How do you braid your hair the African way?

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If you’ve read that, scroll down and continue with 50-new-and-easy-african-braids-part-2

11. Center Parting Box Braid

You can add more glam to your African braid with a center parting or a side parting, a box braid center parting like the one above is a fitting summer hairstyle and acts as protective styling for natural hair.

12. Two-Step Braid With Front Styling

13. Feed All Back Braid

14. Easy Wrap Around Braid With Bun

15. Zig Zag Cornrow

16. Fulani Braid

17. Big And Small Cornrow Braid

18. Medium Ponytail With Round Cornrow

19. All Side Braid With Another Side Base

20. Front Fish Styling Two-Step Braid

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