We all get bored with our hair from time to time. Sometimes you want to change things up, but that can be expensive, and you might not even like the style you chose. Similar to a fabulous blowout or a killer pair of shoes, hair extensions can give you a little pep in your step. You want to change your appearance. Bored with your strands? Clip-in hair extensions allow you to experiment with color without bleaching your hair. If you have a short hairstyle that you want to change into another hairstyle, extensions will instantly add length and relieve your frustration. And just like many other types of hair extensions such as wigs, sewn-ready bundles, and clip-ins, they all have their thing you should and should not do.

I. Clip-In Hair Extensions: Overview

 Clip-in hair extensions, also known as clip-in weaves, are an attachment method where wefts of hair can be easily installed into your natural hair by multiple small pressure-sensitive clips. One set of clip-in hair extensions includes several different-sized wefts of hair, ranging from one, two, three, to four clips. Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary alternative to traditional hair extensions designed to add length to your hair, as well as increase thickness and volume.

AZ's Clip In Hair Extensions
AZ's Clip In Hair Extensions

II. Why Clip-Ins Are A Healthier Choice For Your Hair

 Are you still unsure about wearing clip-ins because you’re concerned about your natural hair? I understand, but I can assure you that this method has advantages. We’ll take a look at a few of them:

  • You have a better chance of avoiding extreme damage caused by adding too much tension because you are not using thread to sew the hair extensions in or glue to bond them to your hair.
  • Sometimes, It can be difficult to care for your natural hair while wearing a sew-in hair extension. However, clip-in hair extensions can be removed quickly without leaving them in your hair for long periods of time, your hair can rest more than it would under a sew-in.
  • With clip-ins, you can expect to have low pressure on your roots because the clip-ins do not sit directly on them. By placing the extensions ½ of an inch away from the root, you allow that area to breathe even after a full installation.

III. Clip In Hair Extensions: What To Do & Not To Do

What To Do

1. Investing Money In Clip-in Hair Extensions Will Never Be A Waste.

 Let me tell you why. It makes no sense to purchase a cheap extension that will most likely wear out after a few uses. Investing in high-quality clip-in extensions will always be beneficial. You also don’t have to worry about the commitment of wearing them since you can take them out as much as you want to.

2. Make Sure The Color Of The Extensions That You Pick Is The Right Color For Your Vision.

 Again, make certain that the color of the extensions you choose is appropriate for your vision. Otherwise, the entire purpose would be defeated. The result will not be what you expected, and you will feel as if you wasted your time and money.

3. Apply The Clips Where Your Hair Is Thickest.

 The clip-ins will have a better grip on your hair, and you will not have to worry about your clip-in extensions pulling and tugging on your hair as much.

4. Brush Your Extensions On A Regular Basis.

 Extensions should be kept as tangle-free as possible. This will help to keep them in good condition. Brush them out before wearing them, when you take them off at the end of the day, and keep them tangle-free in general. When detangling, secure the extensions with one hand to avoid putting too much pressure or tension on them. After brushing, apply a serum to your hair to keep it silky and smooth.

5. Use Recommended Silicone-free Shampoos.

 There are several high-quality shampoos and haircare products designed specifically for use with hair extensions. Stick to these types of products to ensure that your extensions receive the proper care, allowing them to last much longer. Also use a quality conditioner, leaving it in for up to 5 minutes before rinsing and combing through.

6. Allow Extensions To Dry Completely.

 It’s critical to let your extensions dry completely before storing them, wearing them, or brushing them. Combing extensions while they are damp can cause stretching and breakage. Allowing your extensions to air dry until completely dry will help them last longer.

Not To Do

 When you have clip-in extensions installed, there aren’t many things you can’t do, but the few things you shouldn’t do could ruin your hair if you’re not careful.

1. Don’t Use Clip In Hair Extensions If You’re Losing Hair

 While clip-in extensions can be a great way to add volume or length, they should not be used if you are still losing hair. You just may find that even the best clip-ins can result in more breakage and more hair loss if you’re struggling with conditions like alopecia. If you are unsure, consult your hairstylist, who will be able to make the best recommendations for your hair type.

2. Don’t Wash Your Hair While Extensions Are In.

 While it is not strictly forbidden, it is recommended that you remove your clip-in extensions before washing your hair. Cause it can cause damage to your real hair if you apply too much pulling pressure.

3. Don't Try To Color Your Extensions Alone

 Darker dyes can certainly be used on some types of human hair extensions. However, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional hairstylist for coloring so that you can be confident that it is done correctly. Hair extensions can be irreparably damaged by at-home dyes, so it’s best to use a gentle salon formula to take your clip-ins 2 – 3 shades darker, never lighter.

IV. Conclusion

 Now that you know 6 very important dos and 3 don’ts when it comes to clip in hair extensions. Invest time and money into your hair, treat it with love and you’ll see your luscious locks show you love right back.

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