British summer weather can be changeable, to say the least, but whether it’s dry and sunny or we’re having downpours, things can get pretty hot and humid. This makes wearing a wig in the height of summer a definite challenge. On the other side, wigs won’t lose their style as easily as natural hair when the temperature rises, but wearing one when it’s hot can feel unbearable. So what do you do, just not wear one?

Hot Tips For Staying Cool In Your Wig This Summer

 If keeping your hair loss hidden isn’t a priority for you during the summer, a cooler alternative to a wig, such as a cap or a lightweight scarf, can be used on hot days when you’ll be outside for extended periods. Warm weather, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker if you enjoy the way you look and feel in a wig. On those hot summer days, here are some ideas to help you stay cool and comfortable while wearing your wig.

TIP #1: Switching From Human Hair Wig To Synthetic Hair Wig When Temperatures Rise

 Human hair wigs might look more beautiful and natural than synthetic wigs, but that natural look comes with a price. And no, we’re not talking about dollar amounts here.


 Human hair wigs might look beautiful and natural, but they are much heavier than synthetic wigs, and this isn’t what you want in the summer. Human hair is naturally denser and heavier than synthetic hair fiber, but it also absorbs moisture from the air during the day, making it feel even heavier as time passes. Synthetic wigs, with the lightweight material, are a huge plus. Synthetic wigs can be up to three times lighter than human wigs, making them a better alternative if you’re worried about staying cool in the heat. So have a few on hand to switch to in the summer heat.

TIP #2: Reduce The Wigs Density

 As the saying goes – less is more. This timeless adage proves especially true if you struggle with overheating when you are wearing a wig not just in hot weather but also year-round.

 Less hair means less heat trapped within the wig and it’s also easier for any cool air to access your scalp and stop you from getting too hot. When making or purchasing your next hot-weather wig, consider using 1.5 to 2 bundles for a short style and up to 3 bundles for a longẻ style. If you prefer buying ready-made wigs, make sure to keep an eye out for the density. As the average healthy person is considered to have between 100-120% density,  everything between that rate is perfect for a manageable look that won’t leave you sweating out of your edges

TIP #3: Say Goodbye To Your Hair Dryer/Curling wand/Straightening iron

 Putting a warm, freshly styled wig on your head in 90-degree heat isn’t a good idea. It’s such a bad idea that we recommend staying away from styling tools entirely during the summer, and not just because a styled wig can make you overheat.

Hot Tips For Staying Cool In Your Wig This Summer

 Wig hair doesn’t receive natural oils to moisturize itself as your natural hair does, so wig hair – synthetic and human – dries out and gets brittle over time. Heat, even humid heat, will dry out your wig or extension hair. Avoid heating tools in the summer to increase the longevity of your wig.

TIP #4: Use an Aerated Wig Cap

 What we mean by this is a wig cap with lots of holes/gaps that allow airflow. More airflow means more cool air reaching your scalp and preventing any overheating. These are readily available on Amazon so it’s super easy for you to try them out.

 If you want to create a DIY version, we recommend making a tiny incision in the fabric parts of your existing wig(s) in multiple spots. You can easily do it with a pin, scissors, or anything of your sort but just make sure to not damage the delicate stitches attaching the hair to the wig cap.

TIP #5: Invest In An Anti-Humidity Spray For Your Wig

The heavier your hair, the hotter your head will be. That can be a good thing in January and not such a good thing in July.

 Unfortunately, products like wig mousse, hairspray, and leave-in conditioners will weigh your wig down and heat things up even more. Try using very little-to-no styling products on your hair during the summer months.

 If anything, spray some anti-humidity spray on your wig. Not only will it help you eliminate frizz, but it will also act like deodorant and discourage sweat from forming around the wig cap.

Hot Tips For Staying Cool In Your Wig This Summer

TIP #6: Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Wig

There is an undeniable truth that we all love to touch our hair. It’s fun. It makes us feel sexy. It gives us something to do when we’re bored. And, honestly, it’s just nice to play with truly soft hair.

 Your wig might make you feel gorgeous and confident, but when the weather warms up, you really need to stop touching your hair. If you keep playing with it, you’ll deposit the oils and sweat from your hands, and when you add that sweat to your wig hair, it can end up looking greasy and weighed down and heats things up.

TIP #7: Experiment With Updos

 Pulling your hair up off your neck and back can help you stay cool because it takes the weight off your neck.

Braid and Bun Hairstyle

 Ideally, you want to go for a braid or a bun, not a ponytail. Ponytail hair tends to whip back and forth against the backs of our necks, picking up the sweat.

TIP #8: Buy A No-sweat/Stop Sweat Liner

No Sweat Wig Liner

 A no-sweat liner does what the name implies: they have extra ventilation, allowing air to circulate under your wig. No-sweat liners stop the formation of sweat and collect any sweat that does form. And they stop any sweat that does form from getting into your wig cap.

TIP #9: Switch To A Lighter Color

 We’ve got some bad news for all wig wearers out there. That dark brown or sleek black wig you love? It’s soaking up a ton of heat in the summer. Ever wondered why it always feels stifling hot when you wear your gorgeous black wig? This is the reason for that question.

Tips To Make Your Hair Look Fuller #4: Go lighter

 Try switching your wig color to a slightly lighter shade, it can make all the difference. Lighter-colored wigs absorb less heat and therefore stay cooler during the summer. Switching your wig color to something even a few shades lighter will have a drastic impact on how you feel in the heat.

TIP #10: Don’t Forget To Wash Your Wig

 Oils, sweat, and products can build up in your wig in the summer, just as they do in natural hair. When you don’t wash the sweat out of your wig, it collects and weighs down your wig.

Wash A Wig

 And if you’ve read this far, you should know that extra weight in your wig during the summer is always a bad thing. The same goes for products, too. If you aren’t washing out that anti-humidity spray, your products will build up in your wig, too. So, make sure you wash it regularly to make sure it doesn’t get any more sweaty and heavy than it needs to.

 Hopefully, these tips will help you stay cool, calm, and cute this summer. Know a stay-cool tip we didn’t talk about? Let us know in the comments!

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