Anyone familiar with the field of hair extensions has most likely heard of Glam Seamless. They are a well-known hair extension company that supplies hair extensions all over the world. With time though, they made a name for themselves on the basis of their hair extensions as well. I’d also heard a lot about Glam Seamless, so I decided to give them a shot and see for myself how well-deserved their fame in the field of hair extensions is. And I’ll weigh in before you decide whether Gleam Seamless is worth the money. This review is in no way sponsored, and I am not an affiliate or marketer.

 Glam Seamless is one of the leading seamless hair extension suppliers. Established in 2012. They have sold hair extensions online for many years. From Clip-ins to Halo’s, Tape-ins to Keratin, and many more! Contrary to other retailers, the company has a physical location called “Glam Room” and also a phone number for customer service.

Glam Seamless Review 2022
Glam Room
glam seamless review 2022
Glam Room

 Judging from their website, even though they sell many types of hair extensions, it seemed that the company specializes in tape extensions. On top of this, they also offer hair extension certifications to hairstylists as well. These factors combined, I figured that the company must be good in their respective industry and know what they are doing.

Glam Seamless Review 2022
Visit Glam Seamless Official Website

 The Glam Seamless website was pretty much the standard e-commerce website. Nothing remarkable or worthy of a special mention. Everything was sorted into pages and there were some good images and descriptions available for the products. Besides, they also had a decent product range with a lot of emphasis placed on their tape in extensions variety. The company has one of the nicest websites I’ve seen in this industry.

 Now that you know the main things about it, it’s time to analyze it closer.

II. Glam Seamless: A Detailed Analysis Review

Glam Seamless Hair Quality Review

 Glam Seamless was an extremely overpriced company for hair extensions. However, the hair quality was very low for the price. You can easily get similar hair quality for a much lesser amount. In fact, I think you can even get better hair quality from some hair companies such as Bombay Hair for a lesser amount.

1. Hair Texture and Color

 As far as the texture of the hair is concerned, it wasn’t as silky or smooth. Instead, it was obvious that the hair used for making these hair extensions was of low quality and had been chemically processed more than once. They were a little dry and weren’t shiny.

Glam Seamless Review 2022
Glam Seamless Tape-in Hair Extension
Glam Seamless Tape-in Hair Extension

 The tape in extensions was in the #2 shade, which is brown, but the shade wasn’t consistent throughout the set and there were a lot of white and orange strands in it.

2. Hair Thickness and Distribution

 The tape in extensions was divided into ten wefts. This is a good thing because this way you can install the extensions in whatever way is most suitable for you and your head’s shape and natural hair density.

 On the downside though, the hair extensions didn’t have a good top to bottom distribution. The hair wasn’t distributed evenly and the fact that the hair wasn’t thick. The tape-ins were quite thin at the bottom. To get a full head of such thin extensions, it would be necessary to get at least 3 or 4 sets but seeing how expensive each set of tape-ins from Glam Seamless was, this surely makes it very hard.

3. Resistance to Heat

 Lastly, in terms of the quality of the hair extensions, it had another issue with the quality. The poor quality of the hair was apparent once again when applied heat to them. When used a flat iron on the hair extensions, some of the strands burnt and melted. This is quite common for quite a few brands of hair extensions but considering the high price for this set of tape-ins, this low quality of hair is extremely unacceptable.

 Apart from some of the strands burning and melting, the ends of the extensions looked frayed and damaged after being subjected to heat. So basically, because the hair extensions from Glam Seamless aren’t heat resistant, you can’t style them using any hair styling tool that uses heat. Also, Glam Seamless hair extensions shed a lot, definitely more than average.

Shipping and Courier Service

 Now let’s move on to the shipping time and courier service provider. The parcel from Glam Seamless was delivered by DHL. The hair company doesn’t give its customers the freedom to choose their preferred courier service provider.

Customer Service

 Coming to the question of Glam Seamless’ customer service, they certainly need to improve in this department too. They had a very unhelpful customer support system.

 Our customer is faced with an issue with a package from Glam Seamless. The tape protectors had been misplaced when received the order. It looked like they had already been used before or that the extensions had been packed very poorly.

 After contacting customer support about this issue and explaining the whole matter to them. In return for the complaint about the misplaced tape protectors, the company’s customer support personnel sent a response that outlined their return policy. This was strange and unhelpful since the question wasn’t even about returning any product, it was about the tape protectors. And how can our customer return the product if it’s already opened?

III. Glam Seamless: Online Review

 Before purchasing hair extensions, or anything online, always be sure to read reviews about the company. However, keep in mind that many YouTube reviews are generally sponsored by the company being reviewed. Additionally, some online reviews posted on the vendor’s website may be filtered as well.

 Generally speaking, the most credible reviews are on:

  • Facebook
  • Google places
  • Makeup Alley
  • Trust Pilot
  • Yelp
  • Independent review websites

 Looking at Glam Seamless, I found a number of reviews online. Some of these were on the company’s own website and they were mostly all positive reviews. On the other hand, there were also several reviews of the company on other platforms such as BBB, Trust Pilot, and the reviews were really bad!

Here are some reviews from Trust Pilot:

Glam Seamless Review 2022
Glam Seamless Review 2022
Glam Seamless Review 2022
Glam Seamless Review 2022

 This made me realize that maybe the company was heavily filtering out the reviews on their website and wasn’t willing to show the customers the whole picture. Or worse yet, it gave the impression to me that the positive reviews weren’t exactly honest or unbiased. In fact, they might have been sponsored by the company or were posted by affiliate partners of Glam Seamless. This is pretty obvious when the reviews include promotional coupon codes that can be redeemed on Glam Seamless. Either way, no one can know! This is just my observation.

On the other hand, there were some good credible reviews as well.
Here are some reviews from Yelp:

Glam Seamless Review 2022
Glam Seamless Review 2022

IV. Conclusion

 Overall, I had a poor experience with Glam Seamless and I surely won’t be making any more purchases from them in the future. Similarly, I would also recommend you to stay away from this hair company as there is no shortage of other hair extensions companies out there that offer you a much better product at a fraction of the price you have to pay for Glam Seamless.

 Did you buy any hair extensions from Glam Seamless? If yes, please do leave your review below or share your experience. I would love to read about your experience too. That way my readers and I will be able to judge whether the poor hair quality I received from Glam Seamless was an exceptional occurrence or whether that is just how the company is in terms of quality!

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