It’s no stranger when it comes to Vietnamese Human Hair – one of the highest quality hair among The Hair Extensions Lover Association. Vietnamese human hair extensions becoming more popular than ever before leading to the establishment of many hair vendors across Vietnam with the aim of bringing Vietnamese hair closer to clients around the world. In which, AZ Hair Company is considered the best hair vendors unit with the highest quality products. Let find out the reasons make AZ Hair Vietnam has this reputation!

Reason 1: 100% Vietnamese Human Hair with The Highest Quality.

Vietnamese hair is well-known for its lovely, fantastic texture, so there is no doubt to say that Vietnamese Human Hair is one of the highest quality hair that is highly valued by almost all vendors or wholesalers. Vietnamese Human Hair is derived from the hair of Vietnamese women aged 18 to 30 – the ideal age for women with the peak of the amount of keratin in hair, resulting in Vietnamese hair that is still very smooth after processing. Only qualified hair will be selected and carefully sorted by more than 250 talented hands, the best hair items with the best quality have just been brought to the international market. Our products satisfy the demands of the client even the hardest client with the highest level.

 Nowadays, we have the 3 largest hair factories in Vietnam. This extension in the size of our industrial facility is a strong establishment for us to deliver loads of hair items that are different in plans, styles, sizes, and tones.

Reason 2: The variety of hairstyles and hair color

The more trend follows modernization is, the more increasing the customer requirement is. Understanding consumer’s psychology, our unit is continually improving our product with the diversification in hairstyle and hair color to grow and become the world’s leading hair exporters face.

Vietnamese hair is naturally straight and has a consistent texture. With the hair’s strands being sufficiently thick and full and the firmness bringing the hair weight and fullness, Vietnamese human hair is also highly robust and easy to style. Despite its thick appearance, Vietnam Human hair is not coarse or rough, Vietnamese hair is extremely straight, smooth, soft, and silky. A straight hairstyle is simple to restyle: changing your hairstyle is simple! It’s very easy to turn from normal straight hair to any style from curly hair, wavy hair, deep curly to even wavy curly, loose wavy, etc


AZ Hair Curly Textures

 Vietnamese hair is naturally black in color. As a result, Vietnamese hair color can blend with the hair color of women from other countries. You can dye natural black into any color you want: red, orange, blue, pink, blonde, gray, dark gray, brown, dark brown…

Color Collection Updated 19.11 Full Colors

Our products have a broad scope of shadings and sizes. In AZ Hair Company, we can quickly and easily do any hair color and style that our customers require!

Reason 3: Consumers’ Benefit is The First Priority

 At AZ Hair, we put the benefit of the consumer as the first priority with the aim of bringing the best experience for the customer buying our products. We have many good policies for the customer making them have the best choice. 

  • Professional Support Department:

 With the aim of bringing the best experience for the customer around the world buying our products. We have a friendly and enthusiastic team, always ready to support customers 24/7. Our staff all have very good communication skills, not only English, but they also can use Russian and Portuguese and some popular language in the world, so customers will not have to worry when buying and using hair products.


 At AZ Hair, we want you to love our products as much as we do, which is why we stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee our workmanship. We have low return rates and are proud of the high-quality products we provide. In any case, items may be damaged during shipping from time to time. This policy lasted for 72 hours since the delivery process is completed, so if an item arrives in any of the following conditions, we will make every effort to provide a refund.

Reason 4: Review of Vietnamese Human Hair in AZ Hair

 Because Vietnamese Human Hair has been present in the hair market for a long time, Vietnamese Hair has established a firm position among customers, particularly in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Vietnamese hair factories are working hard to provide the highest quality hair at the lowest possible price in the hair market. That is why many vendors and wholesalers prefer to do business with Vietnamese Human Hair.

 Below is a review from our custumer to Vietnamese Human Hair:

 In AZ Hair Company, we distribute natural Vietnamese hair that is 100% real human hair. In addition, we make hair using a natural method that does not involve the use of any chemicals or tools. This will help save your health while causing no harm to your natural hair.

 In short, We hope that the above reasons can help you to put aside your time and money, not purchase incorrect items with poor hair quality, or take a long time to find a firm that sells decent products for you!

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