Dry, frizzy hair plagues many of us, especially those of us with curly or wavy hair. I’m quite sure that almost everyone has experienced that moment where you catch a glimpse of yourself in a storefront window only to be stared back at by what can only be described as a lion’s mane. Whether it’s the humidity or heat damage, or even for seemingly no reason at all, we’ve all experienced that frustrating moment. If you’re looking for a quick answer about how to get rid of frizzy hair, the truth is that there’s no magical, one-size-fits-all trick, product, or hack. Learning how to get rid of your frizzy hair can be a daily battle. Here are some of our best frizzy hair solutions.

I. About Frizzy Hair


 Frizz refers to the strands of hair that protrude from the rest of your hair—the smaller, dryer strands that just won’t stay put. Frizz tends to stand up or curl, and adopts a different type of texture from the rest of your locks.

II. Types of Frizzy Hair

 Frizz is hair that diverts from the natural pattern of your hair, as it sticks up irregularly from the rest of your locks. There are several types of frizzy hair that one may encounter:

1. Surface Frizz

Surface Frizz

 Surface frizz is frizz that occurs only on the outside layer of your hair, not underneath, and tends to appear like static all around your locks.

2. Halo Frizz

Halo Frizz

 Halo frizz only appears on the crown of the head, where unruly strands stick up, creating the illusion of a crown floating around the top of the hair. It gives the head a halo-like effect that is often shapeless, patternless, and bushy.

3. In-The-Curl Frizz

In-The-Curl Frizz

 This type of frizziness occurs beneath your curls, resulting in a lack of curl definition and volume. This frizz makes curls appear unkempt and undefined.

4. Frizz At The Ends

Frizz At The Ends

 Frizziness at the ends, also known as split ends, is the occurrence of dryness and brittleness at the hair’s tip, causing it to split and flake. Split ends affect everyone, regardless of hair type, because the tips of the hair are the oldest and furthest from the scalp, which means they don’t get enough natural oils from the scalp, resulting in crunchy ends that need constant touch-ups with hair products.

5. Poof Ball Frizz

Pood Ball Frizz

 Poof ball frizz occurs in multiple layers of your hair, causing your entire mane to expand and give the appearance of a pouf ball. This type of frizz appears on top and underneath your hair and is often the most difficult to manage because it overwhelms your hair. Multi-layered frizziness is common in women who don’t have a real curl or wave pattern.

III. How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair?

 Now that we’ve discussed what causes our hair to behave poorly and the different types of frizzy hair, let’s look at how to tame frizzy hair and keep your locks looking as lustrous and sleek as possible.

Get Rid of Frizzy Hair #1. Choose A Sulfate-free, Glycerin-packed Shampoo.

 When selecting a shampoo, look for products with glycerin listed high up on the ingredient list. The closer glycerin is listed to the top, the more concentrated it is in the product. Glycerin helps combat frizz by penetrating the hair and hydrating it from the inside out. It is also a great humectant, meaning it absorbs that extra moisture in the air, creating a protective coating and keeping moisture trapped. In addition to glycerin, ensure the shampoo you’re using is sulfate-free.

#2. Always Use Conditioner

 Ensure you use conditioner every time you shampoo your hair to keep the cuticle hydrated so moisture can penetrate deep into each strand. This helps prevent the cuticle from opening up and letting in excess moisture from the environment, which will keep it smooth. Be sure to apply conditioner from the mid-lengths down to your ends and keep it away from your roots to prevent oiliness.

Get Rid of Frizzy Hair #3. Co-Washing Your Hair Twice A Week

 You may believe that shampooing your hair several times per week is necessary, but it is not. Apply conditioner only every two days, skip shampoo, and then rinse it out. The conditioner contains a small amount of surfactant, which is the same ingredient found in shampoo. Conditioners also contain a small amount of oil, which binds to the oils in the hair and cleanses it. This will help maintain the PH of your hair while replenishing moisture and preventing the natural oils in your hair from being stripped away.

#4. Use A Hydrating Mask Once A Week

 Keeping the hair hydrated helps to keep the hair cuticle from opening up and allowing moisture in, which is the leading cause of frizzy hair. Once a week, use a hair mask or specialized hair treatment to keep hair moisturized and less prone to damage from styling. Look for products that contain coconut oil or castor oil; both are great for hydration and will give your hair a beautiful sheen. If your hair is particularly dry and damaged, we recommend using a hair mask 2-3 times per week, in addition to or instead of conditioner.

Get Rid of Frizzy Hair #5. Let Your Hair Air Dry 90% & Adding A Diffuser When Blow-Drying

 Allowing your hair to air dry 90% before blow-drying is a stylist’s secret weapon that will change your life! Allowing your hair to air dry partially allows it to dry without disrupting the hair strand, which helps keep it smooth. While the heat of a blow dryer can cause damage, using one when your hair is mostly dry reduces the risk. Adding a hair diffuser extension onto your blow dryer will limit the amount of direct heat and forceful air hitting your hair, which works wonders at keeping the hair smooth. The diffuser limits your hair from moving around when you dry, which in turn, creates less friction and less frizz

#6. Use A Mascara Wand With Dry Oil Spray

 For small areas of frizz, one of our favorite tricks is to use a mascara wand and spray it with hairspray. This allows you to target certain small, unruly areas of the hair and flyaways that need to be smoothed out quickly.

Get Rid of Frizzy Hair #7. Invest In A Silk Pillowcase

 A silk pillowcase may appear to be overkill, but it can do a lot to help combat frizz and split ends. Because, like a cotton towel, a standard cotton pillowcase can pull at your hair fibers and cause friction while you sleep, resulting in frizz, breakage, and tangles in the morning. Silk, on the other hand, is a much smoother and gentler fabric that will help keep your hair’s natural oils while you sleep, reducing the amount of friction and damage it is exposed to overnight.

#8. Keep Your Hands Off

 We know it’s difficult, but if you’ve already tried most of these methods and are still wondering how to get rid of frizzy hair, you need to stop touching it. Your hands could be the source of your frizzy hair. The more you run your fingers through your hair, the more friction and frizz you create, especially if your hair is curly or wavy.

IV. Get Rid of Frizzy Hair & Embrace Your Natural Texture

 For those wondering how to get rid of frizzy hair, these hair-healthy products, tips, and tricks can certainly do wonders. We hope these tips will help you achieve the frizz-free hair of your dreams. If you give these tips a try, be sure to let us know which worked by DMing us on Instagram.

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