Creating the hair of your clients’ dreams starts with choosing the perfect, most compatible weft to best suit their needs & lifestyle. But, with so many weft options, making that decision can be overwhelming. We’re here to give you the breakdown between two of the most popular wefts, Genius Weft vs Hand-Tied Weft. Both are flat, flexible & undetectable & made with 100% Remi human hair, but there are some key differences. Check out this comparison to better choose which weft is best for your clients!

I. What Are Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know
Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions

 Hand-tied hair extensions are a type of weft that is hand sewn to give you the thinnest track of hair for the lightest, most invisible hair extension application. The term “hand-tied” leaves many clients with an idea of how these extensions are installed in their hair. However, in all reality, the term indicates how the extensions are manufactured rather than refers to the required application method. Hand-tied extensions are just that: hair that is sewn into a horizontal strip by hand.

Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

 Hand-tied wefts are becoming extremely popular. They result in a volumized, seamless look that leaves fine hair with full density and beautiful coverage.

II. What Are Genius Weft Hair Extensions?

Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

 The genius weft is a new kind of weft, which is designed based on hand-tied wefts. So it can also be called “the second generation of hand tied”. It’s only 0.78mm thick and 1.71mm tall. It is improved in some aspects compared with hand-tied. This flexible weft can be cut for unlimited customization. No return hair for no scalp irritation, matting, or shedding. Besides it, Genius wefts can also lay as flat as hand-tied, which is the reason why it is so popular now.

III. Advantages of Hand-tied Weft Extensions and Genius Weft Extensions

1. Advantages of Hand-tied Weft Hair

  • Glamourous volume, fullness, and length that looks 100% natural
  • Very little stress on the scalp or the roots with the proper installation method
  • No tension, tugging, or damage to the natural hair
  • Unlimited styling possibilities (including ponytails, buns, and updo styles)
  • Relatively undetectable as rows lay flat to the head, even in fine, thin, or sleek hair
  • Can be layered to give proper weight distribution based on natural hair density

2. Advantages of Genius Weft Hair Extensions

a. Extremely thin

 The Genius Weft is only 0.4-0.7mm thick and 1mm tall. This gives it an unparalleled advantage over the machine-sewn and hand-tied wefts – the most natural appearance and comfortable installation experience. Thanks to its lightweight, the customer even doesn’t feel its presence. So they can have a good sleep at night!

b. Can be cut but no shedding problems

 As we all know, hand-tied weft has a very wide audience, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be cut, or it will cause hair to fall out. Genius weft perfectly circumvents this weakness, it can be cut anywhere while the hair can be completely retained. Where hair is missing, Genius Weft can fill it perfectly!

c. No return hair no tangle

 The genius weft has no returned hair so it can avoid the itch or irritation to the scalp as well as tangles. This makes the customer’s hair feel extremely smooth.

IV. What Are The Differences Between Genius Weft and Hand-tied Weft?

1. Genius Weft vs Hand-tied Weft: Folded-Over Hair

Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

 Hand Tied Wefts are designed with about 1″ of return or folded-over hair. Hand-tied hair extensions are hand sewn by skilled, trained technicians onto a continuous thread and knotted. This process not only results in a strong, micro-thin weft but also the presence of return hairs, which are shorter near the top of the weft. For many clients, return hair is not an issue. But, for those with sensitive scalps, this folded-over hair can cause irritation & itchiness.

Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

 Genius Weft has ZERO folded-over hair. No return hair means it’s more comfortable to wear for those with sensitive scalps.

2. Hair Density

Hand-tied Vs. Machine Weft

 Want to create amazing color blends for clients? Hand Tied extensions are the way to go! They’re less dense, so you can layer multiple shades without a weft completely covering up the other. All the colors will have a chance to peek through for a seamless blend with lots of dimensions. But, don’t worry because less density doesn’t equal a lower quality of hair or weft.

 Thin & lightweight, Genius Weft is much denser than Hand Tied extensions. Color blends are still possible with this weft, but it’s a much better fit if you’re #1 priority is adding thickness & length to a client’s style.

3. Cut-ability

Genius Weft Vs. Hand-tied Weft

 Hand Tied wefts should NOT be cut. And if you do use your scissors on this type of weft, it will unravel into a pile of individual strands. Some stylists still cut the weft and seal the ends with glue, but that process is not recommended. Instead, Hand Tied wefts can be stacked & should be folded to fit a client’s head. They’re so thin though, that stacking & folding won’t add bulk.

 Ready for incredible news?! Genius Weft CAN be cut anywhere for easy customization! You get the look and feel of Hand Tied hair, but with the ability to cut the weft. Create smaller pieces to fill in areas or make the perfect fit to your client’s head with ease.

V. Conclusion

 Hair extensions are an excellent choice for people who are looking to thicken and lengthen their hair. Extensions give plenty of versatility, as well as a variety of alternatives and installation methods for different hair types. Both Hand-tied Weft extensions and Genius Weft extensions are owning their own strengths and weakness, we hope that this article can help you make that decision between two of the most popular wefts, Genius Weft vs Hand-tied Weft.

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