With the development of the Internet and the power of 4.0 Technology, you can find a dozen ways to appear younger with anti-aging products and hiding the grays. Sure, you can slather on your skin some night cream and hope for the miracle to happen the next morning. However, there is no need to resort to drastic measures to bring youth back into your face. A simple change in hairstyle can really make a huge difference.

A new haircut can help to open up your face and highlight the features that make you look younger, such as high cheekbones, bold brows, and full lips. We asked some of the industry’s top hairstylists and Hollywood’s leading ladies for the best looks to try in 2022 to help you make the best styling choice based on your hair type and face shape.

Long Pixie Cut

pixie before and after.jpg

A pixie cut is essentially a short hairstyle that accentuates your ears (and earrings) with longer hair on top that can sometimes be long enough to form bangs. A pixie cut can make you appear younger by emphasizing your features, particularly your cheekbones and eyes!

Long Layers with Highlights

long layers with highlight

The longest length of hair in a long hairstyle with layers will fall below the shoulders. When combined with highlights, the layers add dimension, movement, and depth. The highlights take your regular haircut up a notch and give it a youthful glow. This style works well no matter what your hair type is.

Shoulder-Length Cut With Layers

shoulder length before and after.jpg

This shoulder-length haircut is universally flattering. You’ll want the main length to hit right at, or just above/below, your shoulders.

 Women often believe that once they reach a certain age, they can no longer have long hair. But that is not the case! That is, in fact, an old myth that many women are choosing to debunk. If you want long hair, you can have it no matter your age! A shoulder-length haircut frames the face and complements any hair color. When adding layers for more interest and movement, let your personality shine through.

Flaming Hair

flaming on

This auburn tone, combined with face-framing butterscotch highlights, really lightens up the style and gives it a more youthful appearance. Your hair will look fiery hot with voluminous style and medium to long hair length!

Bangs Done Right

bangs before and after.jpg

 Bangs is another trend worth trying! It can add a youthful quality and create the perfect frame for your face. It definitely adds interest to the haircut and grows out seamlessly, so this bangs type will be easier to maintain than a straight one. But be careful to not have bangs that are too short. You want your bangs to come down long enough over your forehead so they don’t accentuate any fine lines around your eyes. And while long bangs are trendy right now, you don’t want them to cover your beautiful eyes either!

Ice Queen meets Beach Waves

ice queen

 Is your hair going white? Make the most of it by contrasting it with a darker root melt to create a chic cool blonde hairstyle. Platinum blonde beach waves with long soft layers are a look worth dying for!

Modern Bob

You don’t have to stick to the same old boring bob just because you’re a mom! This short blunt bob allows you to keep your hair out of your face while maintaining a modern appearance. The stunning short hair balayage perfectly warms up the finish.

modern bob bf and at.jpg



You might immediately dismiss the idea of braids because you think they’re only for younger girls. But it’s a great surprise to see how older women can pull them off too! This styling technique adds an element of interest and uniqueness to an otherwise plain hairstyle. Braids that look clean and polished will work best for you. You can go big with a larger part and more substantial pieces in your braid or blended braids will add to your soft nature. Don’t hesitate to make them perfect.

Stacked Bob

stacked bob before and after

Bobs are hairstyles that fall just below the chin. By removing length and weight from your appearance, this hairstyle can instantly make you feel and look younger! They define your jawline and give your face a youthful appearance. Stacked Bob with a blunt line will complement your strong features.

Long Luscious Hair


Don’t want to part with your long hair? You are not required to. Replace your longer locks with a shorter layer to frame your face, and add some color to brighten things up. Because hair texture changes with age, you may notice that your hair has thinned. Don’t be afraid to use extensions to get the length and thickness you want.

It can be difficult to appear younger, but you'd be surprised how much of a difference a good haircut and color can make. These hairstyles that make you look younger are not only fashionable and chic, but they may also give you a more lively and youthful appearance!

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