Tutorials, beauty routines, new makeup trends, tips, makeovers, cosmetic product reviews, and so on… who better to take a cue from than the Internet’s top content creators? These influencers have more than one string to their bow! They are very passionate about all things beauty, and they share their knowledge with their communities. They, beauty influencers, have been increasingly gaining followers on social media. They have a growing fan base across all platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and so on), with admirers following their every move. Here are some of the most popular beauty influencers on Instagram.

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1. Huda Kattan - Huda Beauty (Followers: 50.060.800)

Kattan is an Iraqi-American make-up artist and entrepreneur known for her brand Huda Beauty, which she co-founded with her sisters Mona and Alya. Having built her very own beauty empire, you’ll find Huda Kattan topping most charts when it comes to this subject. Huda became the top beauty influencer in terms of earnings, she was ranked 65 in Forbes’ list of the wealthiest self-made female entrepreneurs in the US in 2021.

 Starting with a blog, then a YouTube channel, she has a massive audience across all platforms. Her company’s Instagram Huda Beauty boasts nearly 50 million followers, whilst her personal profile has more than 2 million. On her Instagram page, she shares beauty tips, information about her products, and partnerships with other major names in the beauty business.

2. James Charles (Followers: 23.408.263)

 This self-taught makeup artist shows you don’t have to be a woman to show off your amazing makeup looks. The glamorous James Charles lives by the motto “Blend, but don’t blend in”. This has propelled him to the top of male beauty influencers, and among the biggest influencers generally, as well as making headlines as the first-ever boy on CoverGirl aged just 19.

 His YouTube tutorials, including collab videos featuring other influencers, his makeup reviews, strong advocacy for LGTBQ+ awareness, a bit of drama, and (rarer for a beauty influencer) an engaging Twitter feed, have grown his audience to millions of followers. One of his latest collaborations resulted in the launch of his own palette with makeup brand Morphe.

3. Nikkie de Jager - NikkieTutorials (Follower: 15.464.892)

 Nikkie de Jager – The Dutch make-up artist, who came out as transgender in January 2020, is one of the most celebrated names among beauty influencers. Nikkie de Jager became an internet sensation through her viral video “The Power of Makeup”. Her make-up videos on YouTube, where she first began posting tutorials, are among the most-watched.

 The popularity of her videos posting truly transformative makeup tutorials and makeovers channeling look led to her association with prominent labels, celebrities, and brands like Lady Gaga and Maybelline. In 2019, Marc Jacobs Beauty named her its first-ever global artistry advisor. In 2020, de Jager was recognized as a UN goodwill ambassador.

Often a trendsetter, and winner of the Shorty Award for Best YouTube Guru, it’s above all the bubbly personality that has allowed her to connect with her audience. Her Instagram feed has videos and posts of her experiments with different looks, make-up tips, and shout-outs to celebrities she has collaborated with. This year, she also becomes the first transgender to host Eurovision Song Contest.

4. Zoë Sugg (Follower: 9.352.313)

Sugg has been an influencer for just over a decade, during which she also created her brand Zoella. The brand’s Instagram account, with around 1.1 million followers, has an assortment of posts about make-up, women’s issues, food, and fashion. Followers also get updates on the next guest of “Tuesday Takeover” that has featured personalities like WILD WOMAN founder Donna Hay, Eyal Booker of Love Island fame, Plenaire founder Namrata Kamdar, beauty influencer Elle McNamara, and author Nancy Johnson. Sugg is also an established author. In 2014, her book titles Girl Online became the fastest-selling debut novel with 78,000 copies sold in the first week of release.

 Sugg’s personal Instagram account is like a diary of her life journaling everything from her brand associations to precious moments with her partner, Alfie. There are posts of her favorite foods, campaigns on social media and mental health, promotions of her books and travels.

5. Manny Gutierrez (Followers: 4.021.842)

Unlike many other beauty influencers, Gutierrez, who goes by the name Manny Mua on social media, started his influencer career with Instagram and only later took it to YouTube. He is one of the most followed male influencers and, in 2017, was the only man named in People’s Most Beautiful list. His influence in the beauty circuit led to Gutierrez becoming the first male ambassador for Maybelline.

 He shares make-up tips, beauty challenges, and product reviews on his feed, but his fans love his sense of humor too. Follow him for the glamorous eye looks and his hilarious video mash-ups.

6. Shayla Mitchell (Follower: 2.844.283)

 A pioneer for people of color in the world of beauty influencers, Mitchell uses her Instagram account to share everything she knows and does about beauty, fashion, and make-up. In between, there are snippets of her personal life and her support for movements such as Black Lives Matter.

 Every beauty post she shares has an unmistakable degree of glamour to it. Her longer make-up tutorials can be seen on YouTube. She does post teasers of these videos on Instagram. Mitchell has also collaborated with ColorPop Cosmetics besides other beauty brands and also starred in Colossal Big Shot product advertisement for Maybelline alongside Gutierrez.

7. Thuy Le (Followers: 1.896.917)

 Thuy Le began her career as a beauty influencer on Instagram while she was freelancing as a make-up artist and working part-time at M.A.C. Cosmetics. As she gained followers, the London-based influencer expanded into making content for YouTube.

 Her videos are both informative and fun to watch. But according to Thuy, her followers are drawn by the honesty she displays towards her profession. She is praised for correcting herself and explaining her faults and has gained a standing for her reliable reviews of beauty products.

8. Nyane (Followers: 1.572.592)

 Hailing from Lesotho in Africa, Lebajoa spent her teens in the UK before moving to Germany. She dabbled in modeling as a teenager but soon quit to focus on the beauty aspect, especially hair. Her followers love the different styles she showcases with hair and make-up. What is interesting is that while she creates different looks for her social media posts, she doesn’t wear make-up when she is not on camera.

9. Danielle Marcan (Followers: 1.415.050)

 Makeup artist and model Danielle is one of the coolest makeup girls on social media. Serving opulent Gatsby-Esque to a natural glow, her simple yet sumptuous looks makes you want to try it too. Currently studying marketing, the American influencer definitely knows how to create engagement on social media. Danielle has an exciting and fun TikTok tutorial style for showing how she creates her looks. She reps many well-known brands from popular names like Asos to luxury staples like Dior Makeup.

10. Mariana Hewitt (Followers: 1.127.971)

 Hewitt was a television host before she devoted herself to the world of glamour. She started her YouTube account in 2012 and within two years had established her name as an influencer. Hewitt is also an entrepreneur. Her brand, Summer Fridays, which she co-founded with beauty influencer Lauren Ireland, is a line of skincare products ranging from balms to masks.

 On her Instagram account, Hewitt shares candid photos of herself with occasional tips such as her morning routine and promotions of Summer Fridays products. She is also the host of the podcast Life with Marianna during which she chats with fellow beauty influencers, entrepreneurs, founders, and wellness experts to help listeners lead an inspiring life.

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