Hair extensions are a terrific way to add more length or volume to your natural hair, and they are gradually becoming one of the most important accessories for enhancing your appearance. However, have you ever wondered about the way that marvelous extensions have been created? How many steps does that raw material have to through to become a beautiful extension?  In this blog post, I will reveal one of the important secrets of AZ Hair which is our production process.

AZ Hair Factory

 Here are the steps we go through to ensure the highest quality of our hair …

I. Production Process

1. Hair Sourcing

 Hairs of the highest quality are sourced from different areas. All the materials have been cut directly from Vietnamese women in the countryside, and remote areas from the age of 18 to 30 – the ideal age for women with the peak of the amount of keratin in hair, resulting in Vietnamese hair that is still very smooth. Vietnamese hair is naturally straight and has a consistent texture. With the hair’s strands being sufficiently thick and full and the firmness bringing the hair weight and fullness, Vietnamese human hair is also highly robust and easy to style. Despite its thick appearance, Vietnam Human hair is not coarse or rough, Vietnamese hair is extremely straight, smooth, soft, and silky.

2. Sorting

 Natural hair is usually shaved from women’s heads and tied as a single piece in different lengths. The thickness percentage of the hair is determined by the style and maintenance of the person who offers the hair. Hairs of different lengths and sizes are assorted and segregated. Arranging the hair is to ensure the hair is even.

Vietnamese Human Hair Production

3. Hackling by Hand

 Hackling is the process of removing the shorter hairs from the raw hair shanks. All short hair removed from the pieces is arranged for further process. This results in consistency in each bundle produced.

 Only trained professionals can do this job. Extreme care is taken in this process to avoid mixing of head and end of the hair. The top and end of the hair should be arranged in the same direction only then it is Remy hair.

4. Washing

 After the sorting and hackling process, the arranged hair is soaked in a solution of conditioners and detergents to remove the dirt, oil, and other dust particles. The soaked hair is then washed in water several times until it is clean and sent for drying. During the process, we hand-wash the raw hair to ensure the direction of the cuticles & to prevent damage.

5. Naturally Drying the Hair.

 The hair is dried with natural sun & wind to prevent damage from excessive heat & keep the hair naturally smooth. However, this slows down the process and that is why most companies don’t do it, but for us, this is one of the secrets to the soft & luxurious feel of our hair. It is also very important for the performance and durability of our hair.

6. Stocking

Vietnamese Human Hair:

 The hackled and arranged hair is stored on racks of various sizes for further processes such as weaving, making keratin extensions, making tape-in extensions and so on. These are also known as ready stock since they are always available. Hair is chosen from this inventory for any other process.

7. Colour Bleaching & Dyeing

 All old color is removed from the hair. The hair is then dyed a specific shade. This enables the hair not only to retain its new color better but it’s also to match the customer’s requirements.

II. Checking Process

1. Brushing/Shedding Check.

 We vigorously brush the hair on all bundles to test the overall quality & remove any stray hairs. Note- the length & weight checks are done after this step. We make sure our hair does not shed before it leaves the factory. If any inconsistencies are found, they are addressed before the next stage of production.

2. Length Check.

 We check the hair at the factory to ensure the lengths & taper are correct. Please note, that our hair is naturally tapered to mimic the natural hair shape.

3. Weight Check

 We weigh each bundle of hair to ensure that the weight is correct. Once complete, depending on the type of hair extensions the hair is made into, the hair is prepared and packaged. Then, the newly packaged extensions are sent to our headquarters to be shipped off to you.

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