People nowadays place a high value on their hair – the thing which greatly impacts how they look. Extensions, with their unexpected cuts and colors, will make you feel like a completely different person. With the increased demand for wigs and hair extensions, Vietnam’s hair industry has begun to thrive and is gradually consolidating its position in the international market. Among the Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors available, AZ Hair Vietnam has been outstanding and become one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading. If you are a hair wholesaler, a hair retailer, or a hair reseller who wants to start a hair business but having trouble finding a reputable hair vendor for your business, AZ Hair Vietnam will be the best place for your next hair extensions and your business.

I. When Do I Need To Import Hair From Vietnam?

 Before delving into the specifics of the process, it is necessary to establish if you are a first-time importer or have previously imported hair.

1. If You Are New In The Hair Business And Want To Become A Hair Seller

 The hair market is a significant potential business area; many hair sellers become billionaires just by establishing a hair business.

 Life quality has risen as a result of economic expansion and rapid urbanization, leading to an increase in demand for beauty goods. Customers, particularly female customers, are becoming increasingly conscious of their appearance. They want to experiment with different haircuts and vibrant colors without causing hair harm. They are willing to spend an average of $250 on hair extensions and up to $2500 on a wig.

 The hair industry is currently expanding rapidly, and there are numerous prospects for you to profit. If you want to start a hair business, especially one that sells high-quality products, it is time to import hair from Vietnam.

2. If You Are The Retail/Wholesale Hair Sellers

 You are a retail or wholesale hair seller and you used to buy hair from local vendors and then sell it to your customers. Your vendors in your countries, however, only can simply be referred to as “hair vendors.” Because they must also import hair from another nation and sell it to retail hair sellers/salons, etc. As a result, their price is NOT Wholesale Factory Price, and the price at which you get hair from them is not the greatest price.

 Besides it, the desire for high-quality hair, as opposed to non-remy hair extensions, is steadily expanding. To match client expectations, you should look for wholesale virgin hair sellers. So, why don’t you import hair from Vietnamese factories directly?

II. Why You Should Import Hair From Vietnamese Hair Factories?

 Vietnamese hair factories, Chinese hair factories, and Indian hair manufacturers are the three most well-known hair-producing countries in the world. Brazilian hair extensions and Cambodian hair extensions have recently gained popularity, but not significantly. In which, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that Vietnamese hair extensions are the best quality hair currently. Vietnamese hair is appreciated by many international hair dealers as well as one of the most recommended hair sources for hair salons or wig shops, for its amazing unprocessed, straight-from-the-scalp pristine quality that is perfect for any kind of bleaching, curling, and styling. The following sections will provide you with useful information about Vietnamese hair factories that will help you decide whether or not to import hair from them.

1. The Abundance of Hair Sources

The Abundance Of Hair Sources

 Vietnamese hair has a clear and qualified hair source. Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors have only one hair source: local human hair, which is come from two areas: the northern mountainous area and the southern plains area. In addition, Vietnamese hair has an abundance of hair sources in many different styles, which will make wholesale hair dealers more stable in the source of the hair.

2. Vietnamese Hair Quality

 Vietnamese hair is well-known for being naturally thick and durable. Vietnamese hair is highly strong, silky, and not tangled or shedding, despite its thick appearance, Vietnam Human hair is not coarse or rough but extremely smooth and silky. Besides it, Vietnamese people value their hair as a great asset. So, they usually use natural herbals to wash as well as maintain their hair, hence their hair strength and length.

Vietnamese Hair Is Very Smooth and Silky
Vietnamese Hair Is Very Smooth and Silky
Vietnamese Hair Is Very Smooth and Silky

III. How To Import Hair Directly From AZ Hair Vietnam?

 In AZ Hair Vietnam, we are proud to be the oldest Vietnamese hair factory as well as one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading.  If you want to import hair from us, we introduce you to the most detailed process about how to buy hair from Vietnam to your country.

best wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam

Import Hair From AZ Hair Vietnam #1: Contact Our Hotline

Mr.Philip - AZ Hair Marketing Manager

 Contact through this WhatsApp number: +84396634669 – Mr.Phillip. With more than 16 years of experience in a company with many customers that import hair from us to start a hair business successfully, AZ Hair has a seasoned team in the hair business, we will advise and assist you with any problems you may be experiencing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And we will give you a hand to success.

2. Inform Us of Your Product Requirements

When ordering, you need to specify the type of hair, length, color, and quality, … that you want, then we can make invoices for you to check the price.

  *Remember To List Up Orders Like This Form So Our Factory Can Make Invoices Easily and Produce Exactly As Your Request:


(Example: Bone straight hair – super double drawn – #613Ash – 24inch – 1.6kg)*

Import Hair From AZ Hair Vietnam #3: Confirming The Invoice

 After picking the order, you need to confirm your order with certainly via the invoice that the sales staff sends you including the price and shipping fee.

AZ's Hair Invoice

 The invoice contains all information about the order: the agreed amount, price, additional fees, and so on, making it a genuine and important document.

4. Make A Payment

 After confirming the invoice, you will have to pay money in advance to have the factory produce your hair. After checking the invoice bill, you can make a deposit payment (about 70% to deposit) to start ordering.

 All customers who import hair from AZ Hair can choose to make a full payment or pay a certain part first. The deposit payment must equal 70% of the order value. We will not send the order to the shipping agent until we receive complete payment.

Import Hair From AZ Hair Vietnam #5: Making Production

 After receiving your order, we will start to produce the hair according to your request. This production process can take 5-7 days depending on your order.

AZ's Hair Factory
AZ's Hair Factory

6. Check Hair Quality

 After our factory has finished creating your order, our staff will video call or use other means to allow you to inspect the product quality before delivery. Before confirming delivery, please ensure that you are satisfied with the quality!

Import Hair From AZ Hair Vietnam #7. Packaging and Delivery

 As the final step, we will prepare your package and shipping to you after you confirm your order. When it comes to this process, there are significant distinctions between foreign importers who import hair from Vietnamese firms.

  • If you are from Nigeria, we have our own Nigerian account for payment and shipping agents. And because we are protected by the Vietnamese government so we have a very good rate support exchange.
  • If you are from other countries, we can ship through UPS and FedEx.

IV. Conclusion

 Using the article’s material as a guide. We hope you are able to clearly understand how to import hair extensions from AZ Hair Vietnam – The Biggest Supplier of Human Hair in Vietnam. If you’re still confused, contact AZ Hair right now for the best guidance from our hair experts.

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