How do you braid your hair the African way?

African braid is becoming quite trendy and can be worn for months without it causing any breakage to your hair or scalp however there are various kinds of African braid and while are simple and takes less time, some requires an extension a takes lot’s of time and efforts to complete but are believed to be the most beautiful. There are also African braids in form of cornrows, also braid cane rows in the Caribbean are becoming a style of hair braiding for Africans.

An African braid is a form of hairstyle where the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to make a continuous raised rows and there are so many types of African braids that are really elegant and fitting for any kinds of events.

Braidings started in Africa and over the years, more amazing styles have been introduced and we compiled 50 new hairstyles to make African braiding easier. In this blog, we give 10 hairstyles :

1. Parted Box Braid

2. All Side Braid Cornrow

3. Hight Ponytail

4. High Ponytail With Side Feed

5. Feathers Braid

6. Basket Braid

7. Tucked In High Bun Braid

8. Half Up Half Down With Feeds

9. Center Parting Cornrow Braid

10. Twisted Ponytail Braid

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