Women have 99 problems, and we don’t want your hair to be one of them. Well, we don’t want you to ponder any longer on the quantity of hair you need. We are quite sure that you have wondered many times about this problem such as how many bundles I will need for a sew-in or maybe how many bundles I need with a closure or with a frontal. Fortunately, we all know how important your hair is to you at AZ Hair. So you don’t have to worry today! We’re here to inform you of all your most common questions regarding how many bundles to use, weft, closures, sew-ins, and more. Now let’s jump straight into this!

I. Buying the Right Amount of Bundles for a Full Sew-In

 The number one question that our clients ask is, “How many bundles do I need for a full sew-in?”

 Firstly, the number of bundles will depend on how full you want the weave to be. There are other factors also that will determine how many hair bundles of weave a person requires to get the desired result. The question can’t have a specific answer because how full a woman desires depends on her personal choice. The answer varies based on the hairstyle, cut, length, size, and shape of your head. A few things to factor are the size of your head (seriously), how full you would like your hair (deep wave styles generally have a lot of hair as an example), whether are you using a closure/frontal and the overall type of hairstyle you are going for.

II. The Factors You Should Consideration

 A few factors go into choosing how many bundles of weave you’ll need for your desired look. The key is that it’s your desired look, and it depends on the length of the hair to the size of your head. Both elements contribute to how the final style will look. To help you make the best choice for the look you want, take a look at the guide below:

1. Hair Length

 Generally, all hair bundles have an approximate weight of 100 grams. Since the weight of the bundles of hair is the same, you have to think of how the weight is proportioned. Those who have selected lengthy hair bundles will need more hair. A good rule of thumb? the longer the length of your bundles, the more hair you’re going to need.

2. Hair Textures

  • Waves? Curls? The difference is in the density. Straight hair and curly hair have different densities, which have to be taken into account when determining how many bundles you need for a sew-in.
  • Curly? You’ll need 2-3 bundles. With curly hair, you can get away with fewer bundles because the hair is naturally more dense and full.
  • Straight? You’ll need 3-4 depending on length. straight hair has less density than curly hair, so for a silky, full look, you’ll need a little extra.

3. Size of Your Head

measuring head sizes

 Grab a tape measure and measure your head from ear to ear – this will help you answer the question of how many bundles you need. The circumference of an average person’s head is 21 inches to 24 inches. Based on the size of the head, decide how many bundles you need for a sew-in. The large the number, the more bundles you’ll need. You have to adjust the number of bundles that need to be purchased. If it’s on the smaller side, you might be able to get away with 2-3 bundles.

4. Frontal or Closure

 If you use a frontal or closure to complete your look, the top pieces take up a bit of real estate on your head.

  • Closures generally are available in different sizes. Most people choose 4 x 4 inches as the size of closures. You will require at least 2 bundles of closure to get any type of hairstyle. One thing you need to remember is the weft will be shorter when the hair is longer.
  •  Most of your head will be covered by the frontals. Hence, you need 2-3 bundles based on the length and style. The bundles can increase or decrease depending on the shape and size of the head, haircut and style, and length.

III. How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Sew-In With A Closure or A Frontal?

 The closure and frontal era have come through for us ladies. Choosing 2 bundles with lace frontal will be sufficient for people purchasing 8-12 inches length of hair. You should pick 3 bundles if the hair length is between 14 to 18 inches. Similarly, 4 bundles will be required when the hair length is between 20 to 26 inches.

 All in all, you should choose 2 to 3 bundles for a naturally fuller look. Those who want more volume or fullness can pick 3 to 4 bundles. The number can increase depending on the texture, preferred length, and whether you are using a closure or the frontal hairpiece.

 We suggest that you should always purchase an extra bundle because, in urgency, there should not be issues due to fewer bundles. At some point in time, that bundle can surely come into use. Those wearing a closure or frontal should use more than 3 bundles for a fuller and thicker look.

 Additionally, the type of your hair will affect the best number of bundles that will be required to achieve the desired natural hairstyle. The number of bundles generally gets affected by the preferred style and texture of hair. Those who need a more tamed or thin hairstyle should choose less than 3 bundles.

IV. Conclusion

 We hope you now understand how many bundles you will require for a sew-in. Determine the desired length and texture of hair to determine the appropriate number of bundles. Remember that the number of bundles can be increased depending on the desired look and fullness of the hair.

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