Many women like to have Russian hair extensions since Russian women are recognized for having extremely lustrous blonde hair. Russian hair extension suppliers took advantage of the opportunity to enter the sector at exorbitant prices. Do you want to have a more luxurious and stunning look? It’s time for Russian hair extensions! In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of adding beautiful, long locks to your head. We’ll also go over how to find the best quality extensions that will give you natural-looking results. Do you know about Russian hair extension suppliers? If yes, please leave your review below or share your experience. I would love to read about your experience too.

I. Russian Hair Extension Supplier: Overview

 Throughout this post, we will give the most in-depth study of Russian hair extension vendors based on data obtained from credible sources as well as the findings of field research.

1. Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers: Hair Source

 Russian hair is better than other online hair options. That is why natural Russian hair appears to be difficult to find and expensive. Russian hair from Russian hair extensions suppliers does not include silicone, it can last decades rather than just a few months. If you take proper care of it, it can last a lifetime. Russian hair extension suppliers source their hair from Russian communities. Russian ladies can grow their hair longer than a meter long. Their hair is healthy, lustrous, and gorgeous since they do not color or perm it as frequently.

Best Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers In The World
28-Year-Old Russian Woman Shows Off Her Ankle-Length Hair That She Has Been Growing For 23 Years

2. Characteristics of Russian Hair Extensions

 Russian hair extension suppliers are well-known for their Slavic hair brand, which is famous in Europe. It is primarily cut from young donors, the hair is exceptionally silky. Because it has not been treated in any way, you can tell the quality of this hair simply by feeling it. The most common virgin shades are dark or medium brown tones. Super light blonde hair is occasionally accessible, despite its rarity.

 Because of the influence of the previous Soviet Union rule, Russian hair extension suppliers used to buy Slavic hair mostly from women in developing countries in Eastern Europe. However, these nations are now wealthier, which led to a strong decrease in Virgin Slavic hair manufacture. As a result, in addition to Slavic hair, Russian hair extension suppliers also provide bleached hair imported from other countries, namely Vietnam and China …

3. Russian Hair Extensions Price

 The cost is one of the prominent aspects of Russian hair extension suppliers. Russian hair extension suppliers sell hair that costs a lot of money. The cost is extremely expensive for the following reasons:

  • First and foremost, Russian hair extension suppliers charge a premium for real Slavic hair due to its rarity and low production.
  • The cost is much higher for bleached blonde hair because wholesale Russian hair extension suppliers have to pay extra taxes, customs charges, shipping costs, and storage expenses.
  • Furthermore, due to the high standard of life in Europe, they could afford to pay this fee. However manufacturing and labor are so much more expensive in Europe than elsewhere, companies that offer Russian hair extensions must also incur much higher overhead costs.

 When buying hair extensions from Russian hair extension suppliers, such prices are a hurdle for resellers, especially since there are so many competitors with lower costs but equally competitive qualities, such as Vietnam.

II. Russian Hair and Slavic Hair: Which Quality is Better?

 When discussing Russian and Slavic hair, they are generally assumed to be of the same type. When it comes to hair extensions, however, these types form two distinct types. First, let’s talk about Slavic hair.

1. Slavic Hair

 “Slavic hair” usually refers to “virgin Slavic hair,” which is natural hair that hasn’t been colored or treated and is collected from young girls and teenagers in Russia and Ukraine. The best hair we can have is virgin Slavic hair, which has never been subjected to chemical processing, coloring, curling, or any other technique that can harm the virgin hair.

Slavic Hair

 Users may be confident that the Slavic hair used for hair extensions will retain its original texture and color because it has been professionally washed and sanitized without compromising its quality. All cuticles are placed in a straight line, practically in the same orientation in which they grew. As a result of this complex process, the strands become smoother, silkier, and significantly less prone to tangling. Each bundle of any Slavic hair was cut specifically for you and has its own colors, quantity, texture, and weight.

2. Russian Hair

 Russian hair from Russian hair extension suppliers is typically acquired from donors on Russian Federation territory as well as in a few other former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics nations, such as Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, as is Slavic hair. Unlike virgin Slavic hair, Russian hair typically undergoes some preparation and coloring, which is the first important differentiation.

Best Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers In The World
Pure Russian Hair

 Although real Slavic hair normally has light, unbleached, soft strands, Russian hair from Russian hair extension suppliers typically has smooth density as well as a larger selection of hues, allowing you to choose exactly what you need. Russian hair from Russian hair extension providers is appreciated by hair extension professionals for its high quality, low cost, and long lifespan. This product could also be 2-3 times cheaper than Slavic hair.

 Based on these features of 2 types of hair we hope customers can find the greatest Russian hair extensions suppliers or Slavic hair suppliers that suit you.

III. Top 4 Best Russian Hair Suppliers

 We’ve selected a few reliable Russian hair extension suppliers for you to choose from. We also recommend that you look into others. We’ve chosen four of the best Russian hair extension vendors for our consumers. These are the names of Russian hair extension providers with a positive client reputation and many years of experience.

1. I love Slavic hair - Top 1 Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers

 It was just founded in 2015, but despite its youth and recent rise to fame, this company has been one of the biggest providers of Russian hair extensions. They are from Ukraine, the Slavic country with the most luxurious hair. They specialized in gathering and distributing local donors’ Slavic and Russian wigs to hairdressers and cosmeticians.

Best Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers In The World

 They provide a range of colored Russian hair, Slavic hair, as well as hair from other European nations. Like the majority of Russian hair extension suppliers, they charge quite high rates, but the quality is really decent for the money. This is one of the best Russian hair extensions suppliers which is a good option if you appreciate the variety and don’t care too much about money for the hair extensions company.

 Since its establishment in 2007, Organic Russian Hair has grown to become a premier provider of Russian hair extensions for both professionals and consumers. Since more than ten years ago, they have supplied Russian hair to salons and experts in hair extensions all over the UK and even beyond. Along with providing fitting as well as tipping services, these Russian hair extension suppliers also provide trade workers with training school courses.

Best Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers In The World

 Their hair is gathered from girls who want to sell their hair throughout the territory of the former Soviet Union. They provide a selection of natural colors as well as a custom blend option. They all have high-quality hair. The hair maintains its great quality and extended lifetime since this has only received very few coloring treatments.

 With an emphasis on structural qualities, they specialize in Slavic and Russian hair extensions and produce extremely long-lasting as well as fine hair. Hair2Love always uses gentle techniques when coloring hair. Their high-end product won’t be harmed by washing, dyeing, or drying. Each range contains distinctive qualities and can last from 12 to even 24 months with proper maintenance.

Best Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers In The World

 In addition to concentrating on procuring hair directly from both Russia as well as Ukraine, Hair2Love has established a name for itself in the specialized field of texture. Most customers can speak with them directly to get suit hair form and weight, producing a faultless outcome upon fitting. All hair provided by Hair2Love offers an extraordinary caliber, and their customers are hair extension specialists who are willing to spend a premium for uncompromising quality.

 Since 2008, this has been one of the most well-known Russian hair extension suppliers and manufacturers. You can get pure human hair here at both retail and wholesale pricing. Volosy24 has suggested that a testing program be carried out to show that their Russian hair extensions adhere to all sanitary regulations in the Russian Federation by the Committee for Health and Hygiene Control of the Russian Federation.

Best Russian Hair Extensions Suppliers In The World

 Although Volosy 24 has extremely expensive hair costs, they also provide a customizable discount program. Their packaging is really attractive, the ways of delivery are likewise practical and convenient, as well as the customer response to them has been excellent.

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