Today I’m going to post a general Sally Beauty review. For those of you who are unaware, Sally Beauty is a cult-favorite beauty store for all hair enthusiasts or hair fanatics out there. Whether you’re a professional hairdresser or just love experimenting with your hair, Sally Beauty should be your go-to shop! Keep reading to find out more about my experience with the hair extensions at Sally Beauty!

Sally Beauty Review 2022

I. About Sally Beauty

 For those of you who don’t know, Sally Beauty is one of the best stores out there for hairdressers. Sally Beauty is one of the biggest beauty retailers with over 2,000 stores. What I really love about Sally Beauty is that it’s for all the hair enthusiasts out there. You don’t need a hairdresser membership card to shop there, unlike many other businesses. Everyone is welcome to shop in their stores, making it shopping heaven for those who love to experiment with their hair.

Sally Beauty Review 2022
Sally Beauty Supply Store

 There are many hair enthusiasts out there that are not hairdressers, but love experimenting with their hair. However, they often have difficulty finding products because there are certain stores and brands that sell their products only to hairdressers and other professionals. The store is for everyone who loves experimenting with their hair! At Sally Beauty, only one thing matters your passion for beauty and aesthetics!

Sally Beauty Review 2022
Sally Beauty - Inside the Store

 At Sally Beauty, you can find all hair-related products. In fact, they sell some of the most affordable and highest-quality hair dyes. Not only this but they have a great range of branded hair care products as well as hair extensions. Let’s see whether their extensions are as good as their store or not.

II. Sally Beauty Review: A Detailed Analysis Review


 The first thing I noticed was that the hair extensions available at the shop were not from the brand Sally Beauty itself. Instead, the hair extensions came from several brands and sources like Barely Xtensions, Design Lengths, Hairtensity, Revlon, Satin Strands, The Sassy Collection, and many more. This surprised me because I knew Sally Beauty’s products were of high quality, so I was excited to try their extensions. Besides it, there were many different options available at Sally Beauty, including clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, some hair toppers, and hair pieces.


 I decided to get tape-in hair extensions from the brand Satin Strands. These tape-in extensions looked similar to the ones that I tried earlier from Glam Seamless. I purchased brown hair extensions from Sally Beauty.

Sally Beauty Review 2022
Tape-in Satin Strands Review

 Each set of tape-in hair extensions contains 20 wefts, which is the standard in the market. However, one set, or 20 wefts, is not enough for a full-head coverage. Usually, it takes about 3-5 sets to cover your entire head, depending on the size of your head and the volume of your natural hair.

1. Tape Quality

 When it comes to tape-in hair extensions, the quality of the tapes matters a lot because the adhesives on the tapes determine how firmly the tapes will hold to your hair and how long they will last on your hair. Another problem that you might face when wearing tape-in hair extensions is that the tape can pull your hair and make it feel heavy and weighed down. This might make your experience uncomfortable. However, with Satin Strands’ tape-in hair extensions, I experienced no such problems. The tapes were very comfortable to wear and did not weigh my hair down.

2. Hair Quality

 Hair quality plays a big role in determining the final outlook of your hair when it comes to hair extensions. If the hair quality is high, the hair will look soft and shiny, just like natural hair. The hair quality of Satin Strands’ tape-in hair extensions was pretty great. In terms of the quality of the hair used, I was quite satisfied with that too.


 Sally Beauty’s return policy was very disappointing. Well, the truth is, they don’t have a return policy at all. This means that all hair extensions that you buy are final and they can neither be replaced nor refunded, even if you haven’t opened the packaging.

 This is a great drawback because often, you decide on one color at the store but then you go home to realize that the other color would’ve suited you better. In such cases, you can’t get an exchange or a refund from there. Therefore, you need to be particularly careful about this if you’re buying hair extensions from Sally Beauty.

 Here are some reviews on the Return policy as well as Customer Service of Sally Beauty on Trustpilot:

Sally Beauty Review 2022
Sally Beauty Review 2022
Sally Beauty Review 2022

 However, there also have some positive reviews on customer service:

Sally Beauty Review 2022

III. Sally Beauty: Online Review

 A general practice I do before trying out any hair extensions’ e-commerce store is to check out the online reviews about the company. Apart from this I also found a few reviews for Sally Beauty on Hairextensionsreview and Makeup Alley’s website.

 Here are some reviews on Hairexensionsreview:

Sally Beauty Review 2022

Here are some reviews on Makeup Alley:

Sally Beauty Review 2022

IV. Conclusion

 Shopping for hair extensions is usually a large investment for a very short-lived result. However, longer hair can make you feel beautiful, especially when your hairdresser absolutely botches your hair and cuts 6 inches instead of 2. However, if you are on a budget then sally beauty hair extensions offer some great extensions all for under $200! Apart from the lack of colors, the only thing that bothered me was that the hair extensions tangled easily.

 Other than that, everything else about the hair extensions was pretty great! The hair quality was good and the quality of the tapes was also pretty nice. The hair did not melt on heating and responded well to styling tools. I’d recommend using Satin Strands’ tape-in hair extensions from Sally Beauty.

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