With the strong renewal and production ability to satisfy various quality requirements, AZ Hair is gradually building our prestige as a factory supplying a variety of qualified hair following the international hair standard at reasonable prices. We are pleased when we can bring the most satisfaction to international customers with our hair extension products, especially with AZ K Tip extensions – one of the best-selling products that have received a lot of affection as well as positive responses from customers.

 After using K Tip extensions for a while, we need to remove them and replace them with new ones. We have a habit of going to hair salons and letting them do our hair. However, we can completely do keratin bond remover at home without any assistance. Let’s read this article to know how to remove AZ K Tip extensions at home!

I. AZ K Tip Hair Extensions: Overall

 Before getting into the way to remove K Tip extensions, let’s have a comprehensive look at AZ’s K Tip extensions to understand more about the reasons why these hair extensions have received a lot of customer affection!

1. What Are K Tip Hair Extensions?

 K Tip hair extensions are also called keratin bonds, hot-fusion, or pre-bonded extensions. Keratin extensions take their name from their keratin base tips attached to the strands with the heating elements. A heated keratin bond is used to attach the keratin hair extensions to your natural hair in the form of small bundles. Interestingly the composition of your hair is actually 90% keratin, so using keratin is far safer as compared to usual glue. K Tip hair extensions applied with hot fusion allow you to employ a variety of hairstyles.

2. Types Of K Tip Hair Extensions In AZ Hair

 In AZ Hair, there are many different types of hair extensions available, but with K Tip hair extensions, we only have 4 main types that are U Tip, V Tip, I Tip & Flat Tip hair extensions. They are all made of 100% Vietnamese human hair and all have the highest quality.  Before shipment, all hair items must pass severe censorship through the comprehensive quality control system to ensure the quality of each one.

V Tip Hair Extensions


 V-Tip hair extensions are tipped with high-quality keratin adhesive and shaped like the letter “V”. V-Tip hair extensions are gentle on your hair and are also a quick method for applying hair extension to the hair by heating it up. The heating tool melts the Keratin glue between your hair and the hair extension.

U Tip Hair Extensions

 U-tip hair extensions are pre-bonded hair extensions; this means the hair is bonded into an individual strand using keratin glue. U-tips (also sometimes called Nail Tips) specifically has a “U” shape at the top of the strand so they’re easily recognizable against the other types such as flat tips.

I Tip Hair Extensions


 I-Tip hair extensions are called I-Tip as the top of the strand is shaped like an “I”, they are also sometimes referred to as Stick Tips or Mini / Micro Tips.  They are applied by fixing micro-rings in place with a pulling loop and securing them using special extensionist pliers or using the heating tool to melt the Keratin glue between your hair and the hair extension.

Flat Tip Hair Extensions


 Flat-tip hair extensions, also known as pre-bonded hair extensions, are a hybrid between I-tip and tape-in hair extensions. They lay flat and smooth, just like tape-in extensions. They can also be glued to the hair using high-quality Italian keratin glue. The heating tool melts the Keratin glue between your hair and the hair extension.

3. AZ K Tip Hair Extensions: Advantages


 Because AZ K Tip hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair, they allow you to do anything you need from air dry, straighten, curl, and style with heat in the same way that your own hair is. K Tip hair extensions allow for 360-degree movement, allowing you to style them however you want. They are easy to apply, and once finish the installation, they’ll give your hair by far the most natural look and feel. They blend in well with your natural hair and are undetectable. Not only that, they require less maintenance than other types of hair extensions. Simply take care of them as you would your natural hair.

 I guess you partly understand the reasons why they received a lot of customer affection as well as have the overall picture of AZ K Tip hair extensions. Now it’s time for learning the way to remove it.

II. How To Remove AZ K Tip Hair Extensions?

 Keratin bond hair extensions are popular hair extensions due to their versatility and natural appearance. Attaching and removing keratin bond hair extensions will necessitate a high level of skill and experience. However, hiring a hair salon will cost you a lot of time and money, which is why some people try to use keratin hair remover at home.

1. What Products and Tools Will I Need To Remove K Tip Hair Extensions?

2. Step-by-step Guide To Remove K Tip Hair Extensions

 If you’re more of a visual person, watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to remove tape hair extensions, or scroll down for step-by-step directions.

Step #1: Pull Your Hair Together With Large Clips

 A ponytail will help keep you organized as you work on finding each keratin bond. Some bonds may be obvious and some may be more difficult to find so you want to work on a small piece of your scalp at a time to avoid missing anything.

Step #2: Add Keratin Remove To The Keratin Bond


 Add a generous amount of Keratin remover to all the keratin bonds in the row. They are thick which helps it cling and start breaking down the keratin.

Step #3: Crimp The Bonds With Pliers To Loosen And Break Them


 Isolate one keratin bond and use needle nose pliers to squeeze the bond. The bond will crack when enough force is applied. After the first crack, move the pliers around the bond and squeeze a different section of it to weaken more of the bond. Besides, continue adding remover and cracking until the keratin is completely crumbled and the extensions easily pull out. You should do it very gently to avoid damaging the extension hair as well as the real hair.

Step #4: Pull Your Natural Hair Away From The Bond

 Keep in mind that as you pull on the keratin bonds, you want to keep your natural hair from being pulled with the keratin bond. Hold your scalp and the base of your roots with one hand while you lightly pull the bond with the other hand.

Step #5: Comb Your Hair To Pick Out Any Leftover Bonds

 After removing all of your extensions, some of the cracked bonds may still be in your hand if it is shattered, spray a little bit of detangle spray and use a combination of combs or brushes to help pick out any leftover bonds or extension leftovers. Overall, combs work better than brushes since they have stiffer teeth but a metal brush can also work as well.

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