People in the hair industry may have no strange with Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese hair is always regarded as the best hair in the market, with the greatest quality. Vietnamese hair is always the best choice for wholesale hair sellers because of its prominent characteristics. However, many of us are unaware of the characteristics, features, and best ways to take care of this type of hair. Let’s find out together about Vietnamese Hair as well as the reasons why Vietnamese Hair has been considered the “King on the throne” of the hair industry!

I. What Makes Vietnamese Human Hair so Extraordinary?

 When compared to different varieties of hair that arrive from other countries, the quality is the most significant advantage of Vietnamese hair.

  • Texture: Vietnamese hair has a unique texture that is straight, smooth, soft, and silky. Vietnamese hair is not readily tangled due to its natural straight structure. The Vietnamese hair strand is sufficiently thick. When you take it in your hand, you can feel its thickness and fullness. Its firmness gives the hair weight and fullness. This improves the hair’s quality. On the market, Vietnamese hair is often of high grade. But surprisingly, the pricing is completely reasonable.
  • Shape: People often said that “Quality is shown in the hair shape, hair color, and hair texture”. Vietnamese Human Hair, despite its thick appearance, is not coarse or rough. Contrary to popular assumption, Vietnamese hair is extremely straight, smooth, soft, and silky. Vietnamese human hair is also highly robust and easy to style. With a special texture of straight, Vietnamese hair is easy to change into any style from water wavy, deep curly to even kinky hair and coily hair…
  • Color: Vietnamese hair is naturally black in color. As a result, Vietnamese hair color can blend with the hair color of women from other countries. You can dye natural black into any color you want: red, orange, blue, pink, blonde, gray, dark gray, brown, dark brown… In AZ Hair, we can quickly and easily do any hair color and style that our customers require. The majority of bundles have the same distinct color.
  • Easy to Maintain and Remove: Vietnamese hair is of exceptionally high quality. Each hair strand is silky and soft, making it simple to shape and pattern. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, installation and removal are quick and straightforward. You will be surprised after using Vietnamese hair a few times; its quality will totally conquer your heart! You will hardly see the situation of hair getting tangled and rough after a period of use.

II. How To Care For Vietnamese Hair Extensions

 Hair has high quality, so its longevity is very long, on average, hair has durability from 3.5 to 5 years. This is a fairly large number with the average life expectancy of the hair. Besides, owning Vietnamese hair means that you have more time for your own without caring much about maintenance. Maintaining the durability of hair is also very easy and nothing complicated. Take a look at those tips below! We will give you some useful tips to help you maintain the health and softness of your hair.

Step #1: Wash your hair every one to two weeks, regardless of whether it is Vietnamese straight weave hair or Vietnamese curly weave hair because the hair is not glued to your scalp and so does not receive the protection or moisturizing effects of natural oils.

Step #2: Massage near your scalp and deliver your own light massage to prevent natural hair from microbial development and to increase blood circulation. The Vietnamese hair knot gives you a lot of options for what you may do with your hair beside your scalp.

Step #3: Use a moisturizing conditioner after every shampoo and a deep conditioner every 2 to 4 weeks. Because Vietnamese virgin hair is created entirely of human hair, it will undoubtedly respond to deep conditioning, repairing the follicle and restoring the level of smoothness and shine.

Step #4: When possible, screw your hair and let it dry in the air. Vietnamese hair is famous for its natural beauty, texture, and tenderness. It will heal after being washed with little or no hair product.

Step #5: Comb the hair from root to tip with a wide-toothed comb or a hairbrush.

III. List of 3 Famous Hair Vendors in Vietnam

1. The Best Vietnamese Hair Company - AZ Hair Company

 AZ Hair Company is one of the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organizations in hair manufacturers and trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair around the world.

 Started researching producing hair in 2004. To this day, with more than 17 years of operation experience, our organization is mainly engaged in research, and the production of the highest quality hair items. During 17 years of operation, we always continually strive to provide the most complete satisfaction to the customer even with the hardest ones. We always build a brand name for ourselves as well as our reputation in the international market. Our products are exported to many countries all around the world, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Nigeria, and South Africa.

 All production procedures are meticulously monitored, and we established an impeccable quality control system. All items must pass a stringent inspection to ensure the quality of each item before shipment. We are proud that all our customers get the best product from AZ Hair.

2. APO Hair Vietnam

 APO Import Export Joint Stock Company was founded in 2011 and is one of Vietnam’s leading firms in the field of hair export to the international market. They are continually improving their vision and mission to grow and become the world hair exporter face. They always strive to improve the quality of their products to maintain their consumers’ trust.

 The items are described as 100% human hair that has not been dipped in chemicals or dyed. Customers can choose from various hairstyles, including straight, curly, wavy, and a variety of color levels. The hair has not been processed and is free of nits, lice, and insects.

3. MIC Hair Vietnam

 MICVIET Investment Company Limited is one of the leading Vietnamese companies that specialize in trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair with countries all over the world. They’ve accumulated a lot of experience in the hair industry and research over the years. Their business is aware of clients’ needs and expectations.

 Throughout ten years of operation, they have always done everything possible to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. With important partners from various countries such as Germany, Israel, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, Brazil, and others, they established a brand name and a strong position in the international market.

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