevent it from any kind of damage.

Step #2:

 Inspect your roots for any knots or tangles.  Whether you are wearing wefts, tapes, keratin, or any other type of your extensions, inspecting your hair extension bonds should be a daily habit.

 Now that you have prepared your hair extensions for bed, you can now secure them in place to prevent movement throughout the night.

2. How To Sleep with Extensions?

 Whether you are looking for advice on how to sleep with Nano tips hair extensions, with weft hair extensions, tape hair extensions, or any other method for that matter, the process is always the same.

a. Braid Them

The most traditional style for sleeping with hair extensions is to secure the hair in a braid/plait.  Securing the hair in this way has a number of benefits.

  •  A braid will prevent your hair extensions from moving around causing the bonds to tangle. No matter whether you have medium or long hair, loose braids avoid the hair from being knotty overnight. 
  • A braid will protect the hair from creasing at the end, and reduce the amount of friction on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair as you move in your sleep, making the hair smoother and easier to brush in the morning.

 Besides it, removing the plait or braid in the morning will result in easy brushing hair, that is in no way tangled.

b. Sleep on Silk Pillowcase

 A silk pillowcase is a valuable accessory for your hair self-care routine. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will not allow the friction induced by cotton pillowcases to make the cuticle to the hair shaft rough. This type of pillowcase also resists pulling on your hair cuticles, preserving hairstyle and volume.


 The silk cloth is known for its smooth texture. This will avoid wrinkles as well! These are elegant, and classy and protect the hair extension. What else do you need?

 Sleep caps are a neat way to protect your extension from being damaged. Sleeping causes frizz in the hair due to friction. Tie your hair into a bun and secure it with a clip. Do not pull your hair tightly. Put on the sleeping cap. Select a nice Sleeping cap that is made of silk.

 If you wish to get up with your hair without it getting damaged, wrap a silk scarf around your hair. Do not use a cotton scarf, but a silk scarf.  Cotton absorbs the moisture of hair while silk doesn’t.

IV. Top Tips For Sleeping With Hair Extensions

1. Don’t Sleep With Wet Extensions

 Hair gets tangled easily when wet. If you are a restless sleeper, you can even cause scary matting. It will be a big headache to detangle it in the morning. Avoid going to bed with wet hair extensions. Make sure that they are completely dry. If it is not dry, use a hairdryer to remove moisture.

2. Pampering The Hair Extensions Overnight

 Sleeping with your hair extensions wet is a big no-no, however, this does not include hair that has been conditioned. Hair extensions can become dry very quickly, therefore applying an intensive treatment before bed at least once overnight a week can help to make your hair extensions last longer.

3. How To Condition Hair Extensions Whilst Sleeping?

 Whether you wear micro ring, weft, tape, or any other type of human hair extensions, overnight conditioning with the following steps can help to keep your hair extensions soft and shiny.

  • Step #1: Remove knots and tangles to thoroughly brush the hair extensions. Check the bonds to see if they need detangling.
  • Step #2: Apply a hair extension suitable conditioner over the mid-lengths and ends of your hair extensions.  Do not apply to your bonds.
  • Step #3: Plait/braid your hair extensions to keep the hair away from your face and to prevent it from tangling.
  • Step #4: Remove plait/braid in the morning, and wash hair extensions as normal to remove intensive conditioner from the hair.

 Sleeping with hair extensions is safe and you shouldn’t be much concerned about it. Inspect the roots of hair for any tangles or knots. Whether you are using tapes, wefts, pre-bonds, or any extension, assessing your hair extension bonds should be done daily. Pampering your extension is essential in maintaining the lifespan of the hair strands and keeping them healthy and glossy. They will save your money, and time and last longer.

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