You are a hair wholesaler, a hair retailer, or a hair reseller! And you’re having trouble finding high-quality human hair for your business? You’ve been struggling with the customs at the airport to import your hair? You’re looking for reliable suppliers. You could be scammed? Then this is the article for you! In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Vietnam hair and how to import Vietnam hair from reputable factories!

I. Why You Should Import Hair From Vietnam?

 It would not be an exaggeration to claim that Vietnamese hair extensions are the best quality hair on the current hair market. In fact, Vietnamese hair is appreciated by many international hair dealers as well as one of the most recommended hair sources for hair salons or wig shops, for its amazing unprocessed, straight-from-the-scalp pristine quality that is perfect for any kind of bleaching, curling, and styling.

1. Stability in Hair Source

Vietnamese Hair has an abundance of hair sources

 Vietnamese hair has a clear and qualified hair source. Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors have only one hair source: local human hair, which is come from two areas: the northern mountainous area and the southern plains area. In addition, Vietnamese hair has an abundance of hair sources in many different styles, which will make wholesale hair dealers more stable in the source of the hair.

2. Vietnamese Hair Quality

Vietnamese Hair is highly strong and silky

 Vietnamese hair is well-known for being naturally thick and durable. Vietnamese hair is highly strong, silky, and not tangled or shedding, despite its thick appearance, Vietnam Human hair is not coarse or rough but extremely smooth and silky. Besides it, Vietnamese people value their hair as a great asset. So, they usually use natural herbals to wash as well as maintain their hair, hence their hair strength and length.

AZ's Hair Products

3. Vietnamese Hair Prices

 Vietnamese hair distributors are now fully capable of making their own hair extensions. Thanks to some huge advantages of low labor cost, logistics as well as the abundance of hair sources, Vietnamese human hair is offered at factory price, which is much more reasonable as opposed to Chinese hair factories that must import hair from India and pay import duty.

II. How To Import Hair Directly From Vietnam?

1. Preparation Process

 If you are looking for a reputable hair supplier to start your hair business, you should follow these steps to avoid the risks of importing hair.

Step #1: Doing The Research

 When you choose the international import method, you will encounter numerous challenges such as language, payment methods, and so on. This easily exposes you to scammers. To be secure, conduct extensive research on hair providers using the Internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, Company’s Website, and Google,…

 You also can choose AZ Hair for your provider, we will advise and assist you with any problems you may be experiencing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Step #2: Contact The Salesman and Place an Order

 After you have selected a reputable supplier that you trust, contact them via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram,… any platform they participate in, and inform them of your product requirements, such as length, quality, color, style, etc.

2. Ordering Process

 The ordering step is one of the most important steps. So, here we will guide you step by step to place an order easily and successfully.

Step #1: Confirming The Invoice

 When ordering, you need to specify the type of hair, length, color, and quality, … that you want, then we can produce exactly as your request. After picking the order, you need to confirm your order with certainly via the invoice that the sales staff sends you including the price and shipping fee.

General Wholesale Hair Invoice

 The invoice contains all information about the order: the agreed amount, price, additional fees, and so on, making it a genuine and important document.

Step #2: Making Payment

 After confirming the invoice, you will have to pay money in advance to have the factory produce your hair.  You can choose to make a full payment or pay a certain part first.

Step #3: Making Production

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 After receiving your order, we will start to produce the hair according to your request. This production process can take 5-7 days depending on your order.

Step #4: Check Hair Quality

 After Vietnamese hair factories have finished creating your order, they will video call or use other means to allow you to inspect the product quality before delivery. Before confirming delivery, please ensure that you are satisfied with the quality!

International Customer Is Checking The Quality of AZ's Hair Extensions
International Customer Is Checking The Quality of AZ's Hair Extensions

Step #5: Packaging and Delivery

As the final step, we will prepare your package and shipping to you after you confirm your order.

3. Shipping Progress

 To give you more shipping options, we recommend the following 3 country-specific shipping methods: Agent, UPS/DHL, and Official Quota.

a. Shipping Process: Agent

 We apply the shipping method through Agent to African countries, especially Nigeria because of its convenience and efficiency.


b. Shipping Process: DHL/UPS/FEDEX

 With this second method, we often use it for countries around the world, especially European countries such as Germany, Italy, and Russia,…


c. Shipping Method: Official Quote

 The third shipping method we want to talk about is the Official Quota. This is a shipping method only for large orders over 20kg. With this method, you will save a lot of import tax.

III. Top 3 Reputable Vietnamese Hair Distributors To Import

 If you’re still seeking reliable Vietnam hair factories, we’ll recommend three of the best wholesale hair extensions based on our criteria of dependability, product quality, and inexpensive pricing.

 AZ Hair Vietnam is proud to be one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair across the globe. We are proud to be the first Vietnamese hair company that has been verified by Alibaba – a major player in the B2B eCommerce space.

verified hair supplier on Alibaba

 With the strong renewal and production ability to satisfy a variety of quality requirements, AZ Hair is gradually building our prestige as a factory supplying a variety of qualified hair at reasonable prices. Through the years, we have succeeded in building the brand name for ourselves as well as our reputation in the international market.

AZ's Main Products
AZ's Bulk Hair
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AZ's Tape-in Hair Extensions
AZ's Keratin Hair Extensions

 With a construction process of a factory area using an area of more than 500m2, facilities, modern equipment, and technology, as well as the continued dedication of more than 250 highly skilled laborers, AZ Hair, now, has a strong production ability to supply all the trending hair textures in the world. With the aim of bringing the best experience for the international clients buying our products, during 16 years of operation, we always continually strive to provide the most complete satisfaction to the customer with a 98.8% of response rate, our friendly and enthusiastic teams are always ready to support customers 24/7.

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 AZ Hair is always appreciated for genuine consumer feedback concerning high-quality hair and reasonable rates, clear policies (of payment, shipping, and returns, for example), a wide range of hair options, and excellent customer care services. And we are proud that all our customers get the best product from AZ Hair.


 MICVIET Investment Company Limited is one of the leading Vietnamese companies that specialize in trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair with countries all over the world. Throughout ten years of operation, the company has always done everything possible to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. They’ve accumulated a lot of experience in the hair industry and research over the years.


 Bibo Hair is a company that specializes in selling natural hair to both domestic and foreign markets. They offer a wide range of hair colors, lengths, thicknesses, and textures. The company specializes in providing wholesale weft and bulk hair extensions hair in particular. They use the hair of Vietnamese ladies, which is incredibly soft and silky.

IV. Conclusion

 Using the article’s material as a guide. We hope you are able to find the most trustworthy Vietnam hair factory to import hair extensions from. If you’re still confused, contact AZ Hair right now for the best guidance from our hair experts.

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    • Jonathan Az Hair says:

      Hi. Thanks for your comment.
      Please add WhatsApp +84 961 888 568, our sale will send you the price list.

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