Playful colors are all the rage for this year’s hair trends. We encourage our readers to not shy away from color, but to be daring and experiment with a glossy, multidimensional color! We’ve picked up 14 of the year’s greatest hair color trends; some are subtle if you want a natural look, while others are statement-making! Kick off the season with a fresh, new do by trying out one of the hair color trend below.

Hair Color Trends #1. Holographic Hair

 Holographic hair resembles a CD when you hold it to the light and refracts a rainbow of blue, yellow, purple, and green hues. To achieve this colorful mane you will need to start with a blonde base and work with a stylist that is experienced at blending multiple colors seamlessly. All that time in the salon chair is worth it to achieve this cool, futuristic look.

#2. Rose Gold Hair

 Rose gold hair has been all the seism, and rightfully so! This pink-tinted hue looks great on blonde or brown hair. You can rock all over color, highlight, or just dye the ends of your hair. If you have ombre from last season this is the perfect upgrade to light up your look and ensure you look radiant this summer.

Hair Color Trends #3. Color Melting

 Color melting is when you combine multiple tones for seamless hair color from your roots to tips. This fluid movement of colors is irresistible and would look glam with full, bouncy waves.

#4. Geode Hair

 This amethyst to navy ombre will have you looking just like a precious gemstone, and unlike platinum hair, the geode hair trend doesn’t require bleach. Therefore the process is gentler on your tresses.

Hair Color Trends #5. Eclipting

Eclipting is proved to be the next hot trend! To achieve this look you start with a darker base then place strategic highlights, which accentuate the cut of the hair and contour the face. No beauty blender is required!

#6. Dip Dye

 Dip dye is a fun color trend where your hair looks like it was literally dipped in dye. The best part is having no hassle of having that awkward grow-out stage. This trend looks particularly good on shorter bluntly cut styles.

Hair Color Trends #7. Blorange

Just like the name suggests blorange is a hybrid of blonde and orange. This new take on the popular strawberry blonde and rose gold hair color is extra dreamy and vibrant! After all who could resist sunset peach hair?

#8. Denim Hair

 This hair look joins the ranks of the other bold color trends in style this year. Denim hair is not too vibrant but also not pastel, this rich hue is like your favorite pair of Levi’s and will surely give you that ultra cool look you desire.

Hair Color Trends #9. Ombre

 Ombre hair is a clear-cut combo of two colors, with typically darker natural roots and lighter bleached ends. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and you never have to worry about dreaded roots! Not convinced ombre hair is for you?

Hair Color Trend #10. Deep Eggplant

 Another perfect shade for fall is deep eggplant. This rich, jewel tone is bold and full of intensity. It especially looks great on darker complexions.

#11. Soft Blonde

 Delicate blonde hues are forever popular. This soft, ultra-light color sparkles in the light with the fine babylights placed throughout. This hair color trend is perfect for ladies with a feminine sense of style.

#12. Balayage

 This trend isn’t going anywhere! Balayage is a classic as it’s easy to upkeep since you don’t color your roots. The highlights are softly blended throughout all your strands, which adds an irresistible dimension.

#13. Gray

 If you have gray hair naturally, now is the time to flaunt it! Women are actually dyeing their hair gray as it’s the hot, new trend. This cool-toned color can be maintained with purple shampoo to eliminate any brassiness.

#14. Burgundy

This warm, rich color is just as luxurious as your favorite Bordeaux. This hair color is perfect for fall when you are tired of all the bright summer hues and want something new to transition with the seasons.

 With all these hair trends it’s almost impossible to decide which one to rock this year! We want to know which hair color trend is your favorite and the one you are dying to try. Tell us in the comments below!

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