We’ve all been there – you wake up in the morning, ready to conquer the day, only to discover that your hair has other plans. It’s frizzy, unruly, and seems to have a mind of its own. Yes, it’s the dreaded bad hair day, a universal struggle that can throw off your entire day before it even begins. But fear not, for we’re here to rescue you from the clutches of chaotic locks and help you maintain your mane’s majesty. In this blog, we’re going to explore 7 effective ways to avoid those infuriating bad hair days. Whether you have luscious locks, short and sassy hair, or anything in between, these tips will help you keep your tresses in check and step out with confidence.

I. Best Ways To Avoid Bad Hair Day

 Avoiding a bad hair day is a common concern for many people, and fortunately, there are several effective strategies you can implement to keep your locks looking fabulous day in and day out. Here are 7 key tips to help you avoid bad hair days:

#1: Understand Your Hair Type to Choose The Right Products For Your Hair

 To begin with, it’s crucial to invest some time in understanding your hair type. This step is pivotal in determining whether the products you’re currently using are a good match for your hair. It’s possible that the root cause of your bad hair days lies in the choice of products, which might work against your hair instead of helping you control it. As the structure of the hair is somewhat complex, there are many different factors that contribute to your hair type. These include:

a. Hair Density:


The density of your hair is a measure of the number of individual hair strands present on your scalp. If you were to gently pull a section of your hair to one side and find that your scalp is clearly visible, it’s indicative of a thin hair density. On the other hand, if your scalp is only slightly visible or not visible at all, you likely have a thick hair density. You can read more to have the clearance look at hair density HERE.

b. Porosity:


 Just like the use of the term porosity in any other context, this factor refers to how much moisture your hair absorbs. You could have a high porosity hair, low porosity hair or medium porosity. Do a float test to determine your hair porosity.

c. Pattern

 Your hair pattern is likely to be something you are already aware of as it means whether your follicles are naturally straight, wavy, curly or coily. AZ Hair has put together a great article on these four different types, along with how to care for them. You can find HERE!

d. Greasiness

 Much like your hair pattern, there are 4 levels of greasiness your hair could fall into, and this again, will determine what products you use. The categories are oily (you have to wash your hair almost every day), normal (you wash your hair a few times a week), dry (your hair rarely gets oily and feels dehydrated) or a combination (only some areas of your hair get greasy every few days).

Avoid Bad Hair Day #2: Get Regular Trims


 Even if you spend hours styling your hair, dry and split ends will always look totally dishellived so it’s important to get them snipped off regularly. Split ends can also keep on splitting up the hair shaft making your hair look brittle so it’s important that you get rid of them as soon as possible. Regular trims every 6-8 weeks help remove split ends and keep your hair healthy.

#3: Blow Dry Your Hair Every Time You Wash It

While it may appear to be quite a task, dedicating some time to give yourself an at-home blow dry can work wonders in making your hair more manageable and silky until your next wash. You have the option to either achieve a bouncy look using a round brush or go for a sleek finish with a paddle brush – the choice is yours. This effort will effectively combat frizz and keep those pesky flyaways under control for an extended period.


 To enhance the longevity of your styled hair, consider using a blow dry spray. This spray not only helps set your hairstyle but also ensures it holds up over time. Additionally, don’t forget to conclude your blow-drying session with a blast of cool air, as this step is instrumental in firmly setting your hair in place.

 If you have hair extensions, on the other hand, learning to blow dry your hair will particularly work towards your advantage as it will prevent them from becoming tangled and matted. It is always a huge no-no to go to bed with wet extensions, so being able to blow dry and style at the same time will not only guarantee that you wake up with luscious locks but also keep them in good condition!

Avoid Bad Hair Day #4: Stock Up on Dry Shampoo

 Girls, let’s be honest, everyone has those days where washing and drying your hair seems like the biggest chore that you could face. So for those days when it feels as if life is throwing you absolutely everything all in one day, dry shampoo will be your best friend. Greasy hair most definitely doesn’t have to mean a bad hair day, simply freshen up your locks with a spritz of dry shampoo, work it into the roots, and you’re good to go!

#5: Invest In Some Accessories

 Hair accessories are the biggest trend of the season so it’s the perfect time to invest in a few new pieces that not only will accessories be the perfect finishing touch to your favorite outfits, but will also help you to tackle bad hair days.

  • Headbands and scarfs, in particular, are ideal for hiding those annoying greasy roots and look beautiful with all hair types.
  • Bun cuffs are also making a big comeback and can polish the messiest of top knots in seconds.
  • If you’re attempting an updo but those annoying little hairs keep poking out, simply pop in an embellished hair clip, and you have a gorgeous hairstyle for any occasion!

Avoid Bad Hair Day #6: Keep Some Essentials In Your Makeup Bag

 Just like you carry your makeup around with you for touch-ups you might want to start doing the same for your hair. Keeping a few bobby pins, a mini dry shampoo, and a hairband in your bag could really save you if you get caught in the rain or just need to touch up your style. It’s worth thinking about your most popular hair dilemmas so you know you’re carrying the right products to save the day. Most hair products come in travel size too so you won’t have to worry about filling up your bag with stuff.

#7: Find Your Go-To Bad Hair Day Hairstyle

 Everyone should always have a handful of ‘go-to’ hairstyles that they know they can perfect in a matter of minutes should they face a bad hair day. Whether that’s perfecting your messy bun or just straightening your hair quickly, you need styles that are simple and will work for every day. This will depend on your hair type and cut too but Pinterest is the best place to research new styles or you can watch this video below and find something that works for you.

II. Say Goodbye To Your Bad Hair Day

 In conclusion, a bad hair day can be a frustrating experience that can affect our confidence and mood. By following these tips and making them a part of your daily life, you can say goodbye to bad hair days and greet each day with confidence and style. So, go ahead and embrace your hair’s natural beauty, and with these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to having great hair days every day.

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