Today’s women are lucky when it comes to the options they have for hairstyles and the means to change up their looks in an instant. If you can’t guess yet, we’re talking about hair extensions. Hair extensions are a quick solution to adding length and volume, which you may have never been able to achieve solely through growing your hair. Among these, the most popular these days are nano rings vs micro rings. If you are not that familiar with hair extensions, it’s easy to confuse one with the other, but there are some differences between them. So which one is better for you? Read more below to learn more about the similarities and differences between nano ring and micro ring hair extensions:

I. Micro Rings Hair Extensions

Microring vs Nano Ring: Which One Is Better?

1. What are Micro Rings Hair Extensions?

 Micro ring hair extensions were a revolution when they came onto the scene many years ago. The introduction of this cold fusion method meant no more heated glue bonds or damage to the natural hair.

Microring vs Nano Ring: Which One Is Better?

A micro ring is a small metal ring, usually lined with silicone (which protects the hair shaft). This metal ring is applied to a small section of natural hair and an I-tip hair extension is inserted into the micro ring. The micro ring is then clamped shut which secures the I-tip extension to the natural hair. The micro rings are applied to the natural hair in horizontal rows until the desired look is achieved. This is a single-stranded method and gives the hair extensions a very natural look as they move like natural hair.

2. Benefits

Microring vs Nano Ring: Which One Is Better?
  • It is a big advantage of the micro ring that you don’t need to use glue to attach it to your real hairs.
  • Micro ring secures your natural hairs from damage by adhesives.
  • These hair extensions can last from 4 to 6 months if you take care of them well.
  • Micro hair extension rings look very natural as well as fully secure for your hair.

II. Nano Rings Hair Extensions

1. What are Nano Rings Hair Extensions?

 Nano ring hair extensions come with rings that are smaller than that of micro rings. They have a strong keratin tip. This helps keep the metal loop secured as it is squeezed tightly to make a firm tip that is then inserted into the nano rings before getting clamped with pliers.

The tips may also be made of plastic.  Nano ring hair extensions are perfect for those with thinner hair and who want more volume. They are also virtually invisible because they’re even smaller than micro rings. However, due to their small size, they are not for people with hair that’s too oily or too silky as they’ll easily slip down from the hair and get loose. When this happens, you’ll be dissatisfied with the outcome of a long and tedious process. Nano rings also require constant maintenance, so they’re not recommended for people with busy lifestyles who couldn’t allot time for salon trips on a regular basis.

2. Benefits

Benefits of Nano Rings Hair Extensions
  • Great Way to Add Extra Length and Density (No limit as to how many strands can be extended)
  • Can last 6 to 9 months, sometimes even more
  • 100% Safe and Harmless for Hair
  • Can use the same set multiple times though needs to be reinstalled regularly.
  • Undetectable & Blend Seamlessly

III. Nano Rings vs Micro Rings Hair Extensions - Similarity

  • Both methods are removed in the same way. The rings are opened and the extensions are taken out of the ring.
  • Both methods are single-strand methods so the extensions themselves will flow like natural hair. It is easy to put your hair up and the aftercare of both methods is the same.
  • Micro rings and nano rings are both commonly used for hair extensions, and both are generally made from copper and have a silicone inner to protect your hair.

IV. Nano Rings vs Micro Rings Hair Extensions: Differences

  • The main difference between the two is the size. Nano rings are around 90% smaller in size than micro rings and are about the same size as a ballpoint pen nib.
  • Micro rings are not advised for women with thin/fine hair. Fine hair will struggle to cover a micro ring but should be able to cover a nano ring. Nano rings are the best suitable option for thin, fine, or light-colored hair as the rings are much smaller and more undetectable.
  • Due to the size difference, nano rings can only be used with nano-tipped hair extensions, and micro rings can only be used on stick-tip hair extensions.
  • Micro ring fittings take 2 to 4 hours, depending on whether you have a half head or full head fitting. Nano rings are smaller and require more time so they take from 3 to 5 hours for a fitting. Besides it, whilst micro rings can be used on straight and curly hair, nano rings are only suitable for straight and wavy hair.
  • Micro Rings can be repositioned during a maintenance appointment. This means they can be moved back up the hair shaft to the scalp. This is usually done after 8 weeks or so. Due to nano rings being so small they cannot be repositioned and will need to be removed and refitted after 2-3 months.

V. Conclusion

 Finally, the nano and micro ring application methods and techniques are the same. Though if we compare both options, then nano-rings win. It is because common and traditional micro hair extension rings might be visible through the thin hairs as they have bigger rings, unlike nanorings. Due to the size factor, nano rings are given preference by the majority of women, especially those ladies who have less hair volume. Nano rings hair extensions don’t have any hair twist and tangling issues if we compare them with micro rings.

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