Choosing the appropriate hair extensions appears to be an impossible task. There are numerous factors to consider, including installation, length, color, and how long you intend to keep them. You must also consider the type of extensions you will use to achieve the desired look. There are various types of extensions to choose from. You’ll have to make a choice based on what you want, your lifestyle, and how much time you have to devote to hair care. These are things we need to think about when it comes to find the right style of hair extensions, and we’re here to help!

I. How To Find The Right Style Of Hair Extensions For You: Figure Out What Look You Want

 Before you choose a particular hair extension type, it is essential to figure out what kind of look you desire. Hair extensions are typically versatile enough to accommodate any type of look, but this is not always the case. Are you looking for something exactly like the picture you have saved? Looking for something that can frequently be changed, or provides you with different styles? Are you looking for something simple that will look the same every day? Are you athletic, or do you go to the gym? Ask yourself these questions before buying extensions because not every style will be able to accommodate what you want for yourself. You’ll want to choose carefully because a functional appearance can make or break you!

Natural Hair or Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair Extensions

 The pros of synthetic hair are that it is usually much cheaper than a natural human hair. Synthetic hair is also great when you want a consistent style that you won’t have to worry about. Synthetic hair also won’t be affected by weather such as humidity, or rain. The cons of synthetic hair are that you typically can’t style it and manipulate it into a different look. Synthetic hair also gets tangled and matted rather quickly. Synthetic hair even doesn’t last as long and will need to be taken out every 2-4 weeks.

 Human hair, especially Vietnamese human hair is usually the first choice that people desire. The pros of human hair are that it’s natural looking. This means that it’ll look like your real hair when styled well. Human hair can withstand heat and be colored as well. Human hair is significant because it is long-lasting, and when it is taken care of, it can last for years. The cons of human hair are that it is the more expensive option. Human hair requires more maintenance than synthetic hair. You’ll need to make sure you have the time actually to take care of your extensions.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions 5
Vietnamese Human Hair Extensions

II. How To Find The Right Style Of Hair Extensions For You: What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Live?

 One of the biggest things that you have learned when it comes to hairstyle is making sure your hair extensions fit your lifestyle. The lifestyle that you live affects everyday styling, the price of your extensions, and how long they will last. Example: If you’re someone that works out usually, such as an athlete or fitness fanatic, then getting extensions that require adhesive, or glue won’t be your best option. Are you someone with a busy lifestyle? The right extensions for someone with an active style would be extensions that you can easily style in the mornings.

Are you someone who works out usually?
Are you someone with a busy lifestyle?

 Another important thing to factor in is whether the style you want can fit the job you have. Do you have a job that requires that you cover your hair? If so, then you’ll want to choose a style that you can do quickly. No matter what kind of lifestyle you live, you’ll need to ensure that you choose styles and extensions that work for you.

III. How To Find The Right Style Of Hair Extensions For You: Think About Your Budget

 Hair can be expensive. When choosing the right extensions, it’s essential to know your budget. If you don’t want synthetic hair or prefer human hair, then try to make a one-time investment in some hair. A one-time investment will cost you anywhere from $300 to $1000 depending on what kind of hair you choose and who does your installation.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions 2
AZ Vietnamese Hair Extensions
AZ Vietnamese Hair Extensions

 Frontals or Closure require more labor and hair. A one-time investment can also be a wig made out of human hair. A good investment in a wig can last a long time considering that you can take it off at night and avoid wear and tear. A good wig will fall in the range mentioned above. Knowing your budget and utilizing it well is extremely important when choosing the right extensions.

IV. Tips For Finding The Right Hair Extensions

 Choosing the best hair extensions is determined by your needs and lifestyle, whether you intend to wear them on a daily basis or not, your budget, and your personal style. Before making a final decision, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each type of hair extension. These 4 tips will help you choose the best hair extensions for you:

1. Consider The Length And Weight Of Your Natural Hair

 Before you purchase hair extensions, consider the length and weight of your natural hair. This will help you determine the type and weight of extensions that’ll be best for you. If you have short or fine hair, it’s best to go with a lighter weight as opposed to a heavyweight.

2. Consider Your Hair Stylist’s Advice

 When choosing the right extensions for you, it’s best to consider your hair stylist’s advice. They’ve been trained in working with all different types of extensions and know what works well for those who have similar needs as you do.

3. Consider The Color Of Your Hair

 Your hair extensions need to blend in with your natural hair. If you have blonde hair, it’ll be best to go with blonde extensions; brunettes should pick brunettes; redheads should go with their complementary shade.

4. Consider How Long You Want Them To Last

 Hair extensions range from short-term to long-term. If you’re looking for a quick fix and do not plan on wearing them for very long, then clip-in extensions may be right for you. If you want a more permanent solution, then you should consider Keratin hair extensions.

V. Make The Best Choice For You.

 There are various types of extensions to choose from. No matter what the suggestions are, you can choose whatever works best for you. Of course, we suggest that you keep all of this in mind when making your choice but the decision is ultimately yours, and we want you to have a look you love! Extensions are versatile and fun. Sometimes, you’ll have to go through all the looks to get the one you like.

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