30,000 followers !!! Yes we know to some it may not be much, but we are grateful for all the great feedback we have been receiving from everyone. A BIG thank you to everyone who has followed us and supported us on this journey in general.

Thanks You For Your Favor - 30k followers

 We hope that you all continue to follow us on every social network platform. We are so happy to be advised and receive feedback that our hair products, our tips as well as our service are helping you reach your goals as well. “We are a big believer in giving and don’t have an expectation to receive. Well, that’s the ultimate choice you make….. Yes, we all have choices” and we are very grateful when you decided to place your faith in our hair products in particular as well as for the company in general.

 Instagram has emerged as the default place to get famous. Instagram is certainly one of the best professional social networks in the world, with thousands of members every minute and always expanding to new business opportunities. Originally began (like most social media sites) as a way to connect with others, Instagram today works as an effective marketing strategy. Established brands reserve their Instagram pages for showcasing their products, while new startups find it easier to create an audience via images. Instagram serves as an important platform today for social media marketing. Besides it, if promoting something on Instagram, it will make it easy for people to contact you. And in the business account, your profile will show a “Contact” button. And talking about connectivity, in a Business profile, embedding links to the stories is also effective when you can direct your viewers to the landing page with much more ease.

Thanks You For Your Favor - 30k followers

 So in saying this we’re delighted to have reached an outstanding milestone of 30,000 + followers on Instagram and could not be more pleased. Many thanks to everyone who has liked our Instagram and has shared & / or commented on content & rants. We love engaging with you all!

 Our Instagram for all of us is an important tool that enables us to actively engage as well as to share the hair products with the highest quality with our customers, vendors, stakeholders, and followers/friends within this enormously gigantic digital world.

 Once again a HUGE thank you to our 30,000+ friends, customers, and partners who follow us, you are ALL part of our professional journey, and “TEAM” = Together Everyone Achieves More !!!

 Well as one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair across the globe, which has been operating in the hair business for decades. We always operate with the phrase “Reputation is more valuable than gold,” and we strive to improve the quality of their products to maintain consumers’ trust.

 Feel free to connect & / or contact us anytime ……

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