Bored of the same old braiding hairstyles? Well, passion twists are here to the rescue! This long-lasting protective style combines the ease of twists with the flair of curls for a style you’ll want to wear again and again. If you’re looking for a new protective style to slay your dark brown hair this summer, we’ve got you covered. If you love or prefer protective hairstyles, you can go for passion twists. Now, before you get them done, you should know what passion twists are.

I. What Are Passion Twists?


 Passion twists are very similar to the Senegalese and two-strand twists you’ve grown to love, with one small difference: passion twists are installed with curly hair.

 This hairstyle has become extremely popular and is currently trending. If you’re tired of the same old locs and twists, try this hairstyle. Wavy hair extensions provide a curly texture when forming passion twists, which is the secret to this hairstyle.

II. What Hair To Use For Passion Twist?


 Passion twists or spring twists are done using the best hair extensions. This is also called the boho look. Passion twists, like most long-term protective hairstyles, can be done with either human or synthetic hair. While both types of hair are perfectly acceptable, it is important to note that synthetic hair should never be heat-styled. Choose a human hair installation if you intend to heat style your passion twists with hot rollers, curling irons, or a blow dryer.

III. How Long Do Passion Twists Last?

 Like most protective styles, passion twists can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on how well they were installed and how you care for them.

 While it is said that passion twists can last up to 2 months, proper care and using hair care products in the right quantity can extend their life for a few more weeks. However, you also need to think about the health of your natural hair; you should not have passion twists installed for too long to keep your natural hair healthy.

*How Many Pack Of Hair For Passion Twist*

 How many packs of hair you need will depend on your hair density, length, and desired look, so we recommend discussing this with you before your appointment.

IV. How Do I Do Passion Twists Or Install At Home?

 To install passion twists, you have to just heart these easy steps and you can get gorgeous twist hairstyles.

1. Supplies You'll Need To Install Passion Twists

2. Steps To Install Passion Twists

Step #1: Wash your natural hair well before starting the installation process. Let your hair air-dry or you can also blow-dry them. Prefer having your hair slightly wavy or curly for the Remy human hair extensions to have a good grip over your natural hair.

Step #2: Start by dividing your hair into sections and securing them with clips. Now, braid your hair, twisting your natural ones with the extensions. The twists may not come out to be perfect, but as you practice, the twists will shape out better. Make sure you secure the root of your hair so that your natural hair is not damaged in the process. You can also go for crochet passion twists but they might limit your styling options.

V. What Hairstyles can be Achieved with Passion Twist Hair?

 You may want to install passion twists in different styles now that you know how. So, here are some of the best hairstyles for passion twist hair:

1. Lulutress Passion Twists


 While passion twists are a protective hairstyle, they also have a free-spirit vibe to them. The best way to bring the vibe out is to have this hairstyle in shape where your hair looks well-blow-dried with good fluff on the head. This is best if you have a tiny face or a petite figure. This hairstyle adds a lot of volume and is a must-have for density aspirers.

2. Passion Twists In A Half Bun


 If you want your face to be the highlight, it is still achievable with passion twists. All you have to do is get passion twists done following the steps mentioned above, tie them in a high bun and let the lower section of your hair open. This hairstyle well-defines your face cut and gives you a bold yet sophisticated look at the same time.

3. Small Passion Twists


 If you want your hair open but not disturbing you while you work and look amazing at the same time, small passion twist braids are the apt choice for you. You have to ask your stylist to keep the width of passion chunks size between 0.5cm to 2cm as per your choice.

4. Bohemian Passion Twist

 If you want a hairstyle that makes your face the only focus, then passion twists in a boho bun are the right choice for you. You don’t even have to go the extra mile to achieve this passion twist hairstyle. All you gotta do is braid your hair into passion twists and tie them in a bun.

 If you want to do something more with it, you can leave two or three strands falling on your forehead to give you a more sophisticated look. After all, this is what bohemian is all about- flawless, effortless, and flowy.

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