Straight hairstyles look super-elegant and that is why such hairstyles are among our ultimate favorites. You can opt for a sleek, polished, or for a messier look as both will be gorgeous. Plus, when your hair is straight, it can frame your face, which is great if you wish to accentuate your facial features. Now, let’s see how you can perfect your styling routine with the latest styling choices!

10 Cute Straight Hairstyles For Long Hair

What Styles You Can Do With Straight Hair?

 Even though sometimes your straight hair may seem to be boring to you, it actually has a whole lotta styling options. Besides, the straight hair texture is one of the most sought-after looks that girls with precious curls and waves strive for! In other words, you only need to know how to style it.

 Is straight hair in for 2022? Well, though this texture is out of time, this year, the hair world is going either completely straight or braided. So, here are the hottest styles that beauty and hair experts expect to be huge.

#1. Half Up Straight Hairstyles For Long Hair

 Not only are half-ups accessible and easy to do but they’re also exceptionally comfortable and feminine. When you want to show off the beauty of your straight texture while keeping your locks out of the way, these trending picks will help you out.

 Even simple half-ups can look very presentable. Just don’t forget to set your creativity into motion! Combine different braiding techniques, experiment with hair accessories, and add some twists to make your styles look different.

 Before you jump to conclusions, such hairstyles are anything but complicated. To tell you the truth, even a little touch of creativity is enough to turn a simple style special. Remember the topsy tail all girls would wear to school? Take it as a base for your half-up, pull the edges softly, and finish the style with a minimalist pearl pin. It’s simple, right? Yet, it’s refined. And that’s only the beginning!

#2. Half Bun Hairstyles For Straight Hair

 In case your hair is fine and you do not want to apply tons of styling products to make it voluminous, consider half-up bun hairstyles. You will not only spend less than ten minutes to get a style but also will flaunt with an unbelievably full casual ‘do.

 Although half-ups create tons of visual volume on the crown, there’s no limit to perfection. Apart from playing around with textured braided buns or loose knots on top, you can also add some movement to the rest of the hair. For instance, try waves if your hair is not afraid of heat. Or, you can go for heatless methods like braiding your wet hair and unraveling it when it’s completely dry.

#3. Half Up Braided Long Hairstyles

 You can always add some more oomph to your texture by adding some braided elements. Anything from tight fishtail braids to loose pull-through ideas will look ravishingly on your long locks.

 More and more girls are saving such pics to their favorites. And there’s no wonder why: they look effortless and versatile. Besides, braided half-ups styled at the back are a fantastic way to combine practicality with stylishness.

#4. Long Straight Hairstyles With Braids

 Even if you think that braids are simple and predictable, we’ve got something that will make you change your mind once and for all. In fact, the number of ways you can incorporate braids into your styles is infinite, and you’re going to see the most impressive ones. At first sight, braids may appear quite a simple hairstyle. Well, they can be simple only when you want a simple hairdo. However, when you’re in the mood for reaching new styling heights, braids are the best tool.

 Braids can take place wherever you want! They can serve as a natural accessory and adorn your hair with a couple of side braids or make your look glorious, embellishing your head with a halo braid, for example. Indeed, braids are super versatile.

#5. Straight Hairstyles With Side Braid

 Also, you can try spicing up your straight hairstyles with side braids when you wish to alter your look. Hairstyles for straight hair are chic, but sooner or later, we become tired of even the most amazing hairstyles. Do not be afraid to experiment!

 When you were a child, your mom would probably tell you that your hair was nothing but your natural accessory. Well, taking into account the countless braided styles you can create, we can’t help but agree. That is why you should get the most out of your long locks, letting your imagination fly when styling them. It can be a voluminous side bubble braid, a loose regular braid embellishing your straight hair

#6. Lovely Ponytail Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair

 There’s nothing complicated about ponytails, indeed. But, you can’t even imagine how awesome you can look with the latest version of ponytails! Once you have a look at this hairstyle, you will never say that a pony is too simple.

 There are no better straight hairstyles for long hair than ponytails. Since your hair is sleek and manageable, you can play around with different types of pony styles, thus diversifying your casual look.

#7. Updo Hairstyles For Straight Hair Type

 Nothing complements the beauty of straight hair more than updos, especially if they’re textured and accessorized. In case you haven’t tried updos or seem to have tried everything, these ideas will be a fresh breath of air with a sense of femininity to your styling routine!

 While there’s nothing easier than twisted updos, nothing can compare to the gentle vibe and sense of femininity these hairstyles can add to your look. To individualize your girly twist, you can finish the look with a minimalist accessory or focus on the texture of your locks, making the ‘do as detailed as possible.

#8. Low Bun Updos Which Are Perfect For Any Occasion

 An updo is a miraculous hairstyle as you can wear it anywhere you go and it will be appropriate. Do you have a special occasion coming? Would you like to try something new and special? Then these romantic updos are here for you. Such gorgeous hairstyles will for sure match the atmosphere of a special day you are about to have. A hint of trendy color won’t hurt, by the way!

#9. High Sleek Buns

 Nowadays more and more celebrities are rocking high sleek buns. Tight and super neat they bring a special vibe to the whole appearance of the person making her catch more and more attention. Great for any occasion, it will become one of your favorite updos for sure. Another great thing about them is that they can work on fine hair. You can create a bouffant hairstyle by teasing your hair, for example. Or, you can use a donut bun which will also give you a classy and full look.

#10. Braided Ponytail Straight Hairstyles

 Braids will always be a good match for ponytails. Their duo is another proof of the genius of simplicity. Whether it’s a side braid that turns into a pony, a gentle pull-through braid that slowly becomes a pony, you will look unique, that’s for sure.

 Let your ponytail be the canvas and braids be the paints! Your canvas can be straight, wavy, and even crimped, which is a chic choice for fine locks. As for the braids, you are welcome to pick anything that suits you best. Here’s an amazing way to amp up your style in seconds. First, braid your hair both tightly and loosely, switching from one shape to the other throughout the styling. Then, when the braid is ready, pull the edges wherever you like for an additional volume.

 The only thing that limits styling your long straight mane is your imagination. Our compilation of the latest straight hairstyles for long hair is here to show you how far you can go with your length while keeping up with styling trends. Stay tuned, as this gallery is going to grow even bigger once we spot some new trends.

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