As the fuzzy feeling of anticipation for one of the biggest cinematographic events of this year grows beyond measure, Barbie (2023)’s trailer has made thousands and thousands of people talk about itself. Not only that, since Greta Gerwig’s genius “Barbie” movie was announced, the popularity of this bright pink aesthetic has literally skyrocketed. From the delicious photography of the movie to the genial creative choices that have been featured, you know I’m here to talk about… Barbiecore hairstyles. Barbiecore became a thing way before Margot Robbie’s Barbie started going viral! So, let’s have a more in-depth look at Barbiecore, and find some inspiration for Barbiecore hairstyles to rock this summer – and all year around, really.

I. What Is Barbiecore?

 Barbiecore is a cultural aesthetic and trend inspired by the iconic Barbie doll and her glamorous lifestyle. It celebrates the whimsical, dreamy, and extravagant aspects associated with Barbie, reflecting a playful and nostalgic vibe. The aesthetic draws heavily from Barbie’s signature elements, such as her bright pink color scheme, retro fashion, luxurious accessories, and all things glittery and girly.


 Taking details from the pinkest, brightest, and cutest accents of millennial pop culture which often combines elements of nostalgia with a modern twist, appealing to those who grew up with Barbie as well as a new generation of fans. Barbiecore has become a way for individuals to embrace their inner child and indulge in a fantasy world of opulence and beauty. It has also become a source of creative expression, allowing people to experiment with their style in a fun and imaginative manner.

II. Top 6 Gorgeous Barbiecore Hairstyles To Rock This Summer

 Barbiecore hairstyles refer to hairdos that encapsulate the essence of Barbie’s classic and extravagant looks. These hairstyles might include voluminous curls, sleek and shiny straight hair, playful updos adorned with bows or sparkly accessories, and anything that exudes femininity and elegance. Now let’s find out how you too can achieve the ultimate doll look, just like Margot Robbie and her fellow Barbies did.

Barbiecore Hairstyles #1: Gently Curled Side Ponytail Combines with Side-swept Bangs

 Her creamy light blonde hair flows gracefully in a gently curled side ponytail, accompanied by chic side-swept bangs,  simple yet gorgeous look for Barbie as she meets her friends lounging on the beach. This simple yet gorgeous look perfectly complements Barbie’s dazzling life, which naturally includes such delightful activities. To complete the ensemble, she adorns baby pink shell earrings and a charming country-style sun hat, this look is simply too good not to copy. Don’t worry if your tresses aren’t naturally bleached in a Barbie-like shade; you can effortlessly make this style your own with the help of wrap-around ponytail hair extensions.

Hairstyles #2: Half-Up High Ponytail


 If you, like me, have been waiting on the Barbie movie since the first trailer came out, chances are that you’ve watched every teaser available on social media. Sooo… You probably noticed the glorious half-up ponytail hairstyle that Margot Robbie wears at some point in the movie too – topped off by a cutesy pink bow on the back. Playful, sophisticated, and utterly adorable – this hairstyle is fairly easy to achieve. Adding ultra-volume clip-in hair extensions also helps you keep things puffy and full of volume, even when half of your hair is being worn up!

Barbiecore Hairstyles #3: Bouncy Curl

 As 2023 is all about big hair, Barbie’s trendsetter habits couldn’t let this one slip. One of the best ways to stand out at a party in the Barbie Dreamhouse? Gorgeous, bouncy curls. Whilst the hair accessory seen in the footage may be a little too extra for some folks, this gorgeous hairdo makes a valid choice for many different occasions! If your hair is already naturally textured, even better!

 If your hair is already naturally textured, even better! If not, you can easily give your tresses more volume and movement. Adding hair extensions can help you achieve next-level thickness and length, then you can get to styling with your curling iron or wand. Scared of heat damage? If your hair is fine or you don’t particularly fancy the idea of heat-based styling anyways, take a look at our blog: Heatless Styling Method – The Best Way Styling Without Damaged Your Hair.

Hairstyles #4: Side-Swept Barbie Waves


 For a more glamorous Barbiecore look, go for this timeless classic. Similar to the ever-popular Hollywood waves, this type of hairdo is less crimped and put together, staying loose and glamorous without missing the glossy finish. Create loose, romantic waves with a curler (using a large barrel), then sweep them all to one side. Using accessories such as a sparkly hairpin or embellished clip will help you secure the hair behind your ear in a super fashionable way.

Barbiecore Hairstyles #5: Barbie Bangs

 Barbie is no stranger to glamorous full bangs, and incorporating perfectly crafted curtain bangs or a full fringe can significantly transform your hairstyle. Embrace the change fearlessly; if you’re not ready to commit to a major haircut just yet, consider experimenting with clip-in bangs first. You have the freedom to style them in various ways – opt for a full and blunt look, give them a playful puff, or go all-out edgy with chic micro bangs. The possibilities are endless!

Hairstyles #6: Chunky plaits


 Move over Katniss Everdeen, Barbie is the new queen of chunky braids! The plait returns every year during the summer season for festivals and weddings, however, but Barbie has taken it to new proportions. The best way to give it a go is to add hair extensions to your ‘do’; in particular, seamless hair extensions seem to be the perfect tool to keep unmatched shine, softness, and manageability at your hand whilst styling. On top of that, the hand-selected double-drawn strands ensure the same thickness from root to tip!

III. Conclusion

 Barbiecore is a celebration of your playful spirit and a chance to unleash your creativity with a vibrant, pop-styled aesthetic. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary hairdos, these 6 Barbiecore hairstyle ideas are here to elevate your look with a touch of doll-like glamour! Embrace the fun of experimenting with bold colors, diverse styles, and exciting accessories to craft your very own, one-of-a-kind Barbiecore look. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the process of creating a fabulous and playful style that’s uniquely yours!

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