Bad haircuts are beauty emergencies that need to be fixed right away. Bad haircuts can come into our lives at the most unexpected times. You can enter the salon where you made an appointment with one picture of the result and leave it with a completely different reflection in the mirror. It’s possible that a hairstylist who doesn’t understand what you want to be done with your hair will end up taking more hair off than you intended, thinning it out excessively, adding layers where you don’t want them, etc.

 Anyway, there’s no need to blame yourself for a poor explanation of the desired haircut, blame your stylist for being unprofessional, or blame fate and cry a river of tears devoted to your precious locks, there are quite a few quick fixes that can temporarily make a bad haircut become not so bad after all. Below, you’re going to find out the emergency fixes for a bad haircut.

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #1: Use Hair Accessories And Your Imagination

 Whether you got your bad haircut from a hairdresser or you tried to experience a self-haircut, there’s always a way to make things look better, even if you’ve got a real disaster on your hair. Of course, it’s hard to believe that something can cover up a huge mistake like a bald top with uneven bangs, but trust us: there are lots of accessories and headbands that fix bad haircuts. Exposed bobby pins, fake braids, and fancy scarfs are nice alternative ways to smooth everything out.

Fancy Scarfs
Bobby Pins

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #2: Wear Hats, Headbands


 In styling today, women use their headdresses and other accessories not only to give their appearances some fashionable personality. In fact, covering up bad haircuts can be made possible by hats, headbands, scarves, and straightforward ribbons. You can style your hair in a high messy knot with a stylish ribbon, a bun with a headband to keep it in place, or a huge scarf to cover it all up. You won’t cry over your ruined cut if all you do is make an accessory stand out.

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #3: Braiding


 Braids will also come in handy when you’d like to cover some unevenly-leveled and badly chopped haircuts. Depending on the area of hair you need to conceal, you can experiment with different braiding techniques. You can improve your texture by taming it into a thick braid, as the traditional Dutch braid holds all the hair fairly tightly. You can make a crown braid or simply do a half-up with a braid on top if only the top layer of your hair is unattractive.

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #4: Curl Or Straighten Your Hair


 Bad haircuts can occasionally be improved by changing the texture. Remember that even the worst female hairstyles can look decent with heating tools. You may think such a terrible fringe is helpless, but a flat iron or blow-dryer styling can sort things out. Some haircuts might look better if they are straightened, curled, or waved. Once you get your horrible cut, don’t give up: play around with the texture.

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #5: Use Quality Hair Products

 You may leave your stylist with an awesome cut, and wake up with a horrible one the next morning. And this time, the products are crucial: when styling your haircut, stylists apply many high-end products to maintain it. So there’s no better way how to fix a bad short haircut than to style it with quality care products. To avoid bad hair fix, ask your stylist some questions about the products, amounts, and styling.

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #6: Try Hair Extensions

 We can imagine your temptation to give up growing out your hair and skip the phase by simply cutting it shorter. But, this extreme will only make things more complicated when you want to grow a long mane again. And this is where hair extensions should come in. Clip-in extensions are a nice idea, as they are affordable and can look pretty natural. They allow you to create a new look and can hide aspects of a bad haircut. You won’t need to be embarrassed when a haircut doesn’t go to plan. Consult with your stylist (a good one, of course) on the color of the pieces you want to buy and ask him or her to trim them so that they seamlessly blend with your own hair.

AZ Clip in hair extensions
AZ Clip in hair extensions

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #7: Get Another Haircut


 Walking right back into the salon might seem like the last thing you’d want to do after a bad haircut, but it may be the fastest fix. A new stylist might be able to work around what you’ve got and fix up a botched cut.

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #8: Experiment With Treatments

 When it comes to treatments, you’ll also have to make sure you update your routine to help your ‘do along. Sure, you might not be super happy with your new lob, but if you regularly apply a moisturizing hair mask, like a yogurt and honey DIY concoction, to give it shine and sleek texture, you might grow to love it. Look for certain hair treatments that may benefit your cut based on your natural texture and the look you’re going for and find what works best for you.

How To Fix Bad Haircuts #9: Change Your Hair Colour


 Regarding changing your hair color: this could be the finishing touch your new haircut needs. You might be surprised to learn how a bad hairstyle can look completely different if you combine it with some well-placed highlights or a completely different hair color! Lowlights, highlights, balayage… There are plenty of choices!

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