Wigs and hair extensions are available in a variety of materials, but you should never settle for anything less than natural, virgin human hair. People who prefer hair extensions have recently been attracted to Vietnamese hair suppliers due to their high quality and amazing texture. For many reasons, virgin human hair, particularly Vietnamese virgin human hair, is the best option for wigs and extensions. Continue reading to see what makes this type of hair the best choice for all of your hairpieces.

What is Vietnamese Virgin Human Hair - One Single Donor?

 We are all aware that 100% of raw human hair is hair that has been cut directly from the donor’s head. We gathered material from Vietnamese ladies aged 18 to 30, primarily mountainous women. This is the optimal age for women because this is when the amount of keratin (the component that maintains hair smooth) in the hair reaches its peak.  Inheriting the best conditions from the climate to the natural ingredients in combination with the healthy lifestyles of the locals, the hair is always of high quality and is the best version of virgin hair

 By bunching the hair, the cuticles of the hair are kept in line during the cutting process, reducing the chances of matting and tangling. At other times, hair is sent to a factory to be wefted and shackled by innovative technology and modern equipment after it has been bunched.


We specifically weft their hair from a specific individual and name it as “one single donor hair” to indicates that all the hair in the bundle is gathered and wefted from the same person.

What Makes This Type of Hair The Best Choice For All of Your Hairpieces?

I. A More Natural Look

Do you want your wigs or extensions to appear as natural as possible? Whether it’s enough for you or not? or you require something that is truly natural! No matter how closely other materials might mimic human hair, nothing compares to the real deal. With outstanding ratings from nearly all global vendors or wholesalers, there is no doubt that Vietnamese Virgin Hair (One Single Donor) is one of the highest quality hair. It will blend with the rest of your hair better, while wigs created from real human hair have a more natural shape and movement to them. With virgin human hair, few people will even notice that you’re wearing a wig or hair extensions at all!

Natural look

II. Style It Like Your Own Hair

 You’ve spent years styling your own hair. Do you really want to have to style your extensions or wig in a completely different way? Imagine having hair extensions that can’t be straightened or curled like the rest of your hair. You’d have to work around these parts while styling the rest of your hair, and they’d never look exactly like your natural hair.  While human hair extensions as the name suggests, are hair that is cut from the head of a person, so they can be styled just like you would your natural hair with a curling iron, hot rollers, straightener, beach waver, and more!

styling hair like your own hair

 When you have a wig made of actual human hair, you can achieve a variety of looks with the same wig. Because the hair can be styled in the same manner that your own, you may blow-dry, straighten, curl, crimp, and style it however you want. With other materials, you would need a different wig for each hairstyle, since many of them can’t be styled with heated tools. Of course, using heated styling products excessively is not recommended because it can harm your wig just like it can damage your own hair.

III. Care for It Like Your Own Hair

 Properly caring for your wigs and hair extensions extends their life and keeps them looking attractive for as long as feasible. If you have to learn a completely different care method for your hairpieces, you’re less likely to give them the care that they need. However, caring for virgin human hair is as simple as caring for your own hair. A non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner are recommended for washing natural human hairpieces, and you should make sure they aren’t allowed to bunch up after washing so that they can dry properly.

properly care

 Virgin hair can last longer than any other type of hair extension if properly cared for. Typically, you can expect virgin human hair extensions to last about a year with proper maintenance.

IV. Best Choice for Dyeing

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 While finding a perfect color match to your hair isn’t usually an issue with wigs, it’s a major concern for hair extensions. If you want your extensions to blend perfectly with your hair, the color needs to be exactly the same. When buying your own extensions (especially online), finding the perfect color can be difficult. But if you’re buying virgin human hair, you’re in luck—your hairpieces can be dyed to perfectly match your own hair color.

color hair

 Because they’re crafted of real human hair, these kinds of extensions can be bleached and dyed just as easily as your own hair. So, if you buy extensions, then decide to change your hair color a short while later, your extensions can also be dyed to match your new hair color—no buying new extensions every time you decide to make a change to your hair color!

V. No Worries about Allergic Reactions

Wigs and extensions manufactured of synthetic materials frequently contain chemicals and other compounds that can cause allergic reactions in some people. With virgin human hair, you never have to worry about this problem. Your hair pieces will feel so comfortable and so natural that you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing them!

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At AZ Hair, our wigs and extensions are always crafted from luxurious, virgin human hair. We believe you deserve nothing less than the best, and when it comes to hairpieces, nothing is better than Virgin human hair. Our products can help you achieve the voluminous, natural-looking hair you want.

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