Unlike changing your haircut, changing your hair color is a simple way to update your look without making a significant commitment. And in that realm, temporary or semi-permanent at-home dyes are the lowest-commitment option of all. The beauty of temporary hair colors is that there’s something for almost everyone! With low-maintenance coloring trends on the incline, temporary hair color has never been more utilized. Before getting into our best top picks for temporary hair dye products, let’s take a look at the definition, the proper way to use as well as how long they will last to have a comprehensive look at temporary hair dye!

I. What Is Temporary Hair Dye?


 Temporary hair dyes are color options that require little commitment. If with permanent hair dye, you can’t have as much fun with experimentation, now you will have a lot of fun with temporary hair dye. Some great uses for temporary hair dyes include gray coverage in between hair appointments, adding a pop of color for a night out, or neutralizing unwanted undertones within the hair. If you’re envious of bold colors and shades, you can experiment without fear of being stuck with a color you don’t like. If it works out, all you have to do is learn how to maintain it.

II. How To Use Temporary Hair Dye?

 If you’re ready for a momentary hair color makeover, using a temporary hair dye is simple. Tinted sprays, mousses, gels, hair mascara, and even shampoos are all options for temporary hair coloring. Whatever your level of DIY hair dye skill, all it takes is the right preparation and a little know-how (as well as the directions on your dye, of course) to master it at home.


Step #1: Perform A Patch Test

 It’s always wise to perform a patch test to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction. To do so, choose a small area of skin about the size of a penny and somewhere discreet, like behind your ear or the inner fold of your elbow. Wash the area with soap and water and dry with a clean towel. Place a thin coating of your chosen dye upon the test area, allow it to dry, and leave it undisturbed and uncovered for 24 hours. Examine the area for any signs of irritation. If there is a negative reaction, you should look for other products.

Step #2: Prep Your Hair

 After all, you’re about to create a work of art, so start with a blank canvas! To ensure that your hair is clean, use shampoo with non-conditioning or clarifying shampoo. Pre-lightening your hair is essential if you are using a lighter color to achieve vibrant results! Just keep in mind that you can’t dye a black shirt yellow without first removing the black. If you’ve never had your hair lightened before, we recommend seeing a professional stylist.

Step #3: Apply The Temporary Hair Dye

 Apply a small amount of color to a discreet section of freshly shampooed and dried hair before attempting to do a large amount. Apply petroleum jelly or a thick conditioner around your hairline to avoid staining skin. Use rubber gloves. Protect your clothing and anything else the color might stain. If you only want the color in a selected area, apply the conditioner to the areas you want untouched. This will act as a “color blocker” and keep the surrounding areas “color free.” If doing more than one color, separate each section with foil. Apply color using a double-sided tint brush, starting at the roots and combing through thoroughly, section by section. Cover with a plastic cap, and let process for 30 minutes. Rinse, with cool/cold water when rinsing out the color, away from face and body, until almost clear.

III. How Long Does Temporary Hair Dye Last?

 Temporary color only lasts until you shampoo because it does not make any chemical change within the hair. The pigments within temporary hair color are actually too big to penetrate the hair at all, so this kind of color only sits on that outermost layer of the hair and rinses right out when you wash your hair.

*The Differences Between Temporary Hair Dye & Semi Permanent Hair Dye*

Temporary Hair Dye:

  • Temporary hair dye fades after a couple of washes.
  • Temporary causes no damage.
  • Temporary hair color is only applied to the top of your hair. It coats the shaft and does not last long.

Semi-permanent Hair Dye:

  • Semi-permanent lasts about 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Semi-permanent causes minimal damage over time.
  • Semi-permanent color does not include ammonia and generally does not require any developer. Instead of altering the hair structure, semi-permanent hair dye deposits pigment without opening the cuticle.

IV. Best Temporary Hair Dyes On The Market

 To find the best temporary hair dyes on the market, we conducted hours of research – evaluating them on their ingredients, shade range, and lasting power.

1. Splat 10 Wash Temporary Hair Color

Temporary hair dyes are ideal for when you want to experiment and play with bright hues, and this formula makes it easy to do so. As the name suggests, it lasts for just 10 washes, and you can easily tamp down or increase the vibrancy based on how long you leave it on. It comes in seven shades, each of which specifies what base colors it will work best on.

2. Lime Crime Anime Hair Color

 An array of 25 rainbow-inspired shades make up this collection. They’ll deliver the most saturated color when used on platinum or light blonde hair, though they can also be used on dark blonde or light brown hair for a more subtle tint. The formula is completely vegan and cruelty-free, and, unlike lots of other hair colors, actually smells good.

3. Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss

 Here we have another amazing tinted gloss, this one available in 10 shades to help enhance the tone of your color without necessarily changing it. The formula also leaves your hair with a mega-watt shine; think of it as the haircare version of a nail polish top coat. It’s silicone- and ammonia-free, too, and while you’ll only get one use out of the bottle, the results do last for three to four weeks—longer than many other comparable products.

4. eSalon Tint Rinse

 If you’re looking to just tweak or slightly enhance your color (no matter whether it’s natural or dyed), but don’t want to change it, per se, this is the way to go. The professional-grade treatment comes in nine “boosting” shades—meant to intensify your existing color and add salon-worthy shine—and three “balancing” iterations, which help to tone down unwanted warmth. The results last for a few washes either way, but the wheat protein-enhanced formula is gentle and safe enough that you can use it a few times per week.

V. Conclusion

 Does the freedom of being able to have a new hair color every few weeks excite you? Or are you afraid of the commitment that comes with most hair colors? The beauty of temporary hair colors is that there’s something for almost everyone!

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