New Year’s Eve is usually a big opportunity for making big changes in your life, but this year, you might want to stick to that flimsy resolution – at least when it comes to your hairstyle. Do you want to know what the hair trends will be in 2023? We do, too, so we tapped up some of our top hair stylist friends to find out what we should be looking for. Here are the 8 hairstyle trends 2023 will be seeing a lot of …

I. What Top Hair Stylists Said About 2023 Hair Trends

 Nobody comes close to celebrities than their glam squad, makeup artists, and hair stylists. Dafne Evangelista, a Brazilian-born hairstylist, and colorist based in Miami, is one who works up close with Hollywood stars. When you see that new, innovative cut or style on the red carpet, Evangelista might be one of the hairstylists behind it. She recently gave Lea Michele her latest bangs look, styled Selena Gomez’s sleek bangs and bun at the CNN gala last month, and styled Emma Chamberlain’s bobby pin-lined bob for the Loewe show in Paris (a look inspired by Rihanna). It almost feels like she’s backstage at every high-profile event, as of late. And she’s setting trends.

Selena Gomez attends the CNN heroes - an all-star tribute at the American museum of natural history in new york city
Emma Chamberlain Gets Playful in Loewe's 'Lips Dress' at PFW Front Row

 When it comes to hair trends for 2023, get ready to opt for styles that enhance your hair’s natural texture and shine. “This year is all about natural, healthy-looking hair,” she explains. “We’re seeing more vibrant and shiny tones, rather than the typical ashy and beachy looks, and as a colorist, I can honestly say this year is all about achieving that natural, radiant look.”

V Cut Hairstyles
Wolf Cut Haircut

 According to Dom Seeley – celebrity hairstylist and ColorWow international creative director, “we don’t really have one trend nowadays. They come and go so quickly thanks to social media”. The good news? Finding a haircut you like could be as simple as ABC, thanks to the wave of alphabet haircuts set to headline going forward. You might have heard of the “V” cut, where hair comes to a point at the ends, but the “C” and “U” cuts are about to be major and offer a slightly softer take on the heavy layers that have dominated for the past couple of years. As for animal-inspired chops (for example the wolf cut, butterfly cut, octopus cut, and jellyfish cut), they’ll continue to be popular.

II. 8 Hair Trends 2023 Set That You Really Don't Wanna Miss

1. Hair Trends 2023: The “C” Shape Haircut

 The ‘C’ shape haircut is going to be huge. It has a “softer ‘U’ shape through the length, layers, and face-framing pieces. It’s a progression of the heavy ’70s and ’90s cuts we saw everywhere in 2022, but it’ll be like a softer version of The Rachel, with less emphasis on face framing. It gives a more rounded, balanced haircut that’s still fun to style and easy to do, but the hair has more intentional, rounded shapes and curves – rather than the “V” cut where the hair goes to a point. It will also make your hair look thicker. The soft rounded curves will look great styled or left to dry naturally.

2. High Updos for 2023

 The ’90s hairstyle will continue to heavily influence 2023 hair trends, starting with updos like this one. “The updos will be more on top of the head similar to that of Brigitte Bardot and Pamela Anderson,” hairstylist Alex Brown explains and recommends BLAX Elastics hair ties for keeping your updo in place. “They’re super durable and won’t break when securing your bun or ponytail.”

3. Hair trends 2023: Bouncy Roller Curls for 2023

 Once you finally order that roller set, you’ll be able to try the ’70s feathered look and this ’90s supermodel-inspired look that Kimble describes as a bouncy, beautiful curl hairstyle with lots of volumes.

4. Curated Curls

 Coily and curly hair already has incredible texture, so there isn’t one specific trend. But we’d recommend tailoring your cut to meet your hair goals, “whether it be volume, balance, length, or overall shape. The best cut for those with curly or coily hair is one that grants the opportunity to work with the hair’s natural texture. This trend sees the stylist cutting on in its dry state, with the curls cut section-by-section to allow the hair to fall naturally.

5. ‘90s Midis

 Don’t like your hair too long, or too short? The ’90s midi cut is the perfect middle ground. The easiest way to update a midi cut is to add some internal layers and texture. Instead of it being one length at the shoulder or collarbone, it should have a ton of movement allowing it to be more voluminous and fluffy. We’ll see an update on the ‘90s style with flicked-out wispy layering that’s still heavy in length so you don’t lose the overall style.

6. Face-Framing Layers in 2023

 Instead of a one-length bob, we suggest throwing some layers in the mix. If you think your hair is too fine for layers, think again. “Ask your hairstylist to cut the perimeter of your haircut blunt, which will create a thicker look on the ends. I would recommend only adding face-framing layers while keeping the back one length to give the ends a thicker appearance.

7. Curtain Bangs

 So the curtain fringe is going nowhere. Just like 2022, it’s set to be major in 2023. As for how to get it just right, it should start mid-way between the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose, but it has more length at the sides. Depending on how heavy you get it cut it can feel ultra plush or barely there, and tuck back into the rest of your hair when up, or teased forward. It has a flowy vibe. It’s not a solid bang or fringe, but it’s also not just face framing. It’s somewhere in the middle and it suits the majority of hair lengths too. There are so many options for people with long hair when it comes to cuts. If you don’t want to take the plunge by going for a short cut, you can add a wispy fringe to your long or mid-length hair.

8. Super-Long Hair for 2023

 The general theme for next year according to hairstylist Velasquez? Maximalism. “More is more,” he says. “More volume or more length and so on.” You can easily recreate this look or create more volume and length with our hair extensions. You can’t grow your hair super long like this without strong ends, so stock up on a split-end serum or treatment, like the Bread Beauty Supply Hair Oil Everyday Gloss to keep those ends in check.

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