The story of an elderly woman donating her hair that has accompanied her for 93 years of her life, to cancer patients has recently gone viral on the internet. Many people believe that the elderly lady has the heart of “the most beautiful woman in the world“.

93-year-old Grandmother Donates 70-year-old Hair To Cancer Patients

 Mrs. Pham Thi Lan (93, Hanoi) has been growing her hair for the past 70 years. According to her grandson – Mrs. Do Tuyet Minh (34 years old), Mrs. Lan values her hair as a great asset. She only cut her hair two or three times in 93 years.

Why Does The Patient Have No Hair?

 Watching TV about the cancer program, Pham Thi Lan involuntarily asked “Why does the patient have no hair?”. When she heard the sharing of her relatives that “They are cancer patients, hair loss due to radiation and chemotherapy”, the elderly woman decided to donate her 70-year-old long hair to the less fortunate in order to give them more energy to rise up.

93-year-old Grandmother Donates 70-year-old Hair To Cancer Patients
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 Confiding to us, Ms. Do Tuyet Minh (34 years old, Lan’s grandson) admitted to us that she was the one who “convinced” her grandma to donate her hair. Mrs. Lan washed and cared for her hair with locust for many years, never using chemicals, and her hair was always shiny. However, after falling and becoming difficulty walking at the age of 70, her long hair almost reached her heels making daily life difficult. Her grandmother is likewise elderly and in poor health condition, therefore her grandmother wanna cut her hair short to sell or save as a souvenir for later.

 Before that, Mrs. Minh knew about the hair donation program of the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network (BCNV) through a friend, so she came up with the idea to ask her to donate her hair and immediately received approval.

 “My grandma is likewise elderly and has little exposure to the internet or social networks, so she is unaware of such meaningful programs.” But she frequently watched TV and saw many cancer patients without hair, so when I mentioned this idea to her, she didn’t hesitate and immediately consented,” she added.

 On July 1st, family members thoroughly washed Mrs. Lan’s hair, dried it, combed it, carefully braided it, and then cut it. Mrs. Lan’s hair was perfectly up to the standard, despite the fact that the family had thoroughly examined the hair donation standard.

93-year-old Grandmother Donates 70-year-old Hair To Cancer Patients

 Her hair is more than 50cm long and shiny. After receiving it, the BCNV representative also carefully braided her hair and took a photo to send to her family with a thank you note.

93-year-old Grandmother Donates 70-year-old Hair To Cancer Patients

 Ms. Minh expressed herself deeply: “The hair has been with her for more than 90 years, everyone will regret cutting it off. It’s also the most stunning hair I’ve ever seen. I’m hoping the hair will be delivered to the patients.”

The inspirational story of a 93-year-old woman's hair donation for cancer patients

 A representative of BCNV said that the unit received the hair carefully wrapped in paper packaging. The hair is braided, silky white, and more than 50 cm long. “At first, when we received the hair, we were surprised because the hair was white, so beautiful that we thought it was dyed. But after checking again, it is not and we are even more surprised with the story behind it.” A representative of the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network shared.

 “This hair will be treated like other hairs sent, then filtered, sorted, and used to make hair for cancer patients. We are very grateful and touched”, the BCNV representative added.

 It is known that BCNV’s hair donation program started in 2015. Since then, more than 14,000 people have donated hair. More than 1,200 sets of hair have been given to patients at medical facilities and hospitals across the country.

 “ For her children and grandchildren, Mrs. Lan is a great grandmother and great mother. Although 93 years old, she is always caring and worried about her grandchildren. As children and grandchildren, we hope that she will always be healthy and live peacefully with her family. I was surprised because my grandmother’s story was widely spread on social networks and attracted many people’s attention. I am happy that I have done a meaningful job not only for her but also for cancer patients who are in dire need of help. Although she only contributed a small part of her efforts, I hope her story will inspire everyone,” Minh shared.

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